Just got denied from my dream school, got 50k in crypto I was going to spend on college

Just got denied from my dream school, got 50k in crypto I was going to spend on college,

what shit coin do I buy now?

Not a shitcoin but if you put that 50k in here you can make a minimum of $2k a month from just staking your coins in their wallet.

>aquire more coin
>NEET it out
>do whatever the fuck you want
who needs "education" when you have dough
you can study anything you want... you can buy certificates if you have to have a high profile wagecuck job...
are you in debt?
if no: most americans in your presumed age group would kill for 50k and no debt

Appreciate the shill but I honestly want to throw it all on a coin that will either moon to make me 4 life or crash so I hero

sign up with some blockchain development dudes who will teach you to program and skip school, make bank building icos of the future. this is probably the best advice you will ever get.

if you wouldve made more on crypto you couldve bought your way in to any school through "charitable donations"

What's your dream school, user?

LUX is that coin dude, its undervalued and low market cap + you have enough to generate passive income to stake

QASH or PFR are your other 2 options

Check the results of the poll.
So far XLM ETH or NEO

I´m naive and lucky not retarded. If I had millions of dollars in crypto I wouldn´t give it away to a college. I would go to a party school and live life.

it only costs 500k to get into stanford

goto community college, and pay cash

transfer credits to state school...pay cash

walk out with a 4 year degree with zero debt. Are you this fucking dumb?

WTF I've seen this exact fucking thread before.
I'm going fucking crazy.


I know Java, plan(ed) on studying business, but everyone bases investing on ICOs on the team, and they look at which college each member went to so...

i feel like you were looking for a reason to use that GIF.

I´m not even shilling a coin, search online for schools that announced Early admission today, and I´ve never seen a thread about this...

Wait a week then ask this question again here. The downtrend is far from over and lots of shitcoins will not survive

Stanford is one of the best endowed schools in the nation, funded by sv billionaires, why would they want my cryptos sheckles?


You lucky fucker. You can make a million with that much.

you dont give them xrp retard

This. Don't be like us who went to a fucking top tier university only to be working with shit eaters with shit degrees from the third world. Uni sucks anyway, just get any degree and get out or go straight into a trade, or keep making it in crypto.

plus every "expert" out there views crypto investors as lucky gold rush prospectors. I honestly hope the market goes parabolic and these elitists are left in the dust.

>only to be working with shit eaters with shit degrees from the third world
As a person who did graduate from the third world, this is accurate.
Like, we don't even have student debt here. Yet we almost get the same jobs you have, in fact in some fields we do it better. We laugh at Americans for having that.