How hard is to actually Monero it all up and evade taxes?

how hard is to actually Monero it all up and evade taxes?

have you done it? Please share your experiencies

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t. totally not a Fed

Eat a dick fag. this would only work for poorfags anyway.

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why only poor

How are you gonna cash out? Holding any coins isn't taxable


thats why im asking Veeky Forums to share experiences

It's a place to hide money, but youll have the same problems going to large amounts of cash that a drug dealer would, doesn't really help if you're buying cars or vacations and can't explain to the IRS or feds where the money came from. Poorfags they don't care about, under 20k or so


>buy drugs and sell for cash

really the only ways to cash out

>Veeky Forums thinks their saavy
>doesn't plan to triple their stack, put it all in XMR then become a deepweb drug lord
weak Veeky Forums

It would if you could actually purchase real life things with Monero. Otherwise it’s just a way to hide money, or buy drugs on the DNM. Honestly the easiest tax-free way to cash out of Monero would be XMR->drugs->cash

doesnt really help that much if you're dealing with a lot of money, if you can't explain the income they are going tax the shit out of you and or jail you

>make even more dirty money with your dirty money
>somehow this cleans your money

they're* FUCK ME

>Not paying for everything with drugs a la ricky from TPB and cutting out the middle man

Just buy gold bullion with bitcoin. Sites like dont give a fuck about the IRS. Buy 1oz bars.

let's say my only major purchase will be an old Porsche 911

can I just pay in dirty cash and put "$3000" on the bill of sale for the DMV jew to enter into the system?

make x4 separate monero wallets.

send coins to each wallet 4 times

you are now untraceable.

would selling fiat for 1.5x work on the darkweb?

how illegal would that be to ship people thousands in cash?

Can I spend those at WalMart?

they don't take monero though... IRS can see your credit card records when you buy the Gold online...

Do you have a bitcoin wallet tied to your name?

what this guy said. Who the fk has a BTC wallet tied to their name (not inc. exchanges). Buy 1kg gold bar for 3.5 BTC. Put in an address for delivery with your name on it and sign for it. Get a fake ID. So many ways around paying tax.

In the long run, why would you even wanna cash out in the first place? say 5-10 years from now, I would put most of my money in Monero (or any other coin that is as secure in the future) and just live off of that. The only reason to be worried about cashing out is if you are planning on doing it right now.

>buys BTC in exchange (prob with ID registred)
>send to wallet
>buy the gold

But isnt this still traceable?

What does that mean? Is ledger nano s tied to a name? It's not right?

>drug profits offset laundering losses
apply yourself for once jeez louise

There's plenty of exchanges that don't require you to input details when trading XMR > BTC. I see what you're saying about a BTC wallet trail, but you can be clever about it.

>infinite supply.

Buy stuff on with btc then sell on craigslist

It take thousands of year for monero to reach the same circulating supply as ethereum is at right now.

I sell legal goods online, and monero is the most used cryptocurrency on my site.

i run a poker site and am interested in taking monero. How do you accept it? just have a wallet and you wait for the transaction to be verified 6 times?

Monero tax evasion is a meme. Every exchange keeps a record of when you traded for it. You only have two options then
>buy it from local monero
>mine it yourself
With either one you still won't be able to buy lambos, houses, or anything like that. To do that you'll have to money launder it. In which case you should ask yourself if this is all worth it.

Hiding money with XMR is pretty much the same as using any crypto. You can cash out small amounts in USD but any big movements and the IRS will be on your ass. Doesn't matter if you buy your house/car in cash or xmr, IRS sees you have a shiny new asset and questions how you got the money.

>Every exchange keeps a record of when you traded for it

but what can they do if there's no ID verification nedeed for trades?

You can only do this and move to a country without capital gains permanently. If you come back, you have to launder it.

I thought we were talking about Monero?
XMR>BTC Wallet not in your name.

This is not hard

Hopefully you were using Tor and never logged into your account on any private network you've ever used before.

You have self identifying information on Binance?
Are you crazy?

what site?

>t. owns monero

Im curious OP. How much are we talkin here?

how are u gonna do that without an exchange?

>send xmr to exchange
>buy btc
>send btc to wallet
>buy gold

this is traceable for me, unless u use shapeshift or some shit like that

Also, where did you send the money to the exchange from?

>Traceable to an anonymous BTC wallet.
Wow I'm shaking in my boots

Yes, I don't use Tor when trading on Binance, so it is possible to track me.

This makes me wonder, everyone is saying "once the IRS sees your new house car, etc"

How would they ever find out if I bought a $30k plot of land and paid some Mexican construction company under the table to build me a structure to have my workshop in with a bedroom and kitchen and whatnot

Nothing unreasonable, I could currently afford it pretty easily so it wouldn't look out of place

then paid for my sports cars in cash from private sellers and declared the price as much lower than I actually paid

It's not like they're gonna drive up here to buttfuck Colorado and scale a mountain to watch me with binoculars to make sure I'm still driving a piece of shit Accord

ohh, now I see, Im so dumb

so if anybody asks u just say it was send to the wrong adress, right?

nothing, just talking

i never liked porches, they're just so ugly

>Every exchange keeps a record of when you traded for it.
>the IRS is going to give enough a shit about you to track your transaction to a Chinese exchange wallet then somehow force that Chinese exchange to hand over the information they need
jesus christ you people are delusional

Hide behind a VPN/TOR, make an account to two seperate exchanges under two countries.
XMR > BTC (exchange 1)
Exchange 1 > Exchange 2
Exchange 2 > BTC wallet
BTC > Gold Bullion under fake name, address
Sign with fake ID

>Every exchange keeps a record of when you traded for it
here's what you do
>trade monero from exchange to monero wallet
>trade monero to a 3rd wallet you own
bam. untraceable

>he lives in a country that has crypto laws and regulations


Is it anything grey area? What site? It’s it’s remotely cool you might have some new customers on here

where u from?

