My penis has maximum blood flow

my penis has maximum blood flow

same here, immediately after seeing that logo

the best part is nobody seems to be talking about it

Everyone knows about this. It'll be the most hype release ever

We're going to the moon boys


Come join an active trading discord. Most of us got into the Wan ICO. Pump and dumps and signals are for fags. We often have voice chats and run ideas past each other for optimal gains.

Any exchange listings or dates yet?

I am patiently (impatiently) awaiting this listing.

be fast though. people who got in the ICO are gonna insta dump

lock and loaded with 1760 WANZ

Back in December I was hearing that it could be any day.

>tfw chose this over icon

really hope i dont get JUST'd on this one

late jan pretty sure

You'll do well. I'm frothing at the mouth waiting for this to hit the exchanges. Glad there isn't a lot of talk about it.

hold on to your wan boys
a 4b cap means wan will be worth around $40 a coin

plus soon we'll be able to buy into wan icos and become even richer

You ico fags better sell this shit under 2 dollars when it gets listed for me

Once I have WAN my holy trinity will be complete.


I have a feeling this thing is just too hyped to be a good deal on exchanges. It will probable hit exchanges trading at a 1b+ market cap. Good if you got in the ICO. There are couple upcoming blockchians I think are better than wanchain and are much lower hype. I'll just be investing in those, much higher reward for the risk.

yep risk you buy too high and you get dumped

same can't wait

That would be 9.33 a WAN

Almost a 27.5 straight out of ICO... I get that it is hyped but there is no chance. x10 out of ico is too high even.

meant x27.5

Anyways, I bet it does a x5 give or take right on exchanges

So about $1.70 per WAN

most icos start trading after a week
wan has been locked up for over 3 months now

4 real. the hype is the only thing driving me away from this

Trust me, it will get to a 4b market cap, but not right out of ico imo. Getting listed on an exchange is when it becomes real, I don't care how long they have been locked up.

It will follow a path very similar to ICON. Good gains for a month or two and then moon to the billions

It's coming to Binance?

id say so, its a given at this point