Are we being raided? There's a huge amount of weird FUDing being directed at the entire market. Not just worried anons...

Are we being raided? There's a huge amount of weird FUDing being directed at the entire market. Not just worried anons, people actively trying to spread fear.

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yeah I've noticed this shit too. I don't like it.

this album sucks

overrated but not a bad album, faggot

The Court of the Crimson Wojak

Noticed it too. There's nothing we can do about it though.

Core killed BTC. It's unusable. Crypto is a joke now

parody the fud til the lines blur


A lot of weak minded people sold at the bottom yesterday, and now they FUD hoping things go down again so they can undo their mistake. The problem is that they don't realize Veeky Forums doesn't have the power to make or break markets, so their efforts are useless and they just mage to be annoying. The same could be said for shills in other cases.

I would sell and buy back when the market tanks, insider here

yeah this is me.

didn't work yesterday so i give up.

some very sour people took huge losses yesterday

>ArE wE bEiNG rAiDeD
No newfriend, shills dont come to popular messaging boards to control thought
Just check twitter/facebook/reddit
Btw buy brainchain or stay poor

you in a few hrs

Lots of brainlets were freaked out the past 2 days and sold low. Now they want to FUD the market below where they sold it.

no, shh stop thinking
just do what I tell you
click link
get 68 IOST

I was in Cindicator and sold at the top, I don't give a shit.

Join Team hodl and you wont have to care anymore.

I have 3 FUD threads of mine going on right now, ask me anything

You're correct, OP. People are trying to induce panic selling so they can buy in cheap and then reap the gains as BTC inevitably goes to $50k. Being completely sincere here.

What's the next step of your master plan?

>be me
>sad about crash
>equally spreads out coins onto all the binance penny coins
>CND moons because some famous youtuber says buy
I hate to complain about free money but random coins getting PND treatment is what made the market crash more than it should have

watch the market crashing while I have my assets in tether, then buying low to sell high.

coachella sucks this year

Everything will end and then be reborn.

kek this is him i found the fudder guys

Is this what happened? It's just the first moon I happen to be on, after I bought at 12 cents and watched it drop below 4. The whole market is rigged, sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes it doesn't.

i'm genuinely concerned.

It's all funny those 1000% returns but the day no new money comes in and a bunch of us try to cash out..