Is this worth holding on to? I have 5000 PFR that I want to sell for more VEN...

Is this worth holding on to? I have 5000 PFR that I want to sell for more VEN. Please convince me that this shit isn't worthless.

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Wait until the platform rollout you impatient faggot, improved demo goes live any day now

The alpha looks like shit, how much better is this new demo going to be

How would I know? You have only yourself to blame if this shit takes off in the next month or two

whale here. defenitely worth.

Hold the PFR Op...

Where do you guys see PFR's price a month from now, best case? When is the platform rollout?

Bitch you are halfway to a trust node. I only got 3k PFR and I would kill to have the funds to buy the other 7k before the price rises.

Yeah this is the kind of FOMO nonsense that leaves people holding bags

Bought 10k today to secure a trust node for the future.

Not super confident in long-term success but its one of the cheapest non-scam masternode coins available. Not much risk desu. Go for it.

sell that shit and buy some chinkcoin aka VEN
get some of these IOST while you're at it
68 tokens right here

Not really, shits gonna dump harder than DBC when it gets on an exchange. Project has too many competitors that are already more established. It's shilled here a lot because it mooned hard in december/early jan and was < $2.5 mil market cap before, easy for people with small amounts of $ to get in. The whales are lurking though and their bags are heavy. Volume on ED/IDEX is too small for them to sell.

The whole market will dip hard this weekend if PFR drops under $.0.20 buy 5000 more for a node...In a few week you maybe looking @ $1.50 to $2.00.. If the website is a success $5.00 to $7.00...

As if that's not exactly what you're doing with VEN

PFR has the chance to 100x, Ven has the chance to 3x....

VEN has huge partnerships already in place and would be $30 if not for whale manipulation. PFR has a shitty alpha demo.

VEN has a chance to 100x and get to $500 over the next few years as the tailored blockchain solution for the Chinese government. How exactly does PFR (a product with a lot of alternatives) have the chance to hit $50?

What's happening in a few weeks that would cause such a spike? Legit question.

Unless there's something big planned, I don't want to count on the market suddenly showing interest in a low cap shitcoin, especially after the recent crash

if you realize what Payfair is trying to accomplish, then you know if they succeed this coin will be worth $20+

by februaru you will be able to trade on payfair

What alternatives are these? LocalBitcoins of course doesn't deal in altcoins and REQ won't help tax evasion because it's not as private


Dump your PFR into UFR. Much better gains to be had.

Thank you kind anons