Crab-16 is almost over

Crab-16 is almost over.

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>boomer meme line horoscopes

Pump it.

Ah it makes sense now. While you're here, im curious what you think/know about Bitcoin Private-- Seems theres whales at play..

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Hahaha doesn't even know Crab 16. It's being continued and has been continued right below our noses.

Can't believe Vitalik was right about Crab-16 lmao

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I still don't know if that onion chat was legit or not. Do you guys think there really is a group of whales out there worth several BILLION who coordinated a month long crash of BTC so they could get in at 50% off? So fucking spooky.

Lol obvious crab-16 from the start

Of course. The quesion is will they stick to it now that they know we know. I think we're just gonna pump from here.

almost got 400 zcl'ies. w-will i make it?

>group of whales
The whales are the tip of the iceberg. The rabbit hole goes deeper. At the depths of the ocean you'll find noone else but the exchanges themselves.

What is crab-16

Some questions put you at risk just asking them. You're better off not knowing.

They have been manipulating by going in and out of the market itself now, fucking with the total marketcap itself. That will be the new trick going forward.

VR Market Manipulator Mark 2 activated, time to have fun.

Can someone please explain to me what Crab-16 is?

>He found out about crab-16

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That user warned us months ago that the Crab-16 was already in motion. I wonder how many of the brainlets actually listened.

Exchanges are colluding and manipulating the market using the spoofy whale bot

wtf is crab-16

DYOR, there is plenty of info in this thread to find out

Clams-256 is superior on every way. Grow up.

just some idiots with crazy theories.

Can I get a gestalt on crab 16?

It's a made up meme that came out after bch went up to $1,000 each. Basically wants people to buy btc under the impression btc has a plan for bch. Pretty much shit talk to make people feel better about btc bags. NYC would be $4K if not for tether. Crab that core cucks.

This is completely wrong. Pathetic.

This is all I could find on anything remotely relating to this:

>Exchanges make a successful power play to become the new central banks
>You will live to see wars fought solely with the purpose of destabilizing countries to establish central exchanges that deal in internet monopoly money.
Woah... So this is... The future...

decentralized exchanges my dude

You mean, like a basic rundown?

In November someone leaked a screenshot taken from what supposedly was a mega-whale forum on the Tor network. In the screenshot some guy asked something like 'are we going to stick to the plan and continue with crab-16?'

Crab-16 means bullish crab pattern initiated on November 16 (the day when btc started to go down). As you can see, the bullish crab pattern happened exactly as predicted.

>crab 16
You retards have nothing better to do, is this shit the new "Dragonslayer"?


what in the flying fuck is this meme shit

This is utterly wrong. That's not what crab-16 means.

Holy shit. Big if true

It’s going to go up and down for months but more up than down if literally every prior year is an indicator. It’s not going to skyrocket for a few months. Is everyone retarded?

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>more crypto astrology

So OP draws some triangles which shows if it goes down it means it will go down but if it goes up then it will go up.

Thnx op, just bought 100k

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>mega-whale forum on the Tor network
onion link?

They took it down after it leaked.