Welp, it’s about that time

Welp, it’s about that time.

How are the chinks going to fuck us all today, boys?

Fuck off with your shitty racism

Really can't wait til we murder your kind
The world would greatly benefit and you won't be missed
Thanks for making everything awful for close to 200 years

hates white people, then proceeds to write a comment using a computer. lel irony

did you misspell awful for advanced?

By "your kind" I meant racists

But white people didn't create computers or really technology in general, just stole credit for it.

But you knew that you're just trying to troll. Or you're legitimately stupid. Either way I'm not invested. Racists will die out.

I don't know mate
But It is most likely the Gooks who will fuck us hard or if Wall Street decides to dump again

>If things don't go as I planned it's because of the Chinese

No. You just suck at trading. Grats on your newfound discovery. Go take your retarded narrative that protects your fragile identity and lack of ability somewhere else, before you get burned real bad and end up necking yourself.

"Racists" are the ones who are smart enough to know how to keep their families safe by not moving next door to Jamal and Tyrone and Muhammad Muhammad just to show how wonderfully "progressive and tolerant" they are. "Racists" will never die out.

They're going to bring down Bitcoin down to its true value.

t. tiny angry asian

>But white people didn't create computers or really technology in general, just stole credit for it.

These levels of delusion are off the charts

Gobsmacking, even. Extended genocide comes to mind. With names logged in ,on a public ledger, for posterity.

Kidding right, asians are the only reason crypto is doing so well since they are actively trying to apply it to their nations and use it.

In comparison in the US its seen as FRE MON MON and trump tries to tax you even more, and in EU they just see it as a bubble.

Racism will always exist. Look at Brazil Israel and every African country

Fuck off back to re.ddit

At least until we’ve fucked so much we’re all the same color like (((they))) want.

can u do this?

>not racist

fuq meant to reply to u

We’d all be angry if we had their little baby penises.

LULZ tfw i'm good enough to 35x but retarded enough to lose it all but don't care cus i'll just do it again

i thought chinks were just insects but now i see they're murderous insects. will be more racist from now on to protect myself, thx

so many delusional jizzskins in here. look at the list of asian inventions, it has far outweighed white inventions throughout history. Oh and you want to know another asian invention? crypto. You're welcome for letting you into this cum skins, without us you'd still be controlled by the jews and having your women control you while they fuck bigger dicked foreigners.

oh wait those things are still happening.

>whites responsible for all genocides for the past 400 years
>whites responsible for destroying entire countries with war and colonization
>"why are Asians so dangerous help me mommy my life is the only life that matters"

Your kind will be missed by no one and the universe will be happy

ok bud. what are you gonna do. The west couldn't even beat the taliban and vietnamese, some of the poorest forces in all of asia. If you tried to take on a large asian nation you would just get btfo even worse.

tl;dr ping pong ching chong

>you can’t blame white people today for the slavery that happened hundreds of years ago.
>We created the computer, we white people, not some guy long ago who happened to be white, no, we all white people today can take credit for it.

Why are white peoples such pussies?

We fucking wrecked you so many times. How are you faggots even able to save face while being so cocky to your superiors? I don't get it. You must have some sort of complex.

White people have created everything worth having ever. prove me wrong.

> france and the US both get slaughtered by a bunch of 5 foot vietnamese rice farmers
> the US and it's euro dogs on a leash get constantly blown up and defeated by a bunch of durkas in the desert

lmao. More bombs were dropped in vietnam than in all of ww2, against a bunch of poor untrained farmers, and you still managed to lose, counting the millions of civilian deaths as "combat kills" cause you were getting slaughtered in firefights. just embarassing kevin

>Blockchain was invented by a white burgers you chink!

Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta read up you fucking gook.

Well they had spirit I won't deny them that but come on. The West made China their bitch so many times. They are STILL our bitch and they can't produce a god damn thing of quality. Name one fucking Chinese name brand you trust.

I'll wait.

other races have committed genocide too

they just weren't methodical and technologically advanced enough for it to make history books

I don't think that user has been alive for 200 years.

Unless... uhoh, are you thinking in collective terms? That's something that racists do...

indian/chinese inventions and discoveries

> movable type printing
> gunpowder
> original number systems
> compass
> paper money
> original metal smelting and steel making
> agricultural techniques such as row farming
> radio/wireless communication

and many, many more, the list is way too long to put on here. Keep going to pol and your echo chamber though, it'll make you feel better about being completely uneducated on world history.

>Op after seeing what his bait kicked off


a man of japanese descent created crypto and blockchain that's just a fact, you just want to revise history to make it seem like you made everything. you are on the same level as we wuz kangz

All given to you by the superior HWITE MAN from the steppes. That's right. We were the FIRST kings.

>itt reddit chinks battling out /pol fagots
can you dumb bitches gtfo and be cute somewhere else

Why do white dudes feel the need to pretend they are better than everyone else because someone that looks like them made something? I'm japanese but I don't take credit for japanese inventions.

I'm sure we also stole airplanes, cars, printing presses, light bulbs, democracy, telephony, skyscrapers, or the internet either.

Whites have been getting cucked by the jew for centuries but

>m-muh master race

>inventing things
Nice try faggot. We all know about how you stole everything from the Koreans, also originally White peoples.

how do you feel about korean and chinese people

>Mao, who killed 45 million, more than the top ten genocides put together, is white