Ethercraft insider here...

Ethercraft insider here. I've got a direct line to the devs and way too much info that they should have kept under better wraps.
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How fucking long does it take for a transaction to go through? I tried to buy a token and it was pending for an hour in metamask so I just gave up and cancelled it.

why did people buy 1 eth worth of bread?


What did you actually come here to say OP. You share with us we cant ask questions we have not considered yet.

just start telling us shit. Will my gungnir and excalibur pay for a new computer and maybe a vacation? I've already made all my initial investment back and then some.

Whats the discord too?

Which non enchanted items should we be buying?

why are black people so violent?

its a vaporware exit scam isn't it?

Is there some DAO-style vulnerability that I can use to exploit ethercraft and make money?

Sure you can.

I'm partial to Mage Mincer. Gungnir, Ragnarok and Excalibur are going to be the strongest weapons in the game, bar none. Excalibur will have bonus damage to undead. You should be buying crafting materials. They won't be available later except as loot from dungeons.
discord gg 49U9sW

Not at all. The devs are very transparent and publicly accessible (Brent and Pep on Telegram and Discord)

No. The whole project is built using Zeppelin so it's rock solid.

You guys should really start stacking crafting items... The crafting system is going to be very involved in gameplay and will allow you to create items that are basically legendary in stats, but won't be legendary in name

which mats would you recommend stacking based on your knowledge of the game? drop chance etc.

Gemstones. They'll be used to make amulets rings and bangles.

And are uncommon, unlike the rest of the crafting materials available. I wouldn't skimp out on any other mats though, but definitely get yourself some gems.

so how many 100k have you guys raked in for this 'kickstarter' ico game?

I'm not a dev. I think they've made

Hopefully they don't make much more. If they end up with too much i can see them fucking off and taking forever to release anything. Many such cases, sad.

is this just a scam or can I have fun with this as a video game

pls respond seriously I want a good videogame in my life again

literally nothing playable yet. Pyramid scheme kickstarter only so far.

Your GAS prices are bullshit!

Nah, Pep's been talking about this for a while. Plus, if it continues to pay their bills why would they not want to continue the project?

Right now it's in a crowdfunding period. There is no playable game, yet.

They're crowdfunding. Watch, the trading and crafting will come out soon and then the game later.

It's better than other eth games right now. I usually pay $2-3 per tx with Ethercraft. When I tried battling on Etheremon I paid $20-30 per tx.

>no playable game yet
>already taking money

>Right now it's in a crowdfunding period. There is no playable game, yet.

why do you need to crowdfund a coin? Offer that shit for sale and let 85iq speculators do the work

>no [working product] yet
>already taking money

Like every other ICO?

It's not a coin, it's a game. The assets are stored as erc20 tokens so that they can be traded.

>He thanks you for your contributions


if you really believe nothing will come out just don't buy in but wait
there's no point in coming in here and shitposting you idiots

>not merchant's left boot / merchant's right boot

When will tomorrow's update get released?

they can't take the money and leave even if they would want to. they added code to make sure it's impossible

idk i really wish the author had included a specific date and time

They're inclined to continue to work on it, so that they continue to make money.

The merchants hat was originally a yarmulke, it was changed to be normie friendly.

Will this game be skill based, or will it be loaded with stat requirements to beat certain dungeons. AKA will I be able to play with leather gear and a steel weeaboo

kek, Just bought 100k bread.

The game will be difficult without crafting items. Crafting materials will be obtainable as loot.