I'm in an ICO, recently closed and its being shilled to normies, the price is fucking low and its gonna have the same effect as TRX and Verge with the normie money.

Can you guess which it is? I bet 100x in 1 month, ├╝ber normie pump.

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ofcourse relatively speaking on the price.. the marketcap is pretty low aswell though about 15-16M

BLock array

No its more relatable for normies



No, the pic is related

hint: Another word for up is....

Its relatable to normie brains, Axpire is not fucking relatable


Not the opposite, i'm obv being trolled but w/e

That skycoin shit?



Y axis and engines

Titanium Blockchain will also moon hard, closed tonight but x5 defo maybe x100

>Mining as a service


I'm not saying it's a good company bro, I'm saying it will moon. Those are different things. Try making money one day.


I'm about to make a shitload, you can keep investing in failures though

Not sure if Veeky Forums is stupid or I'm getting trolled..

I'll spill the beans:


Keep your bags dude, I'll make more than you.

Wanna make a bet?

I could see normies getting into this, not gonna but tho

get in