Venezuela feels thread

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Today Veeky Forums was a good guy. Feel free to shitpost, discuss what ever...

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Love you guys

Venezuela is literally and objectively worse than Africa right now.

Waiting for the commie to kill himself

damn 20$ ist 4 months wagecuking? that's what you get per hour in swiss

Best of luck. Hope your "leader" gets raped and lynched

That commie faggot got rekt in the last thread lmao

anyway keep everything in this thread:

I hope Maduro arrests your family, seizes your crypto, and slits all your throats in public before you make it out of the country.

I'm not OP of the old thread but hope to keep the thread going as it was really interesting.

Forever grateful to you guys. Political discussion was fun as well.

Good luck, my fellow venezuelan. Fuck Maduro.

Again greetings from Poland! Take care of your parents user. Glad You got that money. Nice portfolio now btw! Try to hodl it :)

brazilianfag here, I hope you will make it

Can't help you buddy but that is what I did on /pol/

nice one..

Hope things work out for you user

Holy shit, god bless you user.

Good luck from Aus user!
Hopefully Crypto treats you well and you can travel carefree!

>tfw met a Poland girl more than a year ago
>8/10 súper damn cute
Blessings from a Venezuelan Poland bro

Holy shit. I never got to see that. Saved. Man you're amazing. Wish you well.

Cheers, and thank you again. Will never forget you guys.

This gives me hope in the world

Good luck user. Take care

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We can't help them all. Imagine if they all came here begging because of this.

Yeah man that's why I couldn't be with one for longer time, had about 15 of these beauties :) greetings from Warsaw for all You Ven ppl, take care and hodl fingers for us to fuck Colombia in World Cup group stage :)

How are prostitutes?
Ive been to cuba and it sucked, they charged more than thais and they were ugly with shit body. Also too many nigras.

My favorite place so far its been hong kong, ill never forget fuji building, but so far, thailand seems to be the best place money/quality rated.

Why don't you try ICOs? Even the shittiest ones are making x2 nowadays. I didn't know minimum wage was that low there. Argenfag her, the inflation is pretty bad too. Hope we all make it brahs.

I posted the two biggest websites for prostitutes in the other thread, didn't you see?


You can take a look for yourself.

just come all to germany guys, they pay well and we need less normies anyways

Shill me a good ico, I literally only have 13 BATS.

What a man thank you user, Hopefully i too one day will be such a good person.

Fucking commies destroyed Venezuela. Fuck.

Do you realize that Venezuela has the third highest murder rate in the world?

Are you the Venezuela guy from the other thread?

How much dollar is Bs.F 1.500.000 ?

Agencies are never good, walkers always perform the best, im sure there is some place locals go.

Meh nothing personal kid, korea was worse, they fucking drive motorcycles on the sidewalk at full speed.

This Polandfag here, as thanks for this good chickas I will give u my ico shit, im only ICOing now cause its best profit...
check Ian Balina twitter, top 7 icos, suppoman or mineboxing for some icos too, and from me arcblock, bee, pundix, nucleous vision. but SHHHH!

$25 4 months of minimum wage?
typo? kids in africa need $1 per day to survive, no?

No, I'm not the one who first created the thread, I was the one BTFOing the commie.

i'm glad crypto helped someone on this shithole of a website out. Let's be honest no one is here and has a normal decent life

You can even buy girls that could compete in the miss universe for less than 500$ if you know the circles user


You got devery in 30 minutes
Act fast

>walkers perform best
You aren’t afraid of death aren’t you?

Good luck to Venezuela from Greece.

>clicks dislike button and leaves thread

$1 is 204K Bs.F, so 1.500.000 would be $7,35

Agencies are the best you can find here. Everything is done by the internet because crime is so high, actual places are horrible.

get me one user. I will gift u literally 10 yrs worth u r county salary :)

Nice ID. Hopefully no one will report you for accepting CIA funds.

That's the actual minimum wage, that doesn't mean that you can live with that. You need $200/Month and you're mostly fine.

You see, the thing with shitty countries like venezuela is that you are comparing your standard of living with theirs. Is not the same.

Metro in tokyo is $2.0 minimum
Metro in mexico city is $0.25
Metro in LA is $1.75

Money is relative in every country, and im also sure there is a huge black market in venezuela, and if OP is poor is because he is fucking lazy.

Even fucking north koreans can live good if they try, is like this in every country. Compare OP to someone from the skid row, someone who is not willing to go further than the general population to survive.

Lazy OP, just become a trap and earn those dirty dollars from tourists.
Dude for real those beauties for like less than 10$? Holy fuck..´

Get in touch with one of those girls and probably she will suck your dick for life if you get her out of Venezuela.

You win some, you lose some. But in the end it feels much better to help a user out then throwing it away on shitty charities.
I paid more for the shipping then the actual goods but it made a user's day. That's all that counts.

Thanks buddy. I just hope you can make it. Pay it forward and become a Veeky Forums success story !

We did good /biz, quite a nice portfolio. Hopefully you will make it bro.

i was thinking whether we can set up a board or a thread where we can do good things, but i've been on Veeky Forums for 5 years now( yeah pretty sad) and i don't think his is feasible, anyone got any ideas?

