Biz has been good to me, I can finally give back

This spring there is going to be an announcement made by a systematically important bank, with a market cap of a couple trillion dollars, of its intention to implement the first live use case of a block chain network that is currently in the final stages of scaling. The finishing touches are being added on by the undisputed most well known, reputable minds in the space.

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Interesting...what should we pick up?


alright, so what should we buy kid



nothing because it makes no fucking sense for it to have a public token

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>"biz has been good to me"
>"I can finally give back"
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If what you're saying is true show proof and tell us wtf you're talking about. Otherwise gtfo, Pajeet.

considerable if authentic


Can confirm this could be legit.

Girlfriend's dad works at the same bank and he told me his boss has been attending meetings relating to blockchain technology.

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Big if true

I'll be looking into this kind anonymous

>1 post by this ID

When will j-coin be released?

The shilling is getting more original everyday. Not bad


I'm not here to shill, not here to pump, here cause I finally have something I can give back. I all but fucking spelled it out, anyone who does any kind of research should already know or will very quickly, anyone who buys a coin cause some anonymous guy told them to doesn't deserve to get rich anyways. In all honesty I was hoping this would get 2-3 replies, archived, and then become the "fake and gay" of biz a year from now

I have nothing to do with the project. I have no idea what it entails, but like said I am aware these meetings have been happening and the timeline is starting to leak out

Anyone who allows their phone cord to get tangled like this is not trustworthy. Be aware, Veeky Forums

Mizuho is one of like a 50 bank consortium that used ripple for their exchanges on a successful test run in summer of 2017.

no shill here but this obviously lines up with everything ab has been saying. SWIFT + LINK

>You'd know what it is if you DYOR :^)



It's XLM. It's fucking XLM. Look at this image and tell me it's not going to be XLM.
>muh ripple
Fucking look at this image. Ripple or their "78 banks!" isn't bullshit, they can't fucking touch the amount of spread IBM has.

The bank OP is talking about is Bank of America. There was a page on Stellar's website that had Bank of America on it before it was quickly taken down. What fucking better partner for a company like IBM than Bank of America?
5 Things You Need To Know About Stellar Lumens According To IBM
IBM’s Michael Dowling, Group CTO and Chief Architect for Blockchain Financial Services, referred to in his Reddit post a month ago about their partnership with Stellar.

IBM and Stellar have a common purpose to fix a genuine problem and they are determined to stick together to make this happen

Stellar Lumens (XLM / STR) is already active and being used in very practical ways. Volume will only increase as more partnerships are announced. Results will be seen very soon – Q1 2018.

>XLM, while relatively small today, is growing fast. More and more people are using Lumens and trading them actively. We have a strong desire (and requirement) to open the market for fiat to XLM at the institutional level. We have 1 major market maker right now, and 14 major institutions involved in direct or indirect capacity on the network. Starting in Q1 2018, you should see more of those institutions redirecting payment traffic on the network.
This major market maker is rumored to be Bank of America based on one of their websites mentioning XLM in the code before the page was promptly taken down.

>It is steps ahead of Bitcoin as it is already compliant with regulations
>it is already compliant with regulations
That alone is fucking huge.

Tell me why I'm wrong

>Faggot will then create "SEE, I TOLD YOU SO ABOUT THIS TRILLION DOLLAR MARKET CAP COIN!!" in a few weeks

>bank, with a market cap of a couple trillion dollars
stopped reading right there. also SAGEd so i could make fun of you without helping promote your horse shit.

All of you are retarded if you can't even type "Mizuho" and "Ripple" in Google.
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Thank you OP

Consider OP's pic
It's not XLM
I know what it is though, I've read Poon's whitepaper

Mizuho is on phone, not bank of America

It might be. It might not. I did some research regarding Mizuho bank and blockchain and it looks like they've been trialling blockchain tech for almost a year now. No details of what coin they will use except it will likely be a bank-issued one. So it could be XRP, XLM, or it could be their own.

Just found an article saying they had been trialling XRP. It's probably XRP lads.

Look at what he scribbled out & covered on his screen. I see "CL" or "Ch" covered. CHAINLINK MOON CONFIRMED


>finest minds in the industry = IBM

As someone who works in logistics this gives me a boner

I shouldn't be telling you this, but I work at Mizuho bank and can confirm that they are working on a distributed ledger that can also be used for decentralized data distribution.

