Get fucking in before it hit's $1

(and then dont forget to cash out 10x in mid feb then go full in into SHIPchain and ITNS)

The Martian

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>no US exchange


just sign up on fucking coinegg or okex
what's the problem with that?
(you have to register first, then deposit, buy your stuff, THEN VERIFY and then withdraw)

its a loophole for american to buy it.

okex makes you register your phone number, which is disabled for US phone's.

and im not sending my SSN to fucking COINEGG

just use your drivers license like i did

Am I gonna make it bros?

>heys that not so bad, ok lets give it a try-


even a nice little dip right now.
thanks market gods, more fiat arriving in my kraken tomorrow. going full retard INT

ez 20-25k
then full into shipchain and youre gonna make it.
just register anyways, deposit money, buy INT, then verify and withdraw.
They forbid trading for americans but withdrawals are allowed.
So do the deposit+trading while unverified (they dont know your country), then you verify and withdraw.

really, I was going to put it all into wanchain when it gets listed

why shipchain?

dude come the FUCK on

reg on coinegg, use china or uk as default country submit all ID with a US DRIVERS LICENSE and get confirmed for withdrawl in less than 12 FUCKING HOURS PAJEET it couldn't be easier stop crying.

where the fuck do I put this after mainnet. in my metamask atm

yoloing 2 weeks of wages on this, i hope you're right my man

Is this true? In order to sign up I had to set my nationality as UK but then when I get verified obviously with my drivers license they will know that's not the case. Will I just not be verified and have money stuck on this exchange then?

no, they don't give a shit if you're american just DO IT

I just am very nervous than my shit will be stuck on here with no way to verify once I attempt. How can I know that this isn't the case?

right. and how the fuck are we supposed to sell these shitty bags if it never gets listed on an american friendly exchange?

wanchain is also nice but shipchain is my ultimate choice for this year because execution is key.
take a look at their team (
dont know yet, expecting to hear more from devs in last jan week
well done my dude, not gonna regret.
dont forget to go all in on shipchain after cashing out 10x in mid feb
if youre american dont verify YET
first deposit, then buy int and THEN verify
americans are only allowed to withdraw
so deposit+buy first since they wont kow your nationality, then reveal your nationality, then ure allowed to withdraw

BTW: I think this will soon hit a major exchange like binance or kucoin. No info, just gut feeling (they were at finwise conference this week with binance & co)

it will not be stuck, since americans are allowed to withdraw.
otherwise if in the rare case of implying it wont be listed on a big exchange like binance or kucoin, even better, forced to hodl and meanwhile it moons 20x while you wouldve sold at 3x

I bought some, what does this token do

I get the concept of the ameriscam but my point is that in order to register I had to set my shit as UK and now it appears I CANNOT change this. If the verification process is legit then wont all my US info and US ID go against the UK listing and make it so I cannot even be verified? I have run into this on other sites where if it doesn't match up it won't even let you go forward. I obviously don't want to test it out because if I do get verified then I'm fucked out of buying at all in the first place.

Thanks, I'm going to attempt this and screenshotting you just in case.

obviously i'm a random shithead on the internet but it works. i did this yesterday, they processed my verification within 5 hours, around 9AM china time.


martian man pls revise your public strategy

=I shilled this here at 16 k satoshi. you pussies have to take risks or youre not gonna make it

register without verifying, deposit eth, change eth to btc, buy int with btc, apply for verification, withdraw ur int because americans are allowed to withdraw

also input country doesnt matter check their twitter, they even say put in "china or uk" in case ur country isnt listed.

very undervalued chinese IOTA
like NEO is the chinese ETH

What's the token info for INT or where can I find it?

Global Currency they said.
It's the Future they said.
Not without our permission (((they))) said.

why? biz deserves to be rich too, no?

>I shilled this here at 16 k satoshi. you pussies have to take risks or youre not gonna make it

got any more shills?

here's the contract
just get into this one, it has barely gone up100%, this is still the beginning.
then get into shipchain once tokens are released mid to end feb

Fuck you guys, got shilled ITC at 4 dollars, LOOK AT IT NOW. Same bullshit next iota shill you have lost my trust biz

Because it will pump the prices on ED as soon as tokens are released

trust us this time, mainnet release in two weeks, you get that? not even on a well known exchange yet? this is a rigged lottery ticket in your favour
i think there will be enough whales keeping prices down to accumulate more
seen this on many good coins so far
start at 1x then initially pump to 2x, whales dump price town to 1.2x, panic brings it to 0.7x
then after a week of hovering around 0.7x-1.3x it suddendly pumps 500% once whales let it go and or a catalyst/news hits the market.

