Be me

>be me
>living in venezuelan shithole
>23 yo
>still living with my parents
>quit wagecucking in 2016 because it wasn't worth it anymore
>tried freelancing, doing okay
>ff Q4 2017
>crysis is getting harder
>money just isn't enough and everything is expensive
>dad starts to resent me for not doing a normal wagecucking job
>mom is less judgmental
>can see they both are disappointed
>things get harder in the house
>discover crypto on late september
>get in, keep it as a secret
>october and early november are a complete slaughterfest with me
>depressed, by some miracle i don't sell anything and just keep holding
>december is fairly great for crypto, including my holdings
>last monday i sold a tiny bit of my holdings ($25 worth) for local currency
>that is like 4 months of minimum wage here
>give money to both mom and dad
>going this saturday to buy some chicken and meat
>the fridge is unironically starting to be empty
>dad gave me an honest hug yesterday when he came back from work
>overall mood in the house is better
>could be possibly cashing out half later this year to move to another country
>and to leave some more money to my parents
>all thanks to crypto

My portfolio is barely over 2k but I had less than $100 a few months ago. Whatever happens from now on, I'm happy.

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I want to believe this is true.

Happy for you man, we're all gonna make it

reminder that crypto is banned in communist countries like venezuela

im contacting the hugo chavez police right now

Sounds like a socialists paradise OP. Can I move over?


so happy for you, OP

27 with parents. But long time of issues and stuff. Putting a couple hundred into this. Got in on a couple good ones like FUN. Even with a couple hunna you can do a lot. I almost feel like never logging into anything and coming back in 6 months to find a few grand chillin.

Yes, we're all gonna make it if we put in something and it's something that will moon eventually.

Actually Crysis is a super easy game

Only on normal difficulty

Awww it's a third world miracle.

>MFW this communist cuck wont even take up arms against the chavez regime

Yet you know it isn't.

It's a PR narrative to make crypto look better

OP if you seriously find a way to verify this I will send you some eth, prob double your portfolio.

not even kidding user, .

This is crypto working as intended. But please stay in your country the west doesn't need brown people.

>tfw I spend 6 years worth of Venezuelan income in a typical weekend at the strip club to rub some tits in my face and buy overpriced alcohol

Damn... really makes me think...

I'm not lying user.

Kek I unironically can't run crysis on my pc.

Seriously? I don't want to make this a begging thread though

i hope you die

Keep going user, do it for us

Fuck communism, welcome to the (((free world)))

How much does a nice property cost in your socialist 'paradise'?

we're all in this together user

>paying for strippers

Why? I will never understand this.

If you're dumb enough to spend money on tits why not buy an escort?

Paying a stripper the same amount just to feel her tits is like a hungry man paying money to be able to touch fried chicken instead of just paying to eat it

So, where do you intent to start over with 2k?



You kidding? I know a few people here do crypto. Our Localbitcoins market is pretty big. There's also that petro shit Maduro is going to implement. Not really looking forward to it.

Thank you

I'm not brown Well it's not your fault. Hope these girls were hot

You can get an appartment in the capital for 40k. People are selling to leave the country anyways. You can get cheaper prices since a few are desperate.

gratz to you dude, happy for ya

Hope this is true. you do know that you have to revolt and string that Maduro fucker up by his neck Mussolini style, right?

Nice work user.
I can't wait until the day I make my family proud, lifting the burden being useless asset to the family


Damn dude, I feel so happy for you. 4 months salary would be insane to me, but when you're just trying to get by it must be a life-saver. I can't imagine the stress the terrible economy causes all the people of Venezuela that aren't government shills.

Crypto will be amazing for Venezuela when you guys finally throw off the yolk of your oppressive totalitarian government. There will be explosive growth, even more than Chile under Pinochet.

Best wishes from USA. Fuck communism/socialism.

good to hear user if that is all true god speed.

Post your eth wallet address I'm in on this

Happy for you user, hope you find what you're looking for in the country you're moving to

Cheers OP, I wish you the best- just look at the bright side, you can't possibly be fat!

post wallet, we should help him a bit. Shit, I didn't realise it's really so bad in Venezuela now...And i was complaining on living in Poland..

Where does people flee to?

And you managed to cash out in Venezuela? I guess you have a bank or something.

Btw this reminds me, venezuelacoin is going to be a moon mission.

>backed by largest oil reserves in the world
>probably unavailable to americans (biggest dumpers)
>100x easily


if you have the money try to get out of that sh*thole

If you move to another country make sure to never vote for collectivism ever again.

I can't really refuse the help... My "cold" one is above.

Everywhere. Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Europe, US... You name it.

I'm actually skinny as fuck.

its first time I help someone with crypto but seems it gets to good hands. Can You btw tell us any info You know about that new crypto in Venezuela? backed by oil? Legit or politician shit?

