Superior to WaBi, VEN, WTC

>Superior to WaBi, VEN, WTC
>Partnerships confirmed
>2 Exchanges
>3 new develops + CTO
>0 marketing and hit the hardcap before the crowdsale ended

user, you didnt miss it did you?

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user there's no way you missed another crowdsale..

How the fuck do you guys find these?

It took 3 days to sell out because it's garbage. Lmao

That chart is horse-shit for anyone that has actually read about any of those.

>0 marketing
>less than 50 subscribers on reddit
>one AMA with TheGobOne
>Still hit hardcap

Stay poor boyo

It's not superior to any of those projects, this shilling is retarded.
Why not just be honest? It's a developed project by people who know their shit, with articulate use cases, possible partnerships, and an insanely small market cap. You don't have to bullshit about it being a competitor with massive players like VeChain or WTC when it will easily go 10x on its tiny cap and niche value alone.

Long term project. Maybe you should look at MoD and Amb and the others what kind of multi billion partnerships they already have you fucking retard. Comparing this to ven and wtc you idiot. And no there are no partnerships at all for Ary yet you retarded noob.

If you think this is going to beat Mod, Amb, WTC you're a fucking retard, son.

Enjoy the bags.

Those are quite some trips of truth there bucko.

Literally retarded

Stop shilling this shit i need prices low

How did we miss it? I'm just going to get some on the exchanges tomorrow. Plebbit still has no idea about this

Sam the nignog just announced an exchange will be announced on release.

this is the worst comparison chart I've seen in my life.
and the name "block array" is possibly the worst blockchain name I've heard in my life.

You are fucking retarded if you think that chart is anywhere near reality.

To be fair I've never seen a "meme table" like that on a coin that isn't utter shit. XVG, XSPEC, ODN. Meme tables are a bad sign.

Of course you haven't. Because it means the coin doesn't stand on it's own value. It has to put put on a list next to popular coins and arbitrarily decide the metric for which they will be judged and show it is "superior". If it actually had value it wouldn't need shill itself with other coins.

Jesus, sam the stoner shilling his own coin in the second threat today lmao

How hard is it to work a coin and run away with profits? Sam?

Which I think is actually unfair ARY in this case. I don't put it in the same ballpark as those monster projects, but I definitely think there is room for limited success within their own sphere. Couple that with the market cap and it could actually be a good buy.
But idiotic shilling like "It's competing with WTC" is just retarded.

>SEC compliant
the sheer state of fud shows how great it will be to pick it up once the weakhands dump during the listing

It really is insane.

>It's going to beat Ven which is ass deep with the Chinese Government and will dominate China
>It's going to beat WTC which has fucking cutting edge technology and patents out the ass allowing them to create chips for a tenth of the cost

Like holy shit how deluded do you have to be. It's never going to dominate a market either of those two are in. Not to mention Shipchain is going to dominate the west.

in for 900 ary

see you on mars

>unlike others based in USA, different market and opportunities
>incredibly small mcap, unlike others can easily x10
>not claiming to compete with projects like VEN/WTC/etc, has its own niche value

only thing i regret is not getting more during ico. if you don't see the obvious potential stay poor.