Are you OP from the other thread? Can you post your Eth address so I can send you some VEN? I'm literally fucking tearing up and I need to send you money before I fucking cry.

forgot pic

venezuela bro portfolio xD such a nice view. Im gonna observe that now, want to see 10k at least EOY!

Yes it's him. check his adress from this transaction

venezuela bro portfolio for future tracking if anyone interested

>typo? kids in africa need $1 per day to survive, no?

You need to donate $1 a day, $0.75 of that gets chewed up by the bloated operation costs of these big charities. You think those TV ads are free or the CEOs work for free?

You are public person on biz now, You cant fuck this up now ppl watching! ^^

>tfw born in a competent country
>cant get free ETH

this is a mixed feel

Where the fuck are the janitors? Why are 3rd world begging threads not scrubbed instantly?

idiot Veeky Forums falling for this beggar

get a fucking job OP

Hey, atleast you don’t have to fight for food or wait until the government decides when you can eat

Any for male prostitutes?

He didn’t beg, anons asked for his wallet and gave to him


He wasn't begging, he shared a real story of something that's actually happen and other anons willingly wanted to help him. We are not pajeets.

this. The amount of assblasted 350 pound burgers that showed up for handouts is incredible.

I'm not the OP, I just kept the thread up.
Is the actual OP.

Thats exactly how cubans beg, they befriend you and tell you a bbunch of lies about their country so you feel sorry and give them money, after you give them money they pull out their iphone X to call their friends some idiot is handing out free moneis.

Begging is an art.

Shut the fuck up you faggot stooge. Thats how the fucking scam works.

I sent you 20 VEN brah. Use it better than I would and I hope you make it man. Love from NY

they are eating the dogs cats and even the flamingos in venezuela right now, facts over feelings es verdad holmes

im going sleep now, take care user!
And respect for everyone who helped.

That user didn't beg. He shared a good story, provided proof
and Veeky Forums anons decided to help him out.

Today on biz: fat retards fall for the oldest begging tricks in the book.

Sure and they eating cats in korea, doves in hong kong, human heads in mexico and fugu in japan.

Because they want, not because minimum wage is $8 you fucking retard. You have no fucking clue of what's happening here. I've seen people kill stray dogs so they can eat them, I've seen people literally looking for food in the trash.

Fuck off pajeet. You are just mad that no one falls for your scams.

I'm kind of interested in doing this. But would I go on a list or anything for shipping to Venezuela given they are pseudo-enemies of the US?

>keeps bumping the thread

Why don't people in your shithole country change leadership?

i have been to hong kong and other parts of asia they eat worse things then doves. but not necessarily out of desperation. we are seeings acts of extreme despration in commie venezuela
its fucked up. its not the cultural norm to eat flamingoes guinnea pigs maybe

Because those who try probably get prosecuted and those who suck up to the system get rewarded. How fucking hard is this to understand?

You are very dumb and gullible. The guy asking for the address is in on it. Thats how the scam works. Fake momentum.

Where the fuck are the janitors?

Except that i saw luisito comunica video and saw no one eating dogs, except begging the government to "gib me free things" and complaining "why do we have to do lines! we want our free bread NOW!"

Yes, i speak spanish too.

No, there's no risk. But the problem is the shipping costs as the only secure provider is DH.-

I paid 3x for the shipping then all those goods

The dude didn't even post his ID until this thread, which is after he got tokens. Keep bumping the thread though, faggot.

Yeah, there are a lot of parasites in this country, it doesn't mean that there aren't decent people suffering and barely surviving. Just because you saw a video from a cancerous Youtuber doesn't mean you know the whole reality.

Shit, even the goverment actively controls the information, you can't even comprehend the complete reality of this hellhole.

T-mac the absolute madman

> Let's be honest no one is here and has a normal decent life
>le Veeky Forums is all fat broke NEETS meme

Faggot even had to flee the country, posted all videos after posting them. Seemed real to me, i have traveled a lot so i understand the different situations and believe me, if someone is out there anywhere in the world eating dogs and begging is because they dont want to work.

Happens all the time with wetbacks, they spend their lifes in mejico doing nothing but complaining, and think that in the US it will be the same, they cross the border and they have 2 options: Work, become criminals or GTFO.

Mexico is a semi socialist country too, mexicans get cheap housing and most of them own a house and a car, it doesnt take a lot of effort to get that far there. In the US you have to fucking work to get the same shit.

All of this makes sense until you realize Venezuelan monthly inflation is 85%

Literally a doctor monthly salary could be 10$ and would be depreciated by the end of the day

please help bumping my thread

Nah, I am a criminal in US. Cars are cheap, although housing around me is expensive.

It's not hard to get a car and an apartment but it's not worth it. I just commit crimes and live with mummy and dada

aaaaand here we have a happy doggosleeping

His fault for not asking USD or toilet paper as a form of payment.

>what is blackmarket?

Cantv (main isp) is already banned faggot

Gn bro, and god bless murrica

I just read the news venezuela inflation, hope you make it user,
Since i don't have any crypto, and in a 3rd world shit myself. heh
I can only give (you)