Thinking about swapping a little of my link (35% of my holdings) for ICX before the mainnet and summit

thinking about swapping a little of my link (35% of my holdings) for ICX before the mainnet and summit.

Thoughts? what are we expecting for the price Veeky Forums

Already priced in.

where can i get the shirt

if i buy the shirt it will drive me to never sell

korean shitcoin. ICX has a built in AI mechanism designed to stabilize the price. but you wouldn't know that because you can't comprehend the whitepaper

don't assume im fucking ignorant fag, i'm clearly like everyone else on biz: didn't read the whitepaper, just trying to ride hype.

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Speculative price will be solidified the second DAPPs come to market. DAPPS won’t charge for less than current market value of ICX, and will dictate the fair value of this currency...

Do you know anything about token economics

no tobacco no smoke shit coin sell sell sell :^)

The thing with icx: if you read the whitepaper, while the blockchain may be successful, the token will be of almost no use by design. Plus it's inflationary. The only gain to expect is short term form max hyped retards not reading whitepapers.

jan 31 icon summit will reveal the number of dapps running on the icon network means a neo style runup




see you at $25 retard

this guy gets it. hurr durr my inflationary AI stabilized coin is going to moon

this circular logic just killed a few of my brain cells. well done user.

guys if this is FUD i'm falling for it...


Is correct.

Even if you don't believe in the product hype alone from the koreans would net you some profit atleast. Just sell the news and you should be alright

is it not used for transaction fees like ETH?

You're falling for the oldest fud

>blast up to $12 in a month from pennies
>face plant to $7 immediately after

I have made more money off ICX than all my other coins and I got like 20 different coins in my portfolio. ICON is the GOAT

While it was over $11 I was 3x. Its been very good to me. I'm probably gonna get really twitchy around $15 though.

I bought a fuck ton at $2.14. It's been real good to me

LMAO dex isn't even live yet. do you even know what dex is? or why that would be just a little important in stabilizing the price?

Yeah, there's no need for a decentralized exchange. Even Huobi isn't going anywhere. The exchanges are fine. This coin is going to be profitable because it is going to be purchasable with Korean fiat soon and be a faster and cheaper to send alternative to BTC. You know, like when ETH was added to Coinbase in the U.S.

It has nothing to do with whether or not they can pull off a decentralized exchange and if it will pull significant volume or not. I could give a fuck. This coin is going to 5x from my buy in.

i bought at $2 but I really have nfi what its supposed to be, all I know is Korean spend alot on crypto

If you still have it you did great. I'd sell as soon as it hits $15 though honestly.

There have been an ongoing FUD on both Veeky Forums and /r/helloicon

You know what will happen next, Veeky Forums

lol thanks for proving you have no idea what ICX or DEX is. the entire point of ICX tokens is that they will be exchanged from blockchain to blockchain through DEX. you literally don't understand a thing about ICON

you guys havent convinced me to buy or not yet... you guys suck at fud / shilling. Only one thats got me so far is
>priced in

is it, Veeky Forums?

tons of info here you can't follow don't buy it who fucking cares

so you think it's going to sell off after mainnet?