I'm not going to spoodfeed you too hard here but you do NOT want to miss out on this ICO...

I'm not going to spoodfeed you too hard here but you do NOT want to miss out on this ICO. All that I'll tell you right now is that it has a 10M hard cap and that it's the easiest 10-50x of your life. The coin will be used for every single transaction on their website and 30% of the tokens used to pay subscriptions will be burned.

Read the white paper and DYOR.


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Shilled this shit pre-ico, nobody listened. No one wants free money.

its a scam ICO

if nobody wants to buy in the ICO who will want to buy post-ico?

pre-ico sold out within hours

Are you illiterate?

>The coin will be used for every single transaction on their website and 30% of the tokens used to pay subscriptions will be burned.

I'm trying not to be too much of a shill here but come on.

thanks OP, when does the ICO end?

yet it cannot sell out its ICO, see you after the post-ico dump

Feb 10, again it's in the white paper. Though this is obviously going to hit its hard cap within a week.

Then don't invest in it. DYOR and make your own decisions, you are your own man.

The reason I'm not buying in is because I found this website a couple years ago, you know, to use it for its purpose.

Was hilarious how fast and hard they monetized the site even without a sizable audience. The amount of content not behind a paywall now is fucking laughable. Did a 360 and walked away. Not to mention it has no need for blockchain.

Wouldn't a 360 just leave you facing the same direction?

>every transaction on their site

you mean the monthly subscriptions that they shill? literally zero reason for this site to do an ICO

He's an electron, don't judge.

get the fuck out normie

Fuck off newfag

>I want spoonfeed you
>spoon feeds me anyways

That doesn't mean anything tho
Snovio took a while to sell the ico the x44
Some people are just fucking retarded

I can't help it. As this thread shows, nobody here is capable of putting an ounce of thought or effort into anything for themselves.


EDU is going to the fucking moon, you dumb nigger kikes hate money go buy bitconnect x you autistic fucks

Y combinator backed? I’m in


>Y combinator backed

we listened!


Thanks OP, I signed up but didn't use your referral code

I don't care at all, I'm just trying to be helpful.

Shit team, shit purpose, shit coin....

I just bought 10k, am I gonna make it?

bad FUD, at least put some effort into it

I put .3 eth in

I put in 2 ETH last night. The coin burning is what really sold me desu

I'm already in but I'm waiting on cryptopia to withdraw my god damn eth so I can put more in. It's been stuck in processing for 15 hours now. Holy shit cryptopia is cancer.

Why do people do this retarded shit?
You expect anyone to take you seriously with those cringey pepe images?


Search livecoding.tv

They changed their name to liveedu now

That doesn't really mean much honestly. That list is fucking huge.

am I retarded or does that hard cap make this a guaranteed moon?

Nothing is ever guaranteed but the project and team behind this one does make it a very safe bet

If they don't use pepe memes. Its probably rich wallstreet Normans that don't know anything about crypto.

No, but it's a name that catches normie attention
With just a bit of marketing and exchange listings we could easily see x10 from this 10million market cap
It seems like an easy short term hold

Obvious scam.

Why does this need a blockchain? Absolutely peak bubble here folks. Also who are you guys kidding, he competition in this space is ridiculous. There's no way they will compete.

Stop posting this garbage for referral points or whatever. It's an obvious shitcoin. Read the white paper. They have "business guys" on their team. Seriously.

They're already established.


This is true. You brainlets need to stop looking at the product and start look at the numbers and marketing potential.


Reminder that DBC, a literal shitcoin with no actually use, got pumped to nearly $600m market cap.

Wow all 3 of the things that FOMO cunts look for is in the first sentence, let me get 100k.

Either you're a norman or are trolling normans that think they're oldfags. Hard to tell at this point.


Why the fuck would this need a token? Or a blockchain? It's just a run of the mill online video education company.

It'll probably still pump because of Y-Combinator, but not something I'd hold long term. The token/blockchain aspect is so forced.

Did you click the confirm link in your email? That got me for a while once

I'm 30% in EDU and 30% in SGR. Feeling comfy as hell.

Yeah I bought 3 eths, because why not.

Yes thankyou holy fucking retards thinking they can predict winners by their understanding of the underlying technology.


its literally the meme to ask that question you newfag sack of shit

threw half an eth at it for the hell of it

Oh well, we will all have some wonderful pink wojaks if it goes horribly.

.7 eth, lets do this OP

I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm or not

It's probably sarcastic but not false.

Hype drives prices up more than the product or technology (see: Tron)

Yea that's why I couldn't tell. Cryptos aren't anywhere near as logical as people would like to believe. Shitcoins are running rampant in the top 200 coins for no reason other than marketing and presence

this shitcoin is going to moon like fuck when it hits huobi and binance