Pick coins that are at least two hype cycles in the future

>pick coins that are at least two hype cycles in the future.
>already know what will be the biz coin of tomorrow

tfw cant participate in shilling threads

>TFW I know link is literally the only promising token apart from ethereum, req and qsp and I'm not selling my bags till 2020

Fucking NoFUN

>Tfw to smart to make money


>revolutionary erc20 tokens

i try to pick the next thing to maximize gains but sometimes it takes forever for biz to catch on and im bored in the mean time when not holding the current flavour of the week coins.

You’re going to be so fucking stupid rich if your hands can hold til then.

i've been shilling my pick for the last two weeks. i've been laughed at and called names. my threads didnt recieve any replies. you are not ready for it yet.

>i've been shilling my pick for the last two weeks. i've been laughed at and called names
same thing happened to me when i tell the story about what a gf in high school did with one of her family's horses while i watched

pls tell

LINK is a meme that grew out of control. Initially the idea seemed potentially promising, but eventually smart money realized that trusted hardware solved the issue to the satisfaction of most potential smart contract users, and thus a ‘decentralized oracle network’ was an edgecase desideratum for idealistic (and gravely naive) cypherpunks. Unfortunately the idiots on this board didn’t get the memo and, unable to deal with having missed out on *real* game-changers like neo/ans and eth, have driven themselves into a frenzy of pollyannish delusion. Ultimately it’s just a glorified api wrapper and ‘json parser’ that the two inept team members won’t even be able to complete in any reasonable timeframe. Seriously, don’t buy this.

you understand me user. its hard having secret knowledge

Yeah it was shadow forked anyway, someone posted the code here earlier. Your LINKS are worth 0 and you should sell before the market realises.

>someone posted the code here earlier
there are archives, pajeet. find it

the biz coin is and always will be LINK fag

Link is going back to $0.10 after bleeding for weeks. Don't say I didn't warn you, Stinkies

from the shadows he comes

lol, yeah, keep dreaming. no one wants your poo poo pee pee link coin

except everybody on Veeky Forums
if you're not all in on LINK you're a redditor

Will send 0.1 eth for story

ive been all in on link before you knew about it. thats the whole point of this thread nigga. its lonely at the top. i pick the next thing you fomo into.

Dear diary, today i learned that I am happy to be a redditor :)