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If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up.

Benefits of Stellar:

- ICOs
- Smart-contracts; just not Turing-complete
- Faster than all other networks
- Decentralized (fuck you autists)
- Transactions cost next to nothing
- IBM running the world-wide network nodes and shilling Stellar (dashboard.stellar.org/)
- Can easily replace Ethereum (Ethereum cannot handle real world transactions)
- MOBI chose Stellar over Ethereum
- KIN chose Stellar over Ethereum (medium.com/kin-contributors/kin-stellar-sdk-initial-draft-839afcaaf55c)
- AERON testing Stellar over Ethereum
- Stellar consensus protocol: 1000s tx / second
- Network prepped for global-scale stress
- Importantly, Stellar forces the use of its coin, XLM, as the cost for using the network
- Inflation distributed weekly to those who own XLM (lumenaut.net/)
- XLM is still not even on bitfinex or bithumb

Real World Implementation:

- First launch of Stellar ATM in Singapore
- Pundi X signed as an anchor for Indonesia

Upcoming News Related to XLM:

- 25 January; Road map
- 25-31 January; FairX beta news (alleged)
- Ternio newest ICO on Stellar (ternio.io/)

Other XLM/Stellar Use: Lightyear.io (for profit arm of Stellar)

- lightyear.io - Worldwide remittance (soundcloud.com/automatadigital/stellar-lightyeario-co-founder-brit-yonge)
- lightyear.io small-scale partners so far: Tempo, coins.ph
- lightyear.io uses IBM for outreach to large financial institutions due to business partners
- lightyear.io has 15 bank partnerships, several tier 1, and tier 2-3

Pastebin of Stuff: pastebin.com/QqU5TGFG

Still not bought in, nigger?

When FairX news drops, it will break the crypto internet. You will see massive increases in XLM's price. By the time you FOMO, it will be too late.

You are a kite dancing in a hurricane, Veeky Forums.

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What about Deloitte?

is this just a shill? Everyone mocks me for holding xlm

Just bought some more. Only about 5k usd worth

I’m not buying your bags, kike.

Fucking pajeetcoin

Veeky Forums talks shit about tron too
Buy half of what Veeky Forums shills and buy half of what Veeky Forums shit talks and you’ll do well

Sooooo 50 % LINK 50% LINK??

XLM's partnership with IBM and the potential it has to be a trading pair make it we worth holding long term in my opinion. Anyone in crypto should have some XLM

Maersk and IBM partnership.


What was the moon attempt just a couple of hours ago, anyone know?

probably just BTC correlation

Over XRP? Ive been hesitant in adopting it, not sure what it does differently

BM's blockchain platform is enabling hundreds of clients and thousands of developers to build and scale active networks across complex use cases, including cross border payments, supply chains, and digital identification.

Guess who dominating shipping regions. XLM bitches!

I fucking hate this coin so much. It's my entire portfolio and I wish it would die so I could die with it.


Stability is good for a coin if it wants to be adopted

its particularly close, the primary differences are:
>IBM running the piping/networking
>stellar consensus protocol is apparently quite good (for world-wide stress)
>slightly faster and costs slightly less
>Stellar forces the use of XLM
>Ripple does not force use of XRP

XLM and Ripple are all about "frictionless" payments but they are the ones with the most friction given that they need banks as validators for each transaction.

also Stellar has ICOs.

Once some more decent ICOs are released on the platform this could very well go the way of NEO (not in $ value obviously but % increase)

I am eager to see the roadmap, 7 days to go.

>he bought it high

The fuck am I doing here holding these bags? Can someone please explain this? How did I get shilled into this sleepy coin? Fml

new to cryptos here. how often does a road map release lead to a price jump?

i know xlm is gonna run on fair x news

I thought the mobius sale was happening today.

How tied do we think this coin is to bitcoin, given that it withstood the previous major dip/crash?
if all this FUD about BTC ends up being true, how fucked will we be? will it all be short term only?

It will just lazily drift down for a while. Then up for a while. Then hover hand around .50 while whales play FUCKING GAMES WITH MY FUCKING INVESTMENT



Its been over a month and Bittrex hasn't gotten my XLM out of memo hell.

It did. Sold out 2 hours.


I just reached my accumulation goal. Now time to get comfy and watch.

Welcome aboard

All of you who say wheres our moon, well there hasnt been any concrete releases yet so just hodl this like your balls boys. Our time will come q1 or q2

and Stripe

holy fuck you are a brainlet

they fucking suck ass but they got to my ticket eventually. month+

>fucking up the numbers when sending your money

Have 11k, got good gains from CND
Is that enough?

What was your goal senpai?