ITT: We discuss what the fair market value of Bitcoin should be

ITT: We discuss what the fair market value of Bitcoin should be.

I'll go first.





It should be brought to slaughter

$1M even

Honestly if we're just pricing it based on technology, $0 is correct. But I understand sentimental value matters, and Bitcointards have a special place in their heart for the coin that "made them rich." Unfortunately it's a fucking environmental disaster and sucking up more energy by the day while producing nothing of value, while calling itself a store of value, when originally it was a currency, and originally it was a payment system.

When your technology is literally useless and fucking up the environment, its time to kill it.

Ban Bitcoin. The crypto market will NEVER thrive until Bitcoin is gone.

1's and 0's are not worth money

should swing between 50 -75 dollars and be fast to transact with so it can be used as a currency

This pretty much.

But realistically, Bitcoin will likely be worth around 6-8k and if it goes sideways and levels out for awhile it would be useful.

Someone said yesterday that it costs like $2000 to mine one, so that is the base value. I disagree because often throughout history the value of assets has dropped below their replacement value.

The real bitcoin aka bitcoin cash should be worth approx 100k per.

BLegacy maybe like twenty bucks for novelty sake

Doesn't make any difference, really. It's unironically as much as people are willing to negotiate it for.


>fair market value
>should be

Explain what you mean?

ur a retard. there is no other crypto with proven security as long as BTC. Eth gets fucked all the time, and as new coins get bigger they will get exploited too.

there is a far stronger case for cryptos than fiat

just needs more predominant use

>The real bitcoin aka bitcoin cash

please leave

OP...How many bitcoin do you have with you?

1 DOGE = 1 BTC

the market determines the cost every second of every day.


If you compare the BTC in circulation to order books on major exchanges, it takes less than 1% of BTC in circulation to completely destroy the 'market'.

i understand how exchanges work, thank you.

but, the price is going to be what its going to be regardless of whatever the fuck you want it to be.

it takes less than 1% BTC for a flash crash, but that doesn't affect anything in the long run. Eth crashed from like $300 to 10 cents and everyone carried on like nothing happened the next day.

average of these prices is 211,145.95 so thats the FMV of bitcoin /thread

unironically 1 cent per satoshi