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>ven bagholder special

Buy BAT. Its endorsed by PEWDIE and PHILDEFRANC. Do you realize how many millions watch their videos every day?

On the other hand, VEN is made by third world chinks who you simply cannot trust

BAT, obviously.

75 % VEN
25 % BAT

>strongest economy on planet earth
>3rd world

You are the one offloading bags

AdShares and Walton.

china television > pewdiepie and phildedowns

Philip Defranco versus Jim Breyer
hmm who do i bet on

This is exactly where I am, except a bit closer to 80 VEN and 20 BAT

which exchange can i buy ven from?



Did Jim Breyer actually buy tokens? Didn't he just invest in the company?

Is BAT backed by anything at all?
It's just a target erc20 token that will be integrated in browsers, but the underlying tech couldn't it be applied to any erc20 token?

VEN is rock solid both ways

I hold both VEN and BAT. If I had to sell either one I would be BAT.

VEN is legit, unironically, Chinese Etheruem.

ETH is worth 100 billion right now not because of some dumb shit cats, it's worth that much because of its partnerships with fortune 500 companies "The Ethereum Alliance" and its ability to host high demand ICOs.

VEN is building a partnership network that is superior to ETH's since VENs is going to encompass all of China due to govt. backing. That's an insane use case. Absolutely insane. At the very least VEN is going to be worth as much as NEO - but it's upside potential is just so much more.


Im fucking worried. I agree with you, but I am going on holiday in the bush for three months and I cannot believe that when I come back everything will not have collapsed

How much of my 0.035 BTC I'm holding should I convert to VEN?

It very well might, but you're having to make two separate gambles here.

1) is the market going to collapse?
2) are the coins I pick going to rise on CMC rankings?

If you have enough skin in the game, you could consider hedging by having a perm. short on BTC at a 1:1 ratio to your alts. That way you only make money if your Alts rise in BTC value (which they should assuming you don't pick shit). And with crypto, the rise is stupidly large enough to warrant paying for BTC options.

If you don't have enough skin in the game, then don't' worry about it. You're poor if the market crashes, and you're poor if it doesn't.

all in

Is coinswitch a good site? Should I use something else?

VEN pussy

Salty Walties or Venny Pennies?


Ven for sure

one has a real product and use case and the other doesn't. one has no exposure to faggot communist governments and the other does. BAT is the obvious choice

I think BAT is an interesting coin with possibly a bright future. I def have some BAT in my bag.

However, the ceilings for VEN are really, really high. The global shipping industry is massive. And, it’s old. It is an industry that can probably most benefit from new tech like this.

My advice would be 80% VEN, 20% BAT.


The REAL question is VEN or ICX?

Lmao BAT for sure. VEN is a shitcoin.

Icx has been one of the comfiest hodls I have had


I don't invest in chinks and if you lived among them you would know why. Plenty of other great platforms that will do very well that aren't chinked. VEN buyers will have quite a rude awakening when the chinks get chinky. Warned you,

nvm, using binance

VEN or ICX x2


>muh browser plugin

BAT is useless because no one is ever going to use their stupid browser

Is there still potential to buy now and have some gains? I know they have Mainnet and the summit coming up.

I heard the CEO of VEN likes to be called: "His Royal-Slant-Eyed-Noodle-Nigger-Ninja. Idk man they say they have a 40 man dev team but they don't have a wallet out? Come on, more research I do the more shady shit I find..

>trusting PewDiePie for financial advice over Jim “Big Dick” Breyer
The state of Veeky Forums

Thanks bought 100k

Your fucken bags are heavier than my ex girlfriend mate

Trusting chinks lol. They hype their shit then unveil all the holes in their platform afterwards.

Pewdie is a raging faggot


None. Get UFR.