10x ico

The other faggot stole my thread, at the end of the day, DYOR but heres a summary tokensale.liveedu.tv/ref/oXyZztqu63CzG9Uwu

LiveEdu is focused on the online education market, and is on a trajectory to become #1.
There is no project learning platform which teaches college students and professionals who have passed the beginner stage how to build complete products.
Targeting the huge $306.9 billion global professional development market.

-An actual working product ( Shock, HORROR! )
-Great team of AUTISTS, including WOLFRAM FOUNDER
-BINANCE, Bittrex and Hoibi listings soon after launch
-Only 10M hard cap. ONLY TEN (6mil raised so far)


This is the closest thing you'll ever get to a guarantee of massive profits.

Check it out:

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Tokens released after ICO ends

Any competing coins?

No. get on board now


First ICO, using MetaMask is that fine?

Thanks bought 100k

Lies. Wolfram is not a team member. Shill.

you what?

Wolframe is a shill?

No. Wolfram literally has nothing to do with the team.

Extra tokens get burnt

What do I get for using your link? Any discount?

Bonus tokens

Fuckin faggot

>blockchain youtube/khan academy
Why would people choose this shit over established players like youtube

Yeah because who uses Udemy, Coursera, Lyna etc?

Just don’t use an exchange wallet

Best ico until Coinmetro

I did 1 eth guys

Pretty shilly today

Could have added some more pictures to the fucking whitepaper

Only faggots read whitepapers. Real chads just invest

Top 100 puts it at 26x? Meh

Whats with all the fucking icos today

Same as every other day newfag

What makes it better than bitdegree

This Token will 100X

token air drop.


Please sirs, my family will starve if I don't get any tokens.


fuck off paki

what makes it better than youtube or any other fucking website that has educational videos? i always ask this but the shills seem to be quiet.

>Yeah because who uses Udemy, Coursera, Lyna etc?

Wow mr intolerant, /pol is dat way >

who are you quoting?

their streams are what generate revenue, not advertising or sponsors.


someone use my link?

Comment further up the thread in response to you

Does yours work better?

Are you fucking retarded?

Are you? I think you missed sarcasm

Lol shitcoiner


You're not making an argument you're just pointing out more competitors this stupid ICO has lmaooo.

>woa guys i heard blockchain is the new hot thing
>what if we did tutorials... ON THE BLOCKCHAIN??
>whoa dude like DECENTRALIZED tutortials
>tutorials that CANT BE HACKED

so fucking stupid. Khan Academy and Youtube own this space, there are secondary players that have years established like Coursera and EdEx who struggle to keep up to them. Your meme youtube tutorial ICO wont make a dent in the industry

Except it already has a working product in 194 countries with >15,000 streamers. Can chat converse with streamer, download files direct and is more catered to learning which puts it ahead of YouTube. Also theres no way to directly fund YouTubers so they put shitty external patreon links and shit, after the issue of controversies which affects YouTubers payments

Will you make considerable gains even if you’re gonna dump on day 1 of an exchange?

Holy shit, this is YC backed? I'm all in.


why would I have to do my own research, isn't that what this thread is for, to present me with sensible reasons to buy this?

Gave ya a bit of a taster, if you're seriously considering it you ain't gonna take just one cucks summary of it. I mean I could tell you its backed by Trump University but would ya believe it?

>despite the white girl being far more attractive most of this board would still choose the Asian girl

So it's not being released until 2019? Do I just allocate a small amount to this if I want money to play around with currently? Why go all in

Being released as soon as ICO is over

o and did you know what the coin does?

Literally nothing. The same shit as the emails I get from CVS every day of my miserable life.

This is classic company raising money with an ICO w/o giving a shit about blockchain scam. Easier, quicker, and less ($0) owed back. Why pester VC's to raise capital when you can get a bunch of 20 year old retards to give you their money, then ghost on them?

Yeah I don’t get asian chick hype on this board

All in on this ICO, need to make my loss back from Bitconnect, also in Davor Coin. Are there any other good lending platforms?


Is that a good ico to invest in? Will it 10x? I invest my BCC into bitconnectx IcO so I can recover money

no pajeet, just buy many many bitconnectxs

who fucking buys into this shit?

> token is absolutely useless
> no need for a blockchain
> only managed to raise money because of reflink pajeets who want you to buy this shit so they get 10%

There are so many high marketcap coins that fit in that category. I’d invest purely to pass the bags onto someone else at a premium

goodluck with that, they won't even have the capital to get on a halfwhat decent exchange. So you are stuck trading this shit on ED where no one wants to buy it because everyone knows its not going anywhere, has no use and wont ever get a "big exchange pump"

Also Bancor Network which admittedly isn’t great either. On their telegram they do state Binance/Huobi. Surely there must be some merit to what they’re saying? Can’t imagine it’ll do them much good talking out of their ass

the binance ceo just said shitcoins are offering him 2mio for a listing and he still declines. Where would this shit ever get the money for a listing, they barely raise enough for a small dev team and some pajeet clickworkers.

The only reason this is on biz is the reflink. Never trust anyone who wants you to buy something with a reflink

Yet they made XP available to vote on which is essentially a shitcoin reskin? While I don’t see any value in this having any value with it being on blockchain, Steemit is seemingly not doing too shabby and it has the same premise

>white paper is written like shit
>site itself is built and designed like shit
>Product seems too niche and irrelevant

no thx lol

That doesnt matter. The whole community vote is only there for the coins that won't/can't pay the listing fee. Here's the problem: no one would vote for this shit because there are literally always 10 better coins with a larger following than this pajeet-refshit

Ooh man you’d love BitBoost, who the fuck needs an anonymous Ebay for legal shit, doesn’t even share addresses so no idea how that works

>user u just download hte car

Almost identical token hit $30mil hardcap (bitdegree) there is way too much dumbmoney in crypto

Thats illegal so wouldnt be allowed

How common are ICO exitscams? Surely theres no legal obligation to actually do anything?

It occasionally happens, don’t contribute to teams run by pajeets, slavs or niggers

This is why the bubble could pop soon

No. But I thought we’re all gonna make it bro

Depends if you got at least $ 20k or not, otherwise its too late for you

Or put all your coins into EDU

And your retarded frog makes no sense