Beat my folio

Beat my folio

>no LINK


A little on page 2


Oh shit. You'll do more than make it

No LINK, no REQ, no FUN. Hope you like being poor OP

Suck my fat juicy cock-aru

Have roughly $300 of each not shown

Good shit

Your caps are too high friend

Pray to your new god

I salute thee, Chad. You are a bolder man than I, enjoy those lambos

This is a tasteful end game folio.
But no good for my price bracket

actually optimal

You don't think link is a good choice for poor fags?

It's alright, need some more lower caps too though

You just lost over 100k in 24hrs. Stop now. Sell and put your money in something safe.


I'd go 3/3 with ICX, LINK, and NEO.

Just my own personal taste

ZClassic scam still ouch it hurts

Cnd all in 290k

I'll suck ur toes for 0.001 ICX

user link seriously how do you even