Why havent you bought the Merchant enchanted token yet? Going to be 1 ether soon!

Why havent you bought the Merchant enchanted token yet? Going to be 1 ether soon!

I fucked up and only bought one. Biggest mistake yet. I did get a peps too

cuz none will pay 1 eth for it later
save up for peps

people are buying pep at 1 ether

Dropping memes


buy those gungnirs!

There’s just too many things to buy

My dad works at Minecraft and he said they're about to sue the pants off this ponzi scheme

Notch is my butler and he says to stick an Excalibur deeeeeeeeeeeep in your rectum.

>el Mercader

Whatever, everyone is gonna buy a legendary crate at one point or the other, just for the chance to get a legendary item that you can sell for massive profit.

You just need legendary crates to make money.

>500 dollar meme item
>no playable game
>only value is for bonzi gyramid

The Merchant enchanted token is at 170 sold. Hurry up before it is twice as expensive. I believe when it hits 173 or 174 sold it doubles in price!


sue what

God damnit i love this game

the event lasts a month still plenty of time to proft mad cash

Lmao let’s go after a decentralized platform!

Just like how digimon sued Pokémon and put them out of the market

Buy the fucking jolly suit, last 20ish hours left before it disappears. Also, buy the fucking merchants potion or whatever the fuck it's called, the one that boosts gold found in a dungeon, it's going to be huge much like the merchants token.

so the bonzi items are only a month long event? then no more vulti-lebel varkiting?

>cologne 0.25 eth +10% gold up to 10 dungeons
>potion 0.20 eth +20% up to 1 dungeon
i'm sure y'all will make the right choice

these items will never be sold again after the month event.
This can create huge future value to sell these items on the marketplace in the future as well as earning dividends.

Will the future coins be sold at exchanges?

yes. There is going to be an auction house and marketplace. You earn gold in a game which is sold for fix rate of ether.
FYI gold amplifier are going to be very valuable in the game.
Only 2 tokens left get them while they're hot