I bet nobody here gives a fuck about where they live in the future. Just saw the post of mr. venezuela

I bet nobody here gives a fuck about where they live in the future. Just saw the post of mr. venezuela.

So, with all that crypto in our pockets, where can we live to get the maximum potential out of life? I'm talking:

>Quality of women
>Safety first
>Most bang for your buck (food, land, services)

I'm thinking Poland.
>High quality women
>Pretty much safe
>Stuff is cheap
>Land is cheap

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Wow, that actually doesn't look like shit. How are the women though?

kek polska isn't safe at all

some city areas are even on the level of amerifat ghettoes, and don't even get me started on the gangs and hooligan fights, I personally know people who have been killed by these

t. Bulgarian living in Germany

What the fuck is this though? This doesn't look safe.

Give some suggestions, don't tell me everywhere that's cheaper is basically shit safety.

jokes mate, homicide rate is #1 I think.

South Korea is nice.

You really don’t want to be stuck in a country you don’t know with people who don’t know you when shit goes south soon. The elites want ww3 to bring in full communism and their gay antichrist.

Kuraçao is way Better

Dutch colony, blonde gals and caribbean sea

how can someone be this out of touch

have you been to poland? ew. food's good though.

Thinking of portugal or Puerto rico. Low cost of living, beautiful and skany women, not ppl around you worship the dollar


>I personally knew people who have been killed by these


plus a big newspaper in PR recently named the Jew a few days ago

lisbon is the shit. Portugal everything is cheap cause everyone unemployed. hella fun good weather. puerto rico you can buy land for nothing now.

Portugal for me lad, warm weather, 1st world comfort with decent crypto gains,crypto tax free,wiminz

Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Czech Republic. Don't even bother with other countries in your future.


I heard the tax are next to nothing here, how come there are a lot of dutch people though? Is it like south africa?

I'm hearing a lot of portugal

Portugal is amazing. However, language is ugly and so are the girls. Everything else is pretty sweet

I think Portugal is the best, here's why:

>crypto free taxes
>can use whatever drugs u want
>cheap stuff
>nice weather
>best poetry

No idea about the women tho

It's a former colony. Most of the Dutch girls will be tourists though. Most people living there will be niggers. Never actually visited myself but it looks comfy

Poland wont let you in, Pajeet

Niggers don't sound safe. I don't know maybe it's just the word.

fuck that, the chicks are not bad. topless at the beaches too, no fucks given. Everoyne speaks english in lisbon


>English speakers
>cheap to live in
>very low crime rate

really free of taxes for crypto gains?

I remember an user living in portugal saying that taxes were expensive as fuck, like 40% or something like that and it seemed really really high. Can someone confirm ?

Crypto free taxes actually kinda sounds enough, drugs just sound like criminal shit, which doesn't sound safe though.

>best poetry

If Italy don't shoah crypto gains, I'd say Sardinia.

you can buy coke on the street and its good.

they got really hairy arms. but maybe you can find yourself a devine brasileira there. then portugal is 10/10


>5 million population
>decent amount of land
>95% homogenous white
>low crime
>great standard of living
>socialized healthcare and higher education, great place to raise a family
>most BEAUTIFUL women I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been to every part of America, Germany, and the Netherlands
>allowed to own guns from what I know of

There’s more I’m sure some Norway bros can chime in

Expensive as fuck but with crypto that shouldn’t be an issue

Thoughts on Japan and Iceland? I'm going to spend my gains on a trip to each place (and probably Italy) over the next year or so to start scoping them out.

>best poetry

what have they even write except os lusiadas

where though?

theres no criminal stuff related to drugs like in the rest of the world, all drugs are decriminalized

>Fernando Pessoa
>Luís de Camões

This is the whole point, it's supposed to be cheap and the most bang for your buck. Ofcourse norway is great, cuz shit is expensive. But are there better places for better money?

Finland, Lapland

If you go to live in another country as an american expat, don't you still have to pay american taxes?

>choosing what country you're going to move to based on the quality of its poetry

Trumpland. Land of the past, present and future.


lmao enjoy 50% taxation of your crypto gains, 25% VAT on all products, 150% extra cost when you buy a car etc. etc.

I'm trying to escape this crypto communism

Ok well that kinda changes everything. I think I'm gonna do a bit more research on portugal.


I'm dutch

yes, unless you renounce your citizenship

I think Thailand offers a high quality of life for a very cheap price

I've been living in Poland since birth and I can safely say you're bullshitting

lol you neets are so delusional
this board is hilarious

As far as i know, you can't buy a house easily there. Something with the law.

Living in norway here.

Enjoy paying 50% of your crypto gains to the goverment so Abdullahs family can shit another kid . Norwegians bend over for immigrants like no other country i ve been in, the girls are nice but slutty af. Go to slovakia

I was personally thinking Portugal

Yeah I heard they have great poetry there

just seems too artificial to me...
like living on a resort or something

Europe is shit. It’ll all be an Califate by the end of the next decade.

