Insiders say Pewdiepie about to shill a cryptocurrency, which is it?

Insiders say Pewdiepie about to shill a cryptocurrency, which is it?


Basic Attention Token, BAT.

A fucking real product, it's tough and while but once people are fed up with google and facebook we will MOON

I don't hold or care about, but it would be either Bitcoin or BAT. Bitcoin because it is the most normie friendly coin in existance, or BAT to make money

BAT you retard, didn’t you see Defrancos vid? We going mainstream adoption. Moon mode engaged

Felix is smart enough not to do that.


brb just installing brave



Give me any proof.

this and I will go 100% in BAT

"inside her" who exactly and why talk when pewdiepie is inside you?

Do it to spite Jewtube, Felix. You know you want to. Kill them. Kill them all.


Fuck outta here with your stinky linky.

>shoo shoo

Bat is the most retarded token

Brave is literally chrome with some options

Pewdiepie huh? Must be XRP.

>the most retarded token

really? Have you seen what's out there?

Enjin coin.
>Platform will allow for a decentralized game item marketplace, much like Steam.
>Team has produced a product before; a social media platform for game/server specific discussion with a large user base. Their token will integrate natively into the platform.
They created an Ethereum wallet, focused on security and usability. The wallet is designed to facilitate game asset trading, but also works well as a regular wallet and supports a huge number of tokens.
They're working on a Minecraft plugin, which is due to come out soon.
They're also working on a Java, PHP, C#, Unity, Unturned and ARK Survival Evolved plugin.
Literally the best blockchain project focused on videogames.

>never heard of dentacoin


Web 4.0

only 9 year olds watch this loud ridiculous faggot
how much market power do children have?? hmmmmm


pewdiepie could totally kick sergey's ass

TRX, son. ALL DAY!!


BATmen and Stinky Linky alliance when?

LOL fuck that..i bought into that scam and now i'm bagholding

he used to browse pol
I'm sure he visits biz

it's link

He could retire to his own personal island and tell jewgle to get fucked if he wants to. He doesn't need anything from them anymore.

All the fun of tipping, with the thrill of having no idea how much is being debited from your account to you at any given moment. Wew lad.

you retards.. if he was going to shill a coin it would be his own. i bet he would call it bro coin

Legit, probably BAT. The video today was about advertising and money for smaller channels vs bigger channels. Advertising -> BAT

We know what it is. Do it Felix, let it begin.