Postea tu eth wallet marico, te mando algo :^)

begging is against the rules. get banned, faggot. anda a mendigar a reddit

unironically in similar position as you but in canada.

>parents = tfw our faggot son no gf ever @ age 25.
>tfw they probably know that im a sightless and hand holdless virgin too.
>tfw literally work in a grave yard
>feels bad when all my parents want is me to have a retarded baby
>i just want to atleast be financially well off so i can let their hearts be at ease abit since they know what a helpless loser i am in this world
>i just really want to do well in cryptos to appease my parents, i honestly thought about living innawood, but i cant forsake my parents.

Politician shit. It's like bonds, rather than a cryptocurrency.

Lol, where are you from?

You can make it user. Also you are in damn Canada. Go outside and work and put all you can in crypto.

Good luck in that shithole brother. Just sent you $10

Thank you user. Your generosity will take you places. Is that a regular wallet of yours? I won't forget you in the future.

>I'm happy
How can you be happy when commies still breathe among you? Use your gains to buy a helicopter and give them free rides Venezuela user.

You're pretty Brown dude.

Wait $25 is 4 months or minimum wage? What the fuck? Why do I even go to Thailand for whores and pay them 100$ when I can go there?


I would guess most of you are aussiefags, i really love to go on Veeky Forums at this time because you fags are the most sincere and human of the Veeky ForumsBros out there.

Yeah, wallet linked to my metamask. I use it a lot. Go buy a steak and some venezula street cocaine

he didn't fucking beg in any second, we want to help him from our choice u asshole.
is that Yours wallet with REQ and LINK?

then help me too. por favor, amigo yo estoy tambien en la inmunda

For my country standards, I'm really pale.

Well I guess Thailand is slightly more secure kek. You can get a top tier whore for less than $10 an hour.

you can find venezuelan hookers in colombia where it's actually safer than venezuela for a foreign right now, I was there on nov-dec and man whose girls are awesome and sometime way cheaper than colombians

>a country so shitty people will flee to MEXICO

Yes user. Thanks for even asking.

prove you're not a pajeet and I'll send you some DASH

Alright I'm going to bed, go fill that fridge faggot

I assume they already spent it but don't hold any venezuelan currency. Spend it the second you get it preferably on durable goods that can be bartered. Good luck getting out of that shithhole I think things will get worse before they get better.

thx my fellow nigger, thats what im doing, but winter time, im laid off. i've been stacking silver since i was about 20, thank fuck i found cryptos somewhat early, if i held onto everything till a week ago, i could be sitting on 100k. but we live and learn i suppose, our time will come im sure! i still atleast have 7k usd worth in cryptos, hopefully cash out some, and wait to get in when things cool off alot in weeks to come




Damn yo, that shit feels too real. Also from Canada with a similar motivation.

Although I don't think I would have a problem with girls, I've just yet to find a girl that I actually found interesting. Maybe my standards are too high?

Will send you some coins tmrw!! I have enough but we have to help each other! Crypto stays together

quad tripssss jezuz

top kek, comparing living in Canada with Venezuela. You have it easy. Full retard.

Today, Veeky Forums was pretty awesome.

here's my little help, too. Good luck user

don't have a smartphone. the computer i'm using is a pentium4. thanks to the fucking 21st century socialism my country is in the dust. i've been unemployed for 6 years.


t. ecuador

MX marico, todos la vamos a hacer.

spot on.

Damn, he’s up to $125 so far. Good stuff guys

yeah, actually i can't believe this.
faith in humanity restored a bit.


No kidding.

Include me in the screencap.


7ths....fucking sevenths!!!! indeed Veeky Forums was fucking awesome today

What the fuck... Thank you all. Kinda wish you had used your account to pay you back in the future . Thank you. Wish you all the best.

Thanks for your words. I'm eager to move out soon.

Nice numbers. And everything will be fine user. Wish you luck.

Guys I'm flattered but come on I had enough than my fair share. Thank you.

it's obvious this board is full of normies now because you are all giving money to someone

Today biz was awesome

>parents are becoming unable to make due
>thinking about taking your gains and leaving the country, and your parents, behind

proof that biz aint all bad

I have 500 LINK and they smell like shit. Will you take them?

Any word on availability

capitalism saves lives once again

Based anons donating.

Live the dream, OP.

it's gift , not a fucking loan. keep it. Is really 1 month salary about 6-7 dollars in Your country? I just...can't fucking believe this..

Not even close. Seen this a lot over the years when someone has a nice story + proof. I’ve seen $1k+ of BTC for a sharpie in the pooper before

Socialism is twisting on its grave...once again

I'm sure he would still make sure they were eating, he should take care of himself first. His parents would probably want that for him.
>No bully Venezualanon

>that link

This is one of the best posts I have ever read.

i mined 290,000 dogecoins early on and still have them, just wait till bitcoin hits 100k

Good for you, man. You made it