You can't buy property but you can buy a condo, you could marry a thai and buy in her name but then she could steal it from you

I've got it all planned out desu

I have a house on the Crimean Peninsula I inherited from my father, haven't been there since I moved to the us 10 years ago
19 years old now

Beautiful 200 year old house on the beach, palm trees and shit, growing up there was magical

>cheap living
>completely adequately Westernized
>vacation area for wealthy Russian families, tons of hot sluts everywhere
>several beautiful cities, mountains, beaches,sea, anciant historic sites, etc etc
>can import all the JDM whips I desire for pennies on the dollar
>take my speedboat to mainland Europe whenever I want from the Black Sea

I hope I can get a dual citizenship so I can go back and forth to the US, there really is something nice about this shithole

Also any thoughts on Finland (Helsinki) and Estonia (Tallinn) ?
It sounds really great but I don't know about taxes and stuff.


>hope I can get a dual citizenship so I can go back and forth to the US,

Don't do this the IRS will hunt you down like a turkey for thanksgiving


what about the language? it could be a problem depending on wtf they actually speak there

Poland wont be. They are resisting. Some others are doing it too.

Yeah I heard about this place!

Also check out chernobyl, it's very cheap lately.

My plan once I'm cryto rich is to try several places in eastern europe and s.e. asia and just see what feels best.

Could an American tell me, if you live abroad do you still have to pay American taxes? I'd love to just up and move to a tax friendly country before I cash out

investment PR from 100k USD and 3 years. with significant gains it can probably just be bought outright


It depends on the country. Some have tax treaties with the US that keeps you from being double taxed. Then again, I have no idea how crypto factors into that.

This Victoria's Secret model is from Portugal.

I think taxes work by registry, so if you're registered somewhere, you have to pay those taxes. At least, that's how it works in europe. But we have to pay for poetry taxes though. Except for portugal ofcourse.


Yes, can confirm there is no tax on crypto.

I actually wouldnt date this one. god those fucking teeth

Cold and dark. Helsinki is full of niggers and muslims. The norther you go the less mudslimes but it also gets darker and colder. Finland is a socialist country so taxes are high. Crypto taxes are 30-34 %. If I make it I will move to a warm and cheap country.

yeah the US-Russia immigration website is pretty weird in explaining it

it's something like

"if you voluntarily apply for a dual citizenship you will have problems"

They speak Russian, which I'm fluent in

Could just as well say Tokyo is uninhabitable or something dumbass

>Weird teeth, 2/10 would not bang

That's the most beautiful Portuguese girl in the world. There unironically are no prettier ones.
Wouldn't even turn heads in Brazil


portuguese women are like latinas but like traditional midwestern girls. best of both words.

Alright anons, you pick for me. I move this september when i finish school

Puerto rico?

or Portugal?

> introverted, smoke weed all day play guitar, 500k in the bank, want easy pussy

Is Thailand really so bad? It's probably better to move to an Asian country rather than a country full of spics since spics are known for violence and stealing shit

As a superior alternative, you may want to just check out Slovenia instead, they even had a thread here earlier. Slightly more expensive but no biggie. There's also Belarus but they're significantly worse off, and you miss out on schengen area access, but in return you get low crypto taxes.

Don't bother coming to central and eastern europe at all if you're not white enough to blend in. Also, Poland is pretty safe overall. I'd avoid Silesia like a plague, probably other poor cities like Łódź too. Taxes are the problem here, too high to recommend anyone who made it to migrate.

Its basically Time Money Quality problem rephrased OP.

Eastern Europe will probably be the optimal choice, or as an alternative - China (Shanghai/etc...). South East Asia will be more affordable but safety might be a bit worse.

So the list is as follows:

>1. Portugal
>2. Slovenia
>3. Belarus

I have to agree on the follow up #3 after hearing a lot of stuff about Belarus about cheap housing and ridiculously hot and easy women.

and they wont take poland en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Wizna

Im a pangeet with 6 figures in crypto and 4 figures cash. Where ahould imove to

>asian women
He said quality women nerd

Indonesia is pretty sweet if you get the right spot. Just convert to Muslim and you will fit right in

I heard they shit on the streets in China too, you would fit right in.

so beautiful there. simpler way of life. cheap as fuck. you could live like a king there

All jokes aside, I agree with you on this. Chinese women are not my choice of quality.

Japan will tax your shit, but they are ahead on the crypto game and it’s second to none if you’re a weeb

why dont you move back home for that sweet flat 10% tax?

stfu imbecile

not really, i have trouble imagining living there though, feel like id be restricted to spending every day at the gogo bar with fat fuck balding retards

Lol, yeah, there is a reason that pic isn't close up

china has some great quality, but you won't find them anywhere that meets the cheap criteria

shitty weather, too hot, shitty people, shitty laws and i dunno who find their women pretty, i would rather marry a chink lol

Portugal is not actually tax free

Uruguay beach

I love Thailand, food is great the women are sweet and feminine (no feminist garbage) and the cost of living is low. Its also kind of third-world with corruption and filth etc, the people are kind of dumb

im pretty sure they have strict immigration laws, unless you are a nigger or a muslim refugee

Best poetry?
Bet you the type that help your ex-gf move into her new boyfriends house haha man fuck out of here.