Any CoinMetro chads? How do you feel about the flash sale tomorrow?

For those unaware of the ICO:

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Huge fan here. I was in at 0.05c but will buy a few more tomorrow. Researched ICOs for months and this is honestly the only one i've invested in! Going to the moon by Q3/4

Same story. Everything else I've looked into seems dodgy in one way or another.

pls explain what flash sale

They've had the pre-sale ICO, that sold out. The main sale starts in March (I think), before the exchange opens in April. Flash sales will happen from tomorrow until the main sale in March - get on the website/telegram for more info. Prices will be 0.11 per coin, no lower, no higher during flash sales so good time to get in (if the project appeals to you)

The main token sale will begin on the 21st of February, but before that there will be several 24 hour limited flash sales The first one is on 20 Jan 00:00 GMT and you will need to join their telegram channel to get the password if you want to participate in the flash sale. It will probably be posted there like half an hour before the flash sale begins.

Got 30k+ XCM, what is this flash sale you speak of?

Yep. I've spoken many times to the team and they are very knowledgeable, honest and genuine. I'm excited about this one, not in the short term, but long term it could definitely match BNB, maybe even go higher... and that would make it $15+ a coin, which is a crazy return.

Sweet I got in at 5 EUR cents so not that keen


Checks out.

Check out the website/telegram. I went for $15k at 0.05. When did you get in? 0.02?

Got 5000 but i think i may be fucked now since i am a u.s. resident .

Sorry, to correct myself, 15k XCM ha ha. I'm not a whale yet :)

At 0.05. It's amazing how fast the pre-sale sold out! Literally week and a half before the deadline.

If anyone is going to get an exemption it's these guys, they are ticking all the boxes.

I've got 3300 xcm. Will I make it?

Have you looked into ShipChain?

Yeah, i'm not going to shit on any ICO as who knows what will happen but as soon as I saw Justin Wu was an adviser I wasn't keen. The guy is a clown IMO and fuds literally anything he isn't being paid to promote.

I hope so

0.05 just like you my friend - we will make it!

it seems very risky, they won't have anything of substance until Q4 2019, yet the shitcoin will be tradeable as of Q1 2018. I'll keep an eye on it though

So what is coimetro?

>owned by forex platform FXPIG, has experience with banks and regulators and bulding similar platforms
>aims at bringing security and ease of use to normies, but also offers advanced tools and new investment vehicles for pros
>will offer instant fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat deposits/withdrawals including to cash via debit cards
>actively seeks licensing and following regulations so when governments start intervening it won't collapse
>on top of crypto trading offers crypto ETFs and tokenized asset management, which will appeal to more traditional investors
>all fees on the platform are paid with their native token XCM, percentage of XCM they get from fees is burned; also each quarter 20% ot FXPIG and CoinMetro profits go to buy back XCM

Ok nice. I might pick up 4500 XCM.

Is the max and circulating supply known? And when will XCM be tradeable? Is like a bnb token where you have to trade in a coinmetro exchange?

What about CoinMetro then?
What have they planned for 2019?
Sorry I must DMOR but its getting late I will do it tomorrow

whats the point of getting in the flash sale

Circulating Supply = 300M
Reserves = 200M
Total Supply = Circulating Supply + Reserves = 500M

Yes, it will be very similar to BNB and it will be tradeable once the platform opens late-March or early April.

This. I mean, it's the same price as the main sale

Coinmetro goes live in April!

BNB shot up quite high.

Good prospects for this. I'm in.

Should I in on the flash or the main sale?

The price goes up every 50m sold, and you'll get a bonus in the presale.

The point of the flash sale is that it gives you the opportunity to acquire XCM right after the presale and before the main sale if you are too eager.

Also when we get to the main sale you won't be guaranteed the same price if it starts selling out too quickly as it did in the pre-sale. Price goes up by a cent for every 50M tokens I believe.

Holy shit. They have debit card in the works for June 2018 and the admin said they are compliant in all of the regulations.

I'm so hopeful about this project!

Being an Ameriburger is suffering. I want this coin so bad

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is CoinMetro open to US residents or not?

USA, you can kill yourself for fucking barring everyone from all the juicy ICO's you stupid faggot country. Die fast.

Sure, where's your referral?

18k @ 0.02 here

So I haven't seen this coin shilled here until the last couple of days. What happened?

Is regulatory compliance making it a more attractive option?

The legal team is working to get an exemption for burgers from SEC. It will be announced. If not, all burgers will be refunded.

Btw, the CEO actually mentioned that the 0.11 may not be availabe during the main sale if that tier sells out during the flash sales.

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They will have an answer before the main sale. Anything you put in would just get refunded, so no huge risk by getting in.

CoinMetro has the best site design of the whole cryptoverse prove me wrong

I clicked it and it just redirected me tot he homepage. How do I know if it worked.

Yes, it should work. Thank you!

No, thank you!
We're all gonna make it!

And the pre-sale people must be so happy right now

I just love that we'll finally have a modern, easy to use exchange that will allow fiat > crypto for the top 5, then top 10 then top 50 coins AND it will also allow you to invest in up coming ICOs that pass their criteria etc... the potential is insane.

I know. The current fiat exchanges are driving me nuts. I hope CoinBase burns down especially!

Peep this roadmap and tell me you're not getting your panties wet over this.

No more stupid fees for moving between crypto, fiat and vice versa or waiting hours to move between platforms!!!

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Hey guys i got direct instructions from the telegram admin on how to participate in the Flash Sale. may be of use to you

Kevin (the CEO) must be the most likable and professional person I've ever encountered. I recommend to everyone to join Telegram, he's often answering questions there. Also lookup the AMA with him on YouTube

Of course he's likable when you fuckers are buying up all of his internet funny money.

Look up the AMA or go ask him any question on telegram, pajeet. You'll never hear any bullshitting from him.

this is pretty obvious shilling.

get fucked you assholes

Nothing wrong with shilling something this legit.

Better than 200 stinky threads a day imo

This is the first time it's been talked about and no one is saying BUY BUY BUY like other threads. Think for yourself and buy what you want.

Yea, I'm shilling it. What's your point?

What if the bubble pops before the exchange opens?

What a crazy question. If the bubble pops everybodys fucked. Risk V Reward.

It opens after a market crash.