Any of you have been scammed? If so what happened?

Any of you have been scammed? If so what happened?

Stox. they're kike filth and can't help themselves. i blame myself.

canya cuck reporting in

Got shilled Confido.
No stop lost. JOOST

Veeky Forums scammed me into not buying chainlink when it was 15 cents


this, sold at 50% loss, hoping to make it back with REQ tomorrow.

once I bought weed, but it wasn't weed at all. fuck

Yes I lost about 50% of my holdings in 1/9/18. I only started on 1/1/18 and had made like 300% profit on xlm so it was just profit gone... but still.

Guy with elaborate social media, IG, Twitter, FB has fake testimonials - fake iPhoneX giveaways and winners, fake btc winners - said he could turn x investment into y profit and I went for it.

Obviously never happened.

Joined kike group on disco, lmfao. Niggers were literally saying whew lad instead of wew lad lmfao.

Biztards shilled DBC non-stop and I bought it.

when I was 10yo I fell for "give me your items, some money and I will upgrade them for you"
also once I traded steam keys with someone and later my game got removed from library because the key came from suspicious source or something like this

Bitconnect. If it wasn't for the govt fucking meddling in crypto I'd still be raking in those interest payments. Tfw the govt cucks me before bitconnect even had the chance.

>REQ tomorrow
predict me senpai

Lost £45k in Bitconnect I was £36k up in crypto before I went all in on it. You live and learn.

Bittrex setting withdraws to 0. Don't like them anymore.

Took a screenshot of my 24 words to a girl who was actually some dude in ghana

no way.

I pay my taxes

fools and their money

kill yourselves

Mistook a steel 2h for a sara sword and lost 4m

Yup. A few years ago when I put all of my btc in a paper wallet, about 50 btc. Didn't know shit.

>bitconnect said the gov and our haters are to blame, thats why their trading bot can no longer operate

I bought weed (paid upfront), but dude didn't show up.

Bought LINKs.

Gave 1BTC to a scammer on the IOTA slack in May trying to buy IOTA.
My friend bought at the same time and got 32Gi.
That was my "welcome to crypto"

Fuck you pussy


Bought an Obliesk on the 16th....

Gave 50 ETH worth of BTC to an address posted here 2 years ago when i was a noob. Thought it was a shapeshit address and I would get back ETH.

So you sent like $50 dollars worth? You should be a fucking millionaire if you have been in the game that long.

tried to buy bitcoin at $5000 on localbitcoin. sent $200.. 'claims it never came' the mods sided with the seller. fucking kill me

Put 50 bucks of Bitcoin into some HYIP, can't remember the name of it but 3 days later the site disappeared and took everyone's crypto


but if you bought link at 15 cents you are doing pretty well faggot

bank wired GDAX 3 months ago but they still haven't credited my balance. They won't tell me what the issue is only to be more patient as they onboard more sheep.

Lost a watch to a nigger at a gas station.

Send 0.1 ETH to test the waters to magnalis ICO.


Holy shit, that wasn't on FFXI was it?

real close on the digits, user.
and good job on the purchase