When is this getting released to other exchanges?

nobody knows but i expect this to hit binance or kucoin by mainnet launch.

t. Hanks

Ballls deep in BTO and SPHTX

Unironically this.and it will have a WORKING PRODUCT in 2 weeks

My shit shouldn't get fucked up if it's kept in a wallet after mainnet release, surely?

i wish i could pick your brain about research and what to pay attention to. your insistence on a reinvestment exit plan has been very enlightening, so thanks even if this one doesn't pan out

comfy as fuck
Keep yourself updated of course, ive never done an ERC20 -> non-ERC20 transfer before, so i dont know myself how that works.
Devs will surely give a how-to
no prob dude
everythign worked out so far, so i decided to do a little tripposting to make biz rich too because most of my initial inspiration comes from here.
im doing thresds like this, and theyre only legit if it that that figure in it, that writing style, current date, "the Martian" and "The Art of Making it" in it.
So keep looking for that if you want future advice. But my plan is pretty firm: Full into INT -> 100% of int profits + initial investment into shipchain (90%) and ITNS (10%)
disclosure: i am invested in shipchain pre-sale and might have a conflict of interest
so keep that in mind when making trading decisions and always DYOR.
old thread example



Just waiting for a dip. So i Can buy more

Im literally All in on this, been in since 2700 sat, and i just dumped another 0.5 btc on this at 5300, this is a surefire moon mission.

yeah for a freaking 150% premium
dont buy there
smart decision

btw i am experiencing a bug when trying to send full amount from metamask to another wallet, its because they have a bug in their source code, so it has to be always 1 or less of full amount you have, if you want to send it somewhere else
all this will get fixed with the mainnet launch

im leaving on OKEX till mainnet, any issues with that?

>withdraw is unavailable (for another coin, not int thank god)
>anyways, you guys got any idea what to do ?

same, hope I dont get btfo

i think they'll probly do the transition for you, so thats good.

Mine is still on coinegg. I wont get chinked Right?

Any idea when SHIPchain will get onto exchanges, and which exchanges?

Just transfer it to your own wallet just in case

Never used metamask how do I buy with eth?

Itc will go up further
Remember a mini crash just fucking happened

Wait it out

>if you want to send it somewhere else
all this will get fixed with the mainnet launch
Are you sure they're going to fix this?

Literally the healthiest most organic growth ive seen in any coin for a long time

dip to .20 before hitting $1?

>it's a loophole for american to buy it
Ok pajeet

HIGHLY doubt that, it didnt even dip AT ALL during this entire market crash, it only continued to rise more and more, slow but steady

Probably not, it hit .70 cents earlier today. this I think is the dip.

Will I make it?

sheeeeeeeiiiiit, hope my 3900 INT is enough to make it

You will make it ;)

This thing reeks of scam. The whitepapers are all in horrible broken english.

so how much do you have op? 110k here

those are the real gems actually.
chinese are bad at english

Updated whitepaper coming out this week from what i remember

woah you will REAAALY MAKE IT
just 50k here
although originated from 2k original investment 2 weeks ago so im not complaining

how do I get on okex as an American? I can't deposit anything because it says it doesn't support US.

Couldn't I sell my coins on ED and then buy more coins on coinegg with the profits? Or it doesn't work that way?

Also when it hits kucoin will it dump?

Shouldn't I sell right away then but back in after the dump?

I'd buy but I know better than FOMOing a coin at ATH

They think the global logistics industry is going to drop everything all completley retool their existing systems and business models which work perfectly fine so they can earn a bonus erc20 token if they deliver on time

so why mid feb?

how do we know this will moon by then? any marketing planned?

coinegg btc transaction will not confirm

Mine just confirmed, took about 20-30 mins
How long has it been?

Lmao why the fuck did you send them btc instead of ltc or doge?

Its slightly dipped below ATH atm, and its had steady, healthy growth, still only 88-90m MCAP with over a third of that in trade volume, doesnt look like its slowing down any time soon

3 min

Look up metamask and mew token tutorials on youtube

better coinegg than okex?

it's usually a little cheaper on coinegg. I like the UI better on cegg too

yeah but i dont want to convert in btc tho

how long deposit on okex? i did deposit 12 confirmation passed but nothing yet

You got scammed friend.

yeah from okex?

I send the tokens to my myetherwallet address right?

absolutely no clue if you're shilling for lols or what but you got me. 8k on my ledger (wait fuck just now realised i've locked the price..gotta move it out immediately)

Is it okay if I register on Coinegg BEFORE I make any deposits/purchases? Also, where do I keep my INT? MEW?

Mew and metamask
Look up YouTube tutorials

where did you buy from?

semi newfag here, is it safe to keep my INT on Okex?

did you buy on okex or not yet?

Couple days ago yes

deposited ethereum 2 hours ago and didnt receive it yet

>just register anyways, deposit money, buy INT, then verify and withdraw.
>They forbid trading for americans but withdrawals are allowed.
>So do the deposit+trading while unverified (they dont know your country), then you verify and withdraw.

so it's late and i'm retarded. as amerifat, i use my bitcoin on coinegg to buy int. then i just leave there til mid-feb and cash out after verifying? does this thing have a wallet, or literally the coinegg holds my int purchase until i cash it back out into bitcoin?

did it go through on etherscan?

yeah a lot of confirmations.. i am in queue on the support chat now

deposit address shows my eth on etherscan

thank you martian, you are going to change my life for the better. i grew up in a poor family. my parents are immigrants and never went to college. my whole family has nobody successful. i went all in and bought 40k tokens. if i make it, i will be grateful forever.

Also, is INTS for sale yet? I only see in on stock exchange