I need money

Im a fuckin student and I just have 30 euros for 7 months. So I need. If you can help me plz help. Bye

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I thought that was a vulva as quick glance

Buy yourself a nice meal and a pack of razor blades.

Pls sirs help another brothers out. I not pajeet and I return you with good coin!

Word, thought this was going to be a comfy roastie thread

Start sucking dick, €5 a pop would mean that you're getting a whole meal and a half if you include the nut.

Buy bitconnect.

use that 70 dollars to buy premium kneepads. ask if they can add lube as a bonus item for free, you broke bastard.

Sell some shit op

did you try? you gay

Im feeling generous today. I sent you some.

No, I'm not poor so I don't have to.

now im craving a roast beef sandwich

suck some dick, problem solved

Is this you OP?

did you try gaybro?


English is obviously not your first language. Street shitter detected!

so i can shit on your street xd

I will help you user. I will give you everything you need.

All you have to do is a few things for me. This is 100% true.

Look on the computer. Use google. Search for job listings. Look for the ones that will fit best with your schedule. Apply to that job. Dress and groom well, prepare for your interview. Work. Get a paycheck.

You are very welcome you lazy fucking priviledged fuck. How pathetic do you have to be to think you warrant charity because youre a college student.

I'd prefer you didn't Abu.

Give me your wallet. I'll send you some eth if you promise to spend on drugs and whores. No food allowed!

I promise. 0x543fBaD6bb0b0063F5aDCd3A887f247E9Dd42f7c

I'm addicted to heroin, no lie.

please feed my addiction user. please donate eth to me

I'm addicted to Perk 30s. Taking about 10 a day. Feels bad man.

I remember those, haha years ago I got my wisdom teeth out, and my dentist prescribed me an entire pill capsule full of percs. Only needed to take 4 of them for my jaw pain, so the rest was for recreation. Miss those things, feels bad man

nice, just sent 100K!

get three dollars on sunday here



Please user friend, I'm just a poor Veeky Forumsnessman who needs ETH to pay sluts to snort coke off my penis.

kek stfu and get a fucking job you retard.

why should we help you if youre obviously not willing to help yourself? why are you shitposting in Veeky Forums instead of working?

you are NEVER going to make it

I'll help ya out. You can do internet marketing for my upcoming coin.

That's enough for kneepads or bus fare to get a job faggot