Bagholders General

State the bag you are holding and how much.

Then other bag holders of the same coin offer you moral support and why they still have hope.

i'll start:
50k DBC
I think the NEO conference will at least get us back to to 40-45 cents.

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3000 Miota
Can't drop this shit because they have them as hostages. Will gladly sell the seed

4k FUN and 10k DOGE

13 ETH

This Sperg coin is not developing, and money skelly occasionly having SJW twitter rants which makes me nervous.

I was daytrading LINK and DBC and was making good profit, but yesterday they went up and stayed there. Now I missed out on gains. Also Tethered up $1k worth of BTC @ $9800 expecting the price to drop to 9k. I feel like I will get Bogdanoffd the moment I buy back into BTC though so I'm just going to let it sit tight. I guess I have reverse bags, in that sense.

Not a bag really, but everything else in my portfolio is moving on and this shit is stagnating my profits. I took a fuqton of REQ out for this and now I’m 8k behind


kill me

got memed into buying 10k linda coin

fuck u nigger look at coin market cap how is this a bag
shits mooning as we speak

CND is up 166% nigger


7000 XVG

LTC @ $330.

Should've bought some more at $130 and sold at $200 all of it. Fuck.

I've been holding a month, while been making money on other gains. But fucking 25k in LTC man, fuck you.

All XRP, TRON, XVG bagholders shall recieve no compassion. You did it to yourself, DYOR idiots


LTC needs to die or moon. sick of this sideways trading forever

incredibly, the wallet works these days. As soon as I found out I sold all my shitty IOTAs. Try resending, mate. Good luck

POST. God what a mistake. No way anybody else could be as dumb as me to get into this thing.

60,000 CAN

Why don't you just use the litecoin to buy other coins?

2,501 BCC


need to get rid of it then sell off some ICOs then hold ETH for a while until I decide to cash out

the problem is they still didn't release all reclaims, I have them locked away for months now while eveythung else moons :(

4.5k ARDOR
32 FCT
please pump


I would wait until after the 23rd to sell, thats when they're doing a live AMA.
They're also coming out with a developer update on the blog tomorrow.

260 APPC
dropped 60% after i bought it
1.1k is now $450-$500
contemplating dropping them and rebuilding my portfolio else where
never listen to biz

Hi ethan

5000 zcl. Can't drop til they announce a date...


8k mod

>10k PFR bought at 40 cents
I don't know why this bag seems so heavy, I FOMO'd into buying enough for a node, but I have no faith in this project

2k FUN fuck Veeky Forums


I know, I know complete pajeet portfolio and they were doing very well until they fucking didn't. I'm hoping UFR will pick up soon because of a new exchange and alpha release and as for PRL, who fucking knows.

Even if you bought at $7, you better HODL ENG for at least 6 months. This token will be big. I could see $50. It has perhaps one of the best teams in all of crypto and a great use case.


200 BNB bought at 1750, now at 1002

am I fucked biz?


Bought at 29k sats

bought canya when it hit ED, i think it was around $3.50 at the time


72k VIBE.
I'm just hoping the normies and niggers are going to be all over this shit.

100 canya at 6$ lol I deserve it tho

40 ZCL waiting for this fucking fork

Also mne, didn't sell at 12$ so don't pity me

ahahahaa you will all hodl those shitcoins forever

UFR and ODN. They pick pick up tho after the dip. Especially UFR, good news is on its way

40k RCN

209k in USDT. Getting heavy.

1 dogecoin

leverage that shit on kraken, you'll double your money when the tether crash happens

When is the NEO conference? and other events that will boost the coins value. I really liked this project and am upset that it crashed and I didn’t sell at $0.60

Wishing I had saved all those DGB vignettes that were floating around here last fall

OP here
moved to the library so I think my ID is different but
It's at the end of the month, we should hopefully start seeing a decent pump in a week

It sucks dick though because we'll probably miss tons of other moon missions holding these fucking bags im selling at 50-60 i don't care about the dollar anymore

Why do you people like DBC so much, I'm not seeing anything about it that's enticing at all?

10k tron

in spite of everything, i still don't feel like i fucked up

To the user who gifted me over 3,000 MBRS a few months back-- if you get this, I sold them for $1,000 and dumped it into link. Thank you kind sirs

I sense a moon mission

Not yet you do. Let it develop for the good or the bad but passing a predetermined result is bad form.

4.2k FLDC

Bought at 8 cents because of a signal from telegram

Get it Got it Good

I was daytrading POLL, buying at 7 selling at 9 before the dips. My last buy was at 6 dollars, and it just turned out that the developers sold out on us, so we all got fucked and now its a 3. Needless to say I sold...

He probably bought at the height of the pump

im holding 9k snovio :^(

ref link for airdrop

gang shit

I bought 7500 DBC at 61 cents or $4600. Yep. It sucks.

50,000 html coin

When did you buy? Im kicking myself dor not buying it at 0.002 cents

Id be fucking rich

Hey OP. I’m with you man. Also selling at 0.5 or somewhere around there. this shit is locking me up and making me miss other moons. General advice anyone? pic related

I got dem UFR bags too. Bought around ath. Thought it was only going up with such a low market cap, and I liked the idea. Refuse to sell at 50% loss.

500 ENG

basically don't invest in Veeky Forums memes