Red numbers

Are we going back down? This doesn't look good bois

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Wouldn’t be surprised

I sold slightly before the bottom of the last dip 2 days ago and have been under the impression that this recovery was the dead cat bounce.

I think it's gonna go down more.

It's been pretty flat for the past ~24h.


Digits confirm BTC 8k in one hour
8k in ONE HOUR

I need to start learning about shorting bitcoin. I had this one called and shoulda put some money on it.

Unless you had single digit IQ you knew this was one giant head and shoulder since yesterday

I believe BTC will be trending back upward within 45 minutes. Big buys waiting for fills.

Good goyim

Why doesn't it look good? It's time for a sale dude. Just don't be weak handed and don't sell anything and you can pretty much pick up some nice catches

Don't think it's good for us in general for the next couple months if this thing pops.

Does this mean we can start posting Twice again?

Really doubting it'll pop. Drop badly, sure,but it'll go back again

The trend still calls for recovery

go btc go

Isn' that a textbook bear flag?


I too would be interested in an answer to this??

You can see the pattern you want. There are inconclusive "bear flags" everywhere.

Yeah, I dont get how these internet stock wizards don't realize you can apply TA so broadly it doesn't really matter

If the price is falling it means we have a bearish trend.
But the volume has decreased 40% in the last 24h. That means that the market is losing interest on keeping pushing this trend.

Bull reversal incoming.

Believe me and be saved, anons.

is bs

just like trying to predict the future based on coin toss

I don't need the money so I don't care what it does in the next few weeks. I'm not selling until I have a million dollars so it doesn't affect me.

of course it has decreased over the last 24h.
tuesday was the panic sell day. of course volume would be very high

It's over CryptoCucks, this combined with tether will be your downfall.


Wanna redpill me with a quick rundown bud?

Big bags to fill you mean?

sell until 9k btc or 600 eth. buy when trend reverses

we will test the same low but recover

The Jews don't approve of cryptocurrency ETFs

Say goodbye to institutional money in BTC for the forseeable future

Say hello to increased SEC scrutinity (looking at you tether)

I-Is this true?
I better not b-be holding bags when I wake up!

warned all of you it was a dead cat bounce
wheres my praise?

I was going to ask, can I start buying again?

Thanks a lot faggot

>everyone in Veeky Forums says sell
You faggots know what to do

I don't want to get a Mcjob! Someone do something! I can't lose my currency, not like this.

imo this is definitely going up.

but I've been wrong every time in the past few days so you should probably tether up

I think most people think this will happen but if it doesnt they will be left outside thats why there is so much fud around.

so should we tether up and buy the dip?

Dip ends at 8k.

You won me. Veeky Forums is being retarded as always.
I'm going full BTC.

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