Nimfamoney easy 2x in next couple of hours

Nimfamoney is an easy 2x in the next couple of hours

go look on etherdelta

>1.5 mill marketcap
>Lending platform released a few days ago
>Devs initially wanted to the loans to be backed by nimfa but now they are backing by eth so platform is under progress
>Max(owner) has given speeches at banks
>Max gives video updates weekly
>They have followed their roadmap exactly since 2 years ago, inb4 people call it a scam

here's a link to their roadmap.. they are a few weeks late in delivering their platform but they had this all planned since 2016

this thing can potentially be a 50x

LOL I sold some when it was $11 just a few days ago. I'm glad its on sale because I fucking regretted it the next day.

Only 80 nimfa in, but my body is ready. Shit was $20 a few days ago

They plan to implement ICO loaning. Do you biztards realize how much money you could make if you tripled your ICO money from the beginning? Forget the coin valuation, the platform itself will be invaluable this year

Look at the buy orders on Nimfa..

this is your last chance biz you have been warned

dont buy this trash, someones just trying to dump bags

great reasoning.. dumbass

lets go nimfa!

i don't see the point when exchanges have margin anyway, this just exposes your funds to additional risk by having profits riding on an extra layer of speculation. also, 10% of my profit? the fuck

They are adding ico's to the mix too... you get 3x buying power on ICO's

what exchange does that again?

They are very active on telegram. Once this gets more exposure it will 10-50x easy.

jk, just wanted to dispel some shitty FUD in the previous thread.

Pls sell me 47 at 0.0065 ;_;

lul nt

>literally no one, not even the shills, will EVER actually use the NIMFA platform

lol yet u own trx

i would use nimfa during a bull run for sure

fuck outta here, i plan on using nimfa for some juicy ICOs

me too

Fuck it, I'll just buy for 0.0079 and get 9 less NIMFA than I planned. I've been trying to get into this for the entire day. Seems like a bullrun is forming

Wait the fuck? This is one of the only crypto platforms that I actually think would be useful. Now to be fair its only useful within crypto but compared to every other product which is both useless inside and outside of this space I think its ok.

I actually had no idea about the roadmap. Really reassuring to see they've been hitting every roadmap target for 2 years straight. Gives me confidence in this project.

When will you fags learn that projects with shit names like this will never go anywhere. Next.

Already bought this when it was first shilled. Still under 2.5m market cap.

>Raiblocks - $3b market cap