There's people who know, and there's people who don't. The ones that do are holding fat stacks of XLM. But it's boring...

There's people who know, and there's people who don't. The ones that do are holding fat stacks of XLM. But it's boring. And I'm impatient. What are the rest of you in the know doing with your idle hands waiting for the big XLM news? I just get tempted to sell and trade other coins. Help keep my hands strong, biz.

I started playing WoW again

thanks, just bought 100k

unironically this

MMOs will definitely consume your time

Don't tell me that. I played from vanilla to WoD. Quit. Never looked back. One of the best things I ever did was quit WoW.

Was MT for top 200 US raid guild. Server first stuff. I know exactly how consuming it is.

C'mon man join and play on Sargeras (PVP) we can start a guild and jerk each other off and stuff

I short this x2.5 margin.

My condolences

yes, i know XLM, but am wary because market might crash before it pays off lol


kek, i started playing wow again as well. down to link and build senpai

thinking of just buying a new gaming pc so that i don't lose money being an idiot
maybe start modding skyrim again
bf4 is always fun raping noobs in my helis and tanks

have you looked into dai?
look at the graph on that, it uses market forces to keep the price of dai at around one dollar
i wish i knew how to profit off it because i'm in love with the way they pulled it off i think the dev team deserves a nobel in economics for it

If we're discussing games, you should go to Ark. It'll keep you occupied.

Are you guys all in on xlm? Xlm is about 60% of my funds. The rest I’m mostly holding, trading a bit here and there. Waiting for $5xlm to sell.

I'm playing a parallel mmo, and selling my ingame money

learning how to develop on stellar

Ethercraft out

You'll have changed your mind by then. The condition that the world and crypto will be in that will cause XLM to be $5 will look nothing like you think it will.

Maker is the foundation that makes it, and you can buy their governance token MKR

Former wow'er too. WoD ruined the game. Stay away from that shit. It's degenerate.

this guy makes
you're gonna make it user
what's the difference between making an XLM token vs making an ETH token? I know ethereum is turing complete, i heard xlm isn't?
Investing in Maker is like shorting the entire crypto market right?

Kerbal Space Project partnership when?

Buy time new bank

I fucking hate myself for not having money to buy more during the dip

i think we were too optimistic with xlm. i mean shit we know how slowly it moves. it has to basicly double to get to 1 dollar. i feel like thats asking a lot. and it will take a long time to get to 1 dollar, if the market stays the way its been.

this is a meme coin
tell me how it can compete with omg or xrp

Sounds like you dont really know then, do ya bud?

About Maker, yeah in theory, although I don't know directly MKR price really correlates to investment in DAI. It should go up with adoption in the long run, but I would still expect it to fall when the market falls

About stellar, it is not turing complete but you can do more interesting things than bitcoin like designing bonds and crowdfunding campaigns entirely on the block chain. The main advantages are speed/cost, ease of development, and the built in dex. Also, the fact that nobody is really developing on stellar yet so there are plenty of profitable things just waiting to be built. The ecosystem looks like shit right now (SEED, GFT, and MOBI are the only real assets other than currencies currently on stellar, and they all look suspect to me) but I think it can get really gud in the next few years

nah it will pop off retardedly for no reason and hold above a dollar any day now. i bet my kidneys on it (Iranian)

>I started playing WoW again
fuuuug this is my greatest fear