*New* Official Veeky Forums poll for 2018

*New* Official Veeky Forums poll for 2018


Now with significantly more options and an "Other" so you fuckers can shill your shitcoins


There's even a "Geographical Breakdown" option so you can see if Pajeets are shilling

>being able to choose more than one option

woah woah woah who the fuck else is in charleston SC???

i see you on the damn map don't hide from me

For people who have more than one investment

beast coast

No pajeets so far

a good sign sir

Combined results of old and new poll

>no link
Shove your poll up your ass.

maybe the pajeets were Brazilians the whole time AJAJAJAJJAAJAJAJ

who else here clicked ADA?

That's what "Other" is for. I just went down the top 100 when making the poll

Who's the one from tanasbourne?:

All indian are use proxy sir.

>mfw there might be multiple bizfags near me

>eth winning

Top kek, you were late to Bitcoin so you fell for the centralized scamcoin eth hype.

Premined with a full blown aids ridden, commie leader, you're all delusional falling for this meme

Nice FUD

I wonder what they're shilling

Please be serious

37 brainlets have voted coin called ”other”

"Other" is just a collection of all the "fill in your own response"

The brainlet is you sir

very luck sir

whichever LA fag this is, I'm coming over to punch you

brb starting OTHER coin

honestly you VEN retards are going to get burned

DARCIO (backed by BTC, ETH and physical gold) you heard it here first my fellow bizfags. Screenshot this. ya'll been warned (darico.io)

literal taxman thread


>trx number 1
top kek

There was a shill squad that came by an hour ago. You can probably ignore it

>Open market research
>on Veeky Forums

I mean everyone says do your own research and this is easier than reading all them white papers kek