DO NOT USE SHAPESHIT!!! Their CEO is an ex-cop and works very closely with them. Look into Changelly, same thing as shapeshift but run by an old mining pool, and they are way more safe

no u

does it need to pass through an exchange? what about Changelly like said or some other shit

Then what the fuck are you gonna do with the gold? Cash it at a pawn shop?

>Going through this much trouble to dodge taxes and 10 years for tax evasion for home upgrades and a shiny vehicle

You wont make it user.

Just make massive gains pay your taxes and invest elsewhere after this is all over. A year from now when you pay your 2018 taxes the laws could be different. I have a cpa friend who trades crypto and they say not to be overly worried about it. They've explained a lot to me and the interpretation currently. Its not that serious. So what if you lose 20-35% of your gains? You have the potential to clear a million this year easy.

ever heard of a bullion dealer? sell it on ebay for all I care. It aint hard selling gold bullion for cash.

irs pls go
68 IOST here

take it to a gold dealer in NYC using a fake id and get cash for it. duh.

lol just use a bitcoin atm if you want cash. would you buy a house with cash then?

get the fuck out you faggot

tax evasion is easy until you want to buy a piece of land. as soon as you own something they can take they've got you by the balls.

Then the company has to explain where their money came from, but a company that would do this would probably have experience hiding it. Also, good luck finding a company willing to do illegal construction work without having connections for that. Yes, you could do that to a car. Especially easy because of Craigslist. And yes, you could get away with a lot of things. A 1% chance of getting sent to jail and having your life ruined over some money is too high for some people to take, however.
No, they don't have to give a shit. People get away with tax evasion all the time. It's why drug dealers are still a thing. The point is that you have a slight chance of getting caught and sent to 10+ years in prison unless you are extremely careful.

The IRS are not getting any hot new tips out of this thread lol

yes? people are such faggots its incredible

Get one of your relatives on their death bed give you 4kg of gold in their inheritance

>How do you do, fellow kids

this shit is so risky you're better off just using sketchy exchanges and not reporting your gains hoping they dont rat you out. that way if you get caught you only get popped with tax evasion. if you get busted trying to wash your money through privacy coins they will come down on you with laundering charges or worse

It matters what your platform is. Biggest thing is getting the monero-rpc running, with that transactions are quick and you can confirm them very fast.
I don't want to shill. My site is on Getmonero (25% discount at checkout). I make vapes.

You'll also have to ask the construction company if they accept Monero. Kek.

>not liking turbolader ass
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Don't be a wuss. Fuck the Governments of the world.

those are fair points, thanks for the response

I'm young but I don't have very long to live, so I'd like to spend that time following my passion which is building/racing cars. I hope I can do that for the rest of my days, I'm committed to never wagecuck again in my life since this last October

So if I clear a million for example it would really kill me to give up a significant portion to (((them)))

I was just presenting a hypothetical anyways

How many people pay in Monero a month, versus how many customers?

Also, what other currencies do you take? You say Monero is the #1 most popular?

exactly. you guys are all such wimps. worrying about taxs and the faggot ass gay IRS. you realize how inept our government is? they have to borrow money from china just to survive. they don't have the resources to investigate anyone hardly

They're being retarded. If you bought from an online fiat gateway, any btc you hold is linked to your name. This is why unencrypted public ledgers fucking suck.

The only way bitcoin can be anonymous is if you buy from localbitcoins or something. The fiat gateway has to be not attached to your name

that trade between the 2nd and 3rd monero wallet is untraceable.

Lets just say it's about 16:1 against all other cryptos.
and paypal, which makes up 99%
I offer 25% off for any crypto payment, and people still pay with paypal. We haven't had a paypal reversal in 4 years now. Our customers are 100% convinced we will ship, and never have concerns such as quality that they would open an issue with paypal. Such as something broken, they just file a help desk ticket and we replace whatever is broken on RMA.
Even with all this, actual payments with crypto are very very small. It's just that XMR is used at a stand out rate. If I was going to bet on what would be the future of crypto payments, XMR is my bet.

Ceo is voorhees he's not a cop u fag

>actual payments with crypto are very very small

We are very early in this market, user, I bet how thats gonna be in 2030

Have you looked at all into REQ? Any thoughts on it?

That's why I'm taking a loss on the discount. I'm in it to promote usage, not speculation.

SUMO is safer. Look it up.

lol retard. xmr is untraceable that's the whole point.

VPN on host OS. virtual machine like virtualbox running whonix-gateway and whonix-desktop (gateway funnels all traffic from desktop through Tor)

Then run another VPN inside whonix-desktop. Go make a burner email, sign up on binance or hitbtc or kucoin or wherever. Send your monero to the exchange over a different Tor vpn connection, exchange for BTC, withdraw, now you have clean btc to buy gold or sell for usd. The real problem is when you try to buy anything with the money, it's going to look like drug money or worse. So it doesn't work if you want to get out large amounts

your next gf or wife will rat you out before she dumps you. thats how most guys get caught i think. so you pretty much have to be mgtow if you plan on dodging taxes

what would be a large amount?

Yes but they don't have any of these smart features packaged in a way I could use them. I'm watching.

just use XSPEC lmao

Hello fellow crypto holders, how do you cash out monero?

ah right, I forgot about evil roasties

Only available in larger cities tho, and good luck cashing out more than 1k per week.