Average down from 1k sats to 600 sats till I'm eventually all in

>average down from 1k sats to 600 sats till I'm eventually all in
>spend all day arguing with retards and promoting Tron anyways saying I would rather ride it to 0 than sell and there was no way it wouldn't recover
>finally give in and panic sell everything at 480 sats during doomsday yesterday
>it moons
>stabilized at 750 sats
>volume increasing like a rocket

Please...someone tell me not to buy back in...tell me I'd be a retard to buy back in...post that buy high sell low wojack chart...anything...I know I'm going to buy back in and I know it will crash...but I know if I don't buy back in it will 3x by the end of next week.

Crypto is hell. Whatever I do, the opposite will happen there is no winning.

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>tron dogs the 22nd
>Justin has already hinted through his website partners and tweets that OFO, the biggest bike sharing company in the world is gonna be on tron protocol
>Amazon rumors

Just buy 1k and see where it takes you

I bought 1.8k in it just earlier. Meh, not too arsed if it doesn't work out, but i reckon it will. Stay strong, user.

>he sold at 480 after going all in
like i dont get how fucking retarded someone can be. are you legally retarded or something? just get the fuck out of crypto with your weak fucking hands. god damn it amazes me how retarded you are

It all depends on what your plan is. If your plan is to make a quick profit, then look elsewhere. If your plan is to invest in a coin for a few quarters for a nice gain, then buy back in. If you go with the latter, just don't be a weak handed cuck and sell during a dip. Stick to your fucking plan.

What these guys are saying, best off just holding and forgetting about it for a few months.

>buy 1k

Fuck I have 25k of these am I going full retard?

^ Op, this guy is trying to get you to buy Tron because of a shitty dog picture buying “game” and rumors of the biggest most unbelievable partnerships that would happen.

Take a step back and realize who these investors are and realize what Tron is. I’m not teling you to take my advice, but emotional trading like what you are doing almost guarantees loss.

lol it's literally on the website you fuckin clown

man you have jelly hands, you will never make it.

>Implying games built around coins haven't been profitable

I fall into these traps a lot even though I tell myself I'll never let it happen again. I diversify into a lot of coins and hold them for a couple weeks, and they all end up doubling, and I'm doing really well and up a ton and then I always go full retard, put half my portfolio into one coin that I think I'm buying low at a good deal (it was off about 65% from the ATH when I bought), it drops another 25-50% so I double down. Next thing I know I'm all in on a coin that keeps dropping, I can't afford to sell, until it keeps dropping and dropping until I can't afford to hold.

I had about 80k in this coin at the peak it's easy to get weak hands when you're at 27 year old neet virgin still living with your parents playing with that kind of money.

Just buy a good amount, hold for at least until the mainnet launches. The only reason people are picking it apart now is because theres no product, but the mainnet is supposed to launch by february/march

I think you need to focus on other aspects of your life and work on some grip training well you are out there bb.


Another thing that made me panic sell at the bottom was I was reading this medium article about their development progress, it's complete giberish and looks like they just took every crypto buzzword they could find and tried to make sentences out of it. I guess it could probably just be poor translation work but it made me doubt their competence.

Anyways I bought back in for 10 ETH and am down 2% I guess I'll give it at least a few weeks this time.


tron is an exit scam and vaporware and everybody in here bought at 30 cents and wants you to buy their bags, fuck off pajeets we aren't falling for it

fuck im white boy from Bay Area and i bought ATH

>tron is an exit scam and vaporware and everybody in here bought at 30 cents and wants you to buy their bags, fuck off pajeets we aren't falling for it
Not true.

I bought at .06 usd

why would you hit him


I bought 1400 at .03

Don't know if I should sell or just hold for funsies.

apparently they're releasing this gay dog game in a few days. there are massive sell walls on this coin that are preventing a price rise for whatever reason

basically when these sell walls finally crumble this coin will probably moon to 60 cents or so, if not higher

justin sun is a scammer but you have to understand that he is playing to a chinese market which is very big on cults of personality and name branding

keep stacking that TRX boys, it will moon soon

>massive sell walls

user... are you really telling me you're fell for the FUD? You're not really that stupid, are you? Please tell me you're larping.

>Amazon rumors

Kek. Bro, really listen to the people shilling this shit and think about how intelligent they are. These tron fags are a bunch of lemmings with half a brain. These aren't people you want to be taking investing advice from.

Justin Sun is the protege of Jack Fucking Ma and he is plastering his face all over Tron. If this coin fails his life would be ruined so there is 0 chance this is an exit scam.

did you not see this shit shilled here for like 2 weeks since the Ocoin ico went up lmao

>partnership with "3 billion dollar bike sharing company"


Fuck this fucking shitcoin and the dumb chinks and poojeets pumping it

Justin Sun is a fuckin shillmaster no doubt but there's no substance to any of it. He's the type of to put TRON on AWS and announce that TRON and Amazon are partnered.

not sure what you're trying to prove. it's pretty well established that this shit didn't moon because large buy orders were repeatedly checked by whales who wanted the price to stay low

how do I get better at identifying traps?

I think he was referring to the guy's name pronounced as "We Die", but you can take it how you want

how many is a good hold for 6 figures in a few yrs time?

>shows you evidence of "the biggest most unbelievable partnerships that would happen"
>spergs out and calls me a pajeet
the fucking state of biz

the thing is man it doest matter if it does nothing. Aslong as it has value to someone.

You gonna have to spend about 7 figures now if you want it to be 6 figures in A couple years

realistically the cap for this coin is about 60 cents before everybody realizes its a scam and all but a few desperate bagholders pull back

and it will happen before the end of this year so act fast if you're trying to make sixfigs off this shitcoin

Chuck Huber told me to invest in Tron and Electroneum about two weeks ago. Am I cool now?

I got 91k at $.01 and I don’t have an exit plan. When should I sell?

how can someone commit fraud on this level?

Isn't this fucking career suicide for him? I know Justin will make a shit load of money but my god this use case doesn't make much sense and his roadmap goes up to 2025

sell when it hits a few dollars. that's what im doing.

i only have a couple hundred bucks in this coin. it's not my place to tell you what to do with your money

I’m not holding bags. I think this kid is using his connections to make partnerships and build simple apps. Easy low hanging fruit stuff, not a complex new tech. Might work.

The thing that's really crazy is China isn't above executing people for white collar crimes.

>buys tron