I'm diversified in;

I'm diversified in;


How fucked am I by end of year?

If by fucked you mean financial freedom by EOY, then very.

If the others go to zero link may save you

My nigger

sell everything into ven and you'll make it

>I'm diversified in 4 different memes

REQ is the only good hold out of that

4 piles of shit is still a pile of shit in the end but diversity is our strength i guess

2018 is the year of LINK. It's a game changer unlike all other coins

Why the fuck did you bought Link?
I dont get it, shit will never get anywhere.
There are already better solutions for this crap

Pls for the love of god don't be a Link retard.
Apart from that you are fine, sell Link for ENG or RLC

what's so bad about Link

>There are already better solutions for this crap

Name one.

Huge losses if you dont all in LINK

The Jews want to fud it so we won't board their rocketship. Nice dubs


Req relies on Link succeeding retard lmaoooo

is this what linkies believe?

LINK isn’t the sure moon mission Veeky Forums makes it out to be. In fact we’re the only real crypto board that is so enthusiastic.

I’m still not sure if it will take off. But if it does it will be astronomical.

Go shill Mobius more pajeet. That is the pajeetiest coin on biz.

Chainlink for the memes

ZRX, KMD & KNC for the DEX's

ICX for the hype

Spare ETH for some dank ICOs

Fucking kek. Stop being so retarded.


>the ultimate long-term portfolio

I’m in NEO, VEN and ICX.

I feel good - you seem ok OP.

What are the other "real" crypto boards?

REQ is a good long term coin. I sold it all off today at the peak because BTC will crash to 8.5 -9.5 k soon. after the crash, I will be back on the REQ train though. You been warned

Good list. But would replace req with WISH, NAS or SYS.

see I don't get why people want flags on this board, anyone who shills this is telling you they're a pajeet

Rate my memestack:


Waiting for the next post-announcement dump to get REQ too

We did everything we could, but your son has become more meme than man