The idea is that the transmission of transactional data can be linked with the transmission of other data for purposes of efficiency. For every monetary transaction that is made, a small amount of other data (video, audio, software, telephone communication, email, etc) will also be attached at virtually no additional cost, with tremendous added value potential.

They had been working on this kind of system for several years now, but had been unable to succeed on their own after nearly $1B of R&D expenses. Recently they discovered that another startup had perfected the system in record time, which has led to the upcoming partnership.

The technology they will be licensing is known as Upfiring (trading symbol UFR). It's a relatively unknown coin at the moment, but it possesses next-level blockchain advancements. My senior VP even went so far as to call the coin "Blockchain 2.0."

Take it from me: you should be paying attention to this coin ("token") in the upcoming weeks. The announcement doesn't have a set date, but is all but set in stone at this point.

>couple trillion market cap

lel, stopped reading there. Not even the huge chinese governament banks are worth more than 1 trillion usd.

thanks, just bought 100K

kek well done

cmon op

if i make it ill donate 20% to charity.

Mizuho is worse than Nomura. And Nomura is basically a bunch of pedophiles


my 10 minutes of research points to XLM but I could be wrong. Better pick some up on the cheap now.

ok but its already priced in

It's ETH

Simple, it's IOTA.

Its ICX lads.

Thanks for sharing "Mizuho". I know the coin and have documents to prove it. Nice:)

>blockchain 2.0
nigga that's ethereum, ICON is blockchain 3.0

we need 4.0

Everybody who's in that coin already knows user.

Hnnngh look at those veins

Can you be a dear and confirm that it's XLM?


It's MUFG but I don't see how we profit from this. It's their own private blockchain.

I know this meme

there's which mentions MUFG but reads like Mizuho's J-Coin stuff is different

come on op; there's multiple credible theories and there's no point in making a thread like this if you're just gonna leave people guessing so it's not really giving back in any meaningful way. Everyone is just going to assume it's the token they hold that has anything tangentially to do with banks.

Fuck! so is it confirmed that they will use their blockchain network? I know them very well and I hold them as well!!

also the way to establish that you aren't a shill is to make a thread targeting that specific token's holders you you are only drawing the attention of people who are already interested and it doesn't look like you're just shilling your bags to the entire board like a shameless pajeet.

Could it be #390 on CMC? Look at the number on the screen clearly in the center of the helmet visor.

god damn it, kept searching and it really looks like its XRP.


> Polybius is a project aimed to create a regulated bank for the digital generation

So it's related to a racing helmet or a helmet period?

What coin is related to a helmet anons?

Op at least say if the name of the coin has been said

Yes ripple is skynet. We know.

Everyone is fucking retarded for not understanding this is about OMG.

What the fuck has this board become.

OP close this thread these idiots don't deserve it.


Option 1
>join a public permissionless blockchain made by THE LITERAL ETHEREUM TEAM and get all of the first mover advantages and notoriety of being the first to actually do blockchain right, and add in your own little fees through your own MUFG app

Option 2
>create "MUFG Chain" which is literally ripple and nobody will join so no interoperability and no real value add

Option 3
>create "public permissionless MUFG network" which doesn't make any fucking sense because they would have to do an ICO and retain little ownership and fucking code plasma

Everyone is fucking retarded FUCK YOU ALL


1 min google search of mizuho cryptocurrency shows this


learn to use google faggots

which is neat except we can't buy MUFG or J-Coin, since they're not released, so ultimately this thread doesn't do us much good...unless he's actually talking about XLM or XRP

Yes you can profit off it because they're using MUFGcoin as a tether to the Yen, and running an exchange.

Now if there was some native token for the exchange they're using...............

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>There was a page on Stellar's website that had Bank of America on it before it was quickly taken down
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Its Airswap.
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this says theyre not using stellar...

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>mfw it's QASH
Quoine is working with ULS on blockchain for JP financial industry. ULS is Mizuho's systems integrator. Furthermore, Mizuho Group is an investor in Quoine.

It's new school TA. You convert charts to waves in FL Studio and slap out some beats, then do a transform on the final mix to inform your next billion dollar move.


Pilot begins, 2016:

Implementation begins, 2017:

Jews always win.

Its LINK isnt it, thats like LINKs main use case right there.

>retards itt
Literally just look up "Mizuho" and "crypto" on google
It's not ripple. They're developing their own coin that is aiming to be released in March. It hasn't been announced yet.

So it's useless to us then? Sweet