Kill Me, Go up so I can cut this chain off from my leg

Kill Me, Go up so I can cut this chain off from my leg....

It never will cause so many others want to do the same

>Chinaman coin
>Chinaman can't even buy it yet
Soon™ user-san

?? Its listed on Huobi though


Just hop to something else that's going up, come back and buy more. Don't let those whales jew you out of your money.

binance is the only thing that can save us

Fuckkkk that, I ATH'd this bitch like a bitch, and hodling til I ACTUALLY learn TA and also get fired from my job (likely). Only then will I take a risk like that

It was eom or mid feb literally from the start pls sir kys

>It was eom or mid feb literally from the start pls sir kys

This, still wish I had sold at the peak and bought back in though

>he fell for some trip/namefags constant shilling of a chink coin
You had this coming.

>Mickey Mouse AI
We are moonin with disney

If you're gonna invest in memecoins at least invest in Tron. DBC already mooned. You're fucked. TRX at least hasn't yet.

BASE located in INDIA
Let that sink in

End of month will see a good rally as NEO conference approaches. Hopefully they get a few other updates til then, like better translators..

....TRX hasn't mooned?????????????

u goofy BOY

>the whales are the reason my vaporwave scam coin isn't going up in price, that must be it
When do bagholders eventually realize there are no "whales" and they're just getting dumped on?

This confuses me. Does it confuse you?
Tron moon was a 40x in satoshis if you bought 3-4or 5 months ago.
Dbc moon was around 10x
We got another 4x to go and we will still be half the market cap or less than tron.
Anons dont fail here...this coin is a long termer. Short term we might go lower im hoping for 5 cents. Then I will mortgage my house.
Have good day sir
And dont forget to eat your Wheaties son.
Do you wanna be rich, well do ya!

No shit sherlock the whales are selling for profit now.
All that needs to be done is getting people to hold all the excess coins.
When their done selling out making huge gains already it will be us the little guy taking this to the moon. Telegram doesnt have 8k subs for no reason.
Personally I will wait for the first Chinese military contract rewarded to dbc for helping and assisting in deep learning military ai.
Its as simple as that. I will be rich and you will be st shitting in Bangkok telling everyone "muh indian" , muh ai, china.
While Im dining in the finest of halls with the finest of people.

I do not sell at losses. Ever. No one can predict for certain what is going to rise or fall. I'm not gonna lose half my stack chasing something else when this will go back to what I bought it at eventually. I will take a 95% over 50% any day :)

What in the HELL is with peoples insane racism against India on here? Like holy shit, Its worse than Nazi's towards Jews...

Found the pajeet jew faggot. Go back to sticking brooms up your ass on reddit, faggot.

Do not respond to the fudders, they bought at an ath and then they lost faith and got weak hands and traded away their dreams. They ar ejust bitter, angry and jealous that they sold out and you stayed strong.

BRAIN GANG HYPE! yep always was a long term hold. Odd so many of the fudders say we are left with bags when none of us really are.


Yep, was always a longer hold, the ones who sold their dreams away when it started dipping have come back to fudder and the pnd group who got all their tokens ate at a loss are so angry they fud every thread. Perhaps next time they will have a stronger grip for the weak ahnds and for the pnd group trying to pose as whales that got aten, you deserved it for darkening your soul by trying to screw good people.

Truth when it goes to binance the jump is going to be massive.

You guys scare me everytime you make these threads,....then i look at my portfolio and see im still up a 3x in satoshis. Thats all I give a fuck about dollar value I care less.
I can see it losing half yet but i know when the pump hits that will 5x easily.