>ARKv2 56% done
>introducing scalability, stability, super speed, abd other such things
>ARKVM 98% done
>smart contracts on the smoothest virtual machine
>slick af mobile wallet

Why did you sell again, noArks?

are there any of you left at his point??
point proven when less than 3 arkies bump this thread


I only have 500 ark

>"less than three arkies"

is it autistic to point out that I'm the third, or are you just a deluded arkless retard?


Soon the Ark will depart and when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet, and you will be left behind.

All in on ARK right now. Scooping up more during the sale. The only people not in ARK are mongos to stupid to figure out staking. With a major update in the near future, you'd be a crack head not to get on board.

this. No point shilling, we don't want pajeets. Just let the team do their thing.

>Why did you sell again, no arks?

because this shitcoin dropped from rank fucking 18 to 55 during the biggest alt bull market crypto has ever seen?? Good enough reason?
Also while all tha was going on Lisk held strong with its top 20 position, face it we lost.

I sold on and moved into much more profitable alts and i've already doubled what i made in 5 months holding ark but i won't ever touch Lisk or Ark again.

I am a holder, but I agree with this post.

ARK will need a rebrand or something. They are as stale as a 80 year old nun's vagina.

I am actually getting really worried. The way Assblaster described ARK was spot on:

amazing tech, but too much of a reputation as a limp dick nothing. They need a serious marketing team right now with well known partners.

This coin should have hit at least $20-$30 during the boom.

you niggers dont seem to realize the returns if you hold a lot of ark and vote for a delegate.
The highest wallet on the biz delegate gets about 6 ark every day. That is a continuous and growing amount of ark for nothing. If ark hit 10 or more the profit off staking is its own moon mission. If you did not get a lot of ark yeah ark is a shit buy.

what is the supply limit of ARK? This is exactly why it will never moon.

Also, I havn't heard from Moonman or UncleChan since this crash. I'd like to hear what they have to say about everything regarding the crash, and ARK at this point. Some hope would be nice.

Assblaster said it was the most underrated coin and were "too early". I half agree with a rebrand like NEO did, though I like the ARK name and logo. I'm thinking they'll greatly boost marketing after nailing everything and leaving the others in the dust. Still /best community/ and most proactive developers

Last I heard Moonman at least was either helping or consulting with the Ark developers for their new releases. I think weeks in crypto just seem a lot longer than irl weeks

You get 10% a year of your investment he makes 6 ark a day because he probably has a massive investment in it

And ark price is volatile and can go down,
If you want shitty safe returns like that you could make like 0.3%+ a day just lending bitcoin on poloniex or some other exchange that supports ledning, and you will atleast know that a year down the line BTC will still be relevant where as for ark it is questionable.

But nobody in crypto wants those kind of shitty returns anyway.. so your argument is pretty weak

I used to like the ARK threads before the december brainlet invasion. They were some fun times, I'm hoping some of the old posters come back once v2 is closer.

it's been a while since I last saw ARK shills
Good to see you back

This a literal pajeet coin, look at the team. Ark wing death squads will be clearing you street shitters out in a few years.

All of the OG arkies have sold their bags and moved on. We were waiting for that final pump to get the fuck out of there.

I'm still holding, bought in during the first few weeks.
Though, I will say the only thing keeping me in is the wallet staking right now.
Getting a good amount per month, no reason to miss out on free money.


What do you think about skycoin arkies
Heard the bitseed guy is doing the sky miners or something


>tfw sitting comfy with ARK as my lth and UFR as my side piece

fuck 2018 is going to be good my friends

I sold, did a x10 with my stack, then re bought Ark.
Now is actually a fantastic time to re enter the Ark market.
Two of their biggest things will be done within the next few months.
>Ark core V2

decentralized exchanges will use ark as the next btc due to smart bridge
$1000 eoy

Bump sitting on 1k Ark. We will WIN!