Athene PRPS

lol @ not getting on the ground floor with Purpose and Dubi from Athene

You will remember this thread after 6 months and will want to kill yourselves. Not even kidding:

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$100 is a pretty steep ground floor DESU senpai

so how is he making people millionaires again?

lol @ valuing in USD and not taking other data into account

Listen, brainlet, all I can say - you will remember this thread and want to kill yourself.

Athene is master at hacking things and he found a loophole in cryptocurrencies to make Purpose go up FOREVER relative to USD.

It is literally free money

Lmao funny thing is I wouldn't bet against this ugly dong-nosed autistic jew chadnerd. He has a history of success with raising money (gaming 4 good or whatever) and a huge youtube audience.

By becoming less and less relevant with each iteration.
Just short his life.

>999,117,066 supply
>valued at 108$
>total marketcap at 107 billion
Even if not all the supply is distributed, it will tank the fuck down.

Anyone buying into this shit is retarded.

He literally made his followers millionaires yes

Literally. He abuses human greed and a loophole in cryptocurrency markets to make Purpose go up forever relative to USD.

It's literally mind blown, go and watch his twitch for details

>lol @ valuing in USD
>Purpose go up FOREVER relative to USD

Sorry, it's not clicking with me

That is why you read the whitepaper before sprouting brainlet bullshit.

He uses to place sell walls and buy walls that keep it all going up.

Investors will buy whatever they see is going up all the time. Literally have to be braindead if you aren't buying this.

Yes, he found a loophole in crypto markets to achieve that thanks to human greed. Read the whitepaper on


Yes, it is. Just like the USD

that's not the point. you mocked someone for valuing it in USD, then say that it goes up with USD. you're a retarded third worlder or Athene himself. not that there's a difference.

you're the only one getting scammed by the way. I've read the white paper and looked at his stream:
>buy PRPS that was pre-distributed to Athene and is sold by Athene on IDEX
>have to sent him PRPS for DUBI
>he gives you DUBI which isn't listed on any exchanges
>resells the PRPS you gave him
you are a deluded retard

No, I said it goes up being pegged to USD. So if Ethereum jumps up or down it does not affect price of Purpose. It will always go up relative to the dollar.

>have to sent him PRPS for DUBI
That is done by a smart contract dummy.

>he gives you DUBI which isn't listed on any exchanges

lol, brainlet detected. It is literally listed on and has a buy wall that Athene put there to keep this scam going (yes, he himself calls it a scam)

Tell me why his scheme won't work as long as he doesn't break his promise and always increases the sell wall price.

Feels so good having bought in for 0.5$ per PRPS.

i'll pass, thx

lol, why ? It is increase every day. You will literally remember this thread after a year and want to off yourself.

calm down athene, everyone has seen your scams time and time again and no one is falling for it anymore

>No, I said it goes up being pegged to USD.
that doesn't happen. tokens and coins are tied to eth/btc because there is no option to trade alt/fiat
>lol, brainlet detected. It is literally listed on
yeah, I found it after the fact. it has 11eth volume while PRPS has over 200eth volume
>Tell me why his scheme won't work
lets break this down even further one more time
>Athene owns 99% of PRPS and DUBI
>tells people to buy PRPS
>he gets the ETH
>he tells you to send your newly purchased PRPS to his wallet in exchange for a low volume token he also owns 99% of
>if you sell that coin, provided anyone wants to buy it, it'll go right back to Athene at a lower value than your PRPS or ETH that you owned in the first place
at best, you're growing less than ETH and the alt coins. at worst, you're being scammed.


You are literally retarded if you give this guy your money.

Holy shit. He's done it. He's figure out a glitch in the system because he's more familiar with human nature than any other living person.

he used to be funny, now I just hate this blatant scamming asshole. Happy his gf cucked him and left his ugly ass

The v absolute madman


Didn't he cuck her first?

really makes you think


what did he mean by this?

athene used to be my favorite youtuber, now he just fucking sucks altogether. rip to the good days

It all fell apart when they moved into that shitty retirement home to host a bunch of people, now all the majority of the money they get through scamming is just used to sustain themselves and pay their bills. And since Athene is utiSHITarianist scum he believes scamming is ok if it's for charity, and hey, they're a charity to obviously it's ok to scam to sustain yourself. Perfectly logical.

he dumps nothing on you and you pay for it in hope to sell it to someone who "willingly" pays for it
dead coin with zero liquidity aka bag dump

Athene? Like the guy who's just really good at holy pally in wow arenas?

>cirrculating supply 1 billion

unless he finds CONSTANTLY new investors that are willingly paying 100$+ in ether for one coin this coin is absolutely dead

even when investors jump in and drop like 10 mil and it increases the value it doesnt matter

nobody from the masses is going to drop then 200$ in ether for one coin

prps has literally no purpose in daily use because you will never sell it to anyone besides himself by undercutting him and his supply wall

>shilling coin on some scam exchange
im ok not getting rich man, hope you have fun getting your coin back from bitconnect

i will laugh at you when im a millionaire

That white paper makes me want to puke. Fuck you

if you got in for 2 prps 1$ and aren't a millionaire right now you should kill yourself

because you won't be a millionaire if you got later than that

By the way, if anyone who knows Athene is reading this. A bounty of Bachir's life has been placed.

>that doesn't happen. tokens and coins are tied to eth/btc because there is no option to trade alt/fiat

You don't get it, do you.

When he puts a sell wall, that is calculated ACCORDING TO USD RATE OF ETH.

So if ETH fluctuates, they will put a sell order that at a different ETH/PRPS price to take that into account and keep the rate pegged to USD that is underlying ETH.

>at best, you're growing less than ETH and the alt coins. at worst, you're being scammed.

He says it is a scam, where is the problem? You seem to forget the fact that the price of PRPS and DUBI keep going up all the time, because of the buy and sell walls he uses to manipulate the price upwards.

why? by who?

so the guys who became millionaires because of him are retarded as well?

>unless he finds CONSTANTLY new investors that are willingly paying 100$+ in ether for one coin this coin is absolutely dead

Why wouldn't investors come if they see it is something that increases in USD value day by day?

Greed is a thing bro

Maybe because they're capable of using the internet

>Greed is a thing bro
yes, but it the masses do not have that deep pockets as investors

investors want to see profits and your "day by day USD increase in value" will come to stop at a certain $ range in eth

fuck this coin is already unsellable to anyone besides his walls by undercutting and has absolutely no liquidity where you could be able to make some swing trades next to his fucking supply walls limiting you from selling for profits/own supply increase

why is athene on my fucking board, get this scamming psuedointellect fuck out of here

please do not buy his coin, and if you need further proof look up about the history of athene and his fucking click cult

did u guys even read the whitepaper. its 3 pages long

the white paper is meaningless

only the graph going up matters