Ethercraft - Decentralized Dungeon Crawling

People just keep buying. How does it feel to know that through all the FUD, you decided to believe it and sit on the sidelines while everyone is still getting free money from this game?

The devs are constantly active in Discord, crafting and crafting items are released tomorrow, and they finished work on their Japanese language pack, so the nips are going to finally be able to buy in if they haven't already.

How long are you going to continue to miss out?

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Kinda FOMOing about not getting the merchant token.
Oh well.

I made my investment back in 12 hours... pretty crazy.

i've been waiting like 3 days from my withdrawal. Shit is a scam.

I can't withdraw anything from the rare loot crate I purchased. It says I have .064ETH and nothing shows up when I hit withdraw. Feels bad man.

Scams a scam but join in for free IOST tokens

You need to make sure you put enough gas and check what transaction times are currently like.

Otherwise, low-level FUD considering you can read the contract and the withdraw works exactly the same as any of these other kinds of games.

When you click withdraw metamask should pop up asking if you want to verify and send a 0 eth transaction to the contract. Send it with the minimum required gas depending on the current network congestion, and it should take under 10 minutes.

I have received plenty of ETH, to withdraw you send some gas and you can withdraw.

I want to believe I got in early user. I will try user. Keep thread open and if it works I will post proof.

Mind you I believe they'll arrive as internal transactions.

It worked anons. Confirmed. Thanks OP!

This is low effort FUD lmao I and many others on the Discord have withdrawn many ETH starting day 1.

Nice, now just kick back and enjoy the passive eth stream for the next 3 weeks these items are for sale.

bump for showing me how to withdraw my funds.

How the fuck do I make money with this? I tried buying some of the "free" items and nothing happened.

Yea it's pretty crazy I'm a bit late but I've got .5 eth a day.
Plus if the devs do a good job, fuck they and us will be sitting good.

I'm trying to wrap my head around this, i was looking at it earlier but I don't get it, how do you make money with this? you buy the merchant shit for like .355 eth and it generates .005 eth per sale? I dont get it

You have to buy the items with the red backgrounds to generate passive income. It should tell you in the info box when you click on the item how much you will make for every item sold.

Buy any enchanted/legendary item, and yes, you will get a certain amount for each sale made. They are planning to introduce cheaper enchanted items soon as well.

Prices increase as sales go up.
This round lasts for about 2 weeks so now can still have the benefit of having rare items at least partially refunded to auction in the future.
There is also crafting coming up and those items are atm cheaper then they'll be in the future so there's that too.
I believe in february a new round starts.

>mfw there is a BREAD whale

the metamask transaction will show 0 because you're just sending data to the contract to tell it to send you back the ETH.

>new update
>bread .01 ETH, limited weekly supply

something about this looks so comfy

so it generates that .005 eth everytime that item is sold anywhere? so after 1,000 transactions of said item over the marketplace or auction house it would generate .5 eth is that right? if thats the case how many transactions occur per day? is there a way to find out?

the ETH returns only flow in during the month where the item is available, after that you can only withdraw from the shop. the returns are from the SHOP not the ITEM

wish I had more eth to throw into this game :(

What makes me more sure about this game is that there has been consistent sales every day. This shit has only been mooning, even for people who think they are late plenty of other people are buying.

interesting, I'm not familiar with these eth games, I'm just struggling to understand where the long term profitability is in it, seems like runescape with an ether market

for the long term, these items will become EXTREMELY rare, limited issuance. in some cases, like peps token, the supply is deflationary as its consumable

Wish I wasn't a whimp and bought a lot more.

People like crypto but also playing with money feels more real.
Plus eventually they'll get their own coin which you can spend with, could be a BNB-like thing.

What to do if I'm poor? Should I just wait until the next round of items? Any notice on when they will come out

If this game becomes something, the items will be big and you'll FOMO. But that's a risk short term you'll get some gains.
If you'd want to max maybe buy one reasonable enchanted item for some returns and buy items to sell/craft with later. So far they've been updating a bit and they communicate a lot.

yea but is somebody really going to pay 0.5 eth for a legendary helmet on a 2d online game? I understand there's money to be made now but thats like $500 for a nontangible asset in a video game

Is somebody going to pay 10 ETH for a cryptokitty? Apparantly so, some bigger guys don't give a shit and love this type of thing.

it's a brave new world we live in, I may invest something, you think $50 will get some gains? I'm strapped for cash atm since I just built a mining rig, that sweet bitch has made me 600$ in less than 3 weeks so won't be long till I got some play money again

people paid thousands for fucking cats. you can earn ETH from actually paying the game, as high as 5 ETH per dungeon run (high difficulty + luck for this high of a payout).

you hurry up and buy rare loot crate now.

If $50 is a lot for you with gas fees you might want to wait a bit. There will be another opportunity.
In theory the regular items are cheap now and you can craft, so there are some gains there but desu who the hell knows how they'll be rated eventually so that's maybe too much risk.

Do you lose your gear, weapons, armor, etc if you die in a dungeon?

you lose any equipped items if you die, but keep anything in your inventory. Devs have hinted you or others may be able to retrieve lost items. Pep's token can also save your items

Dang so you can even lose your legendary gear, which you likely paid over $1000 for. Shit literally just got real, but I'm still excited to try it.

When all you pajeets are sitting on your thumbs wondering when S. Korea will relegalize crypto, I'll be rolling in my gains from neck beards paying me to play this game

Will there be PKing?

Same desu, im only out of pocket a small amount but fuck i feel like a brainlet for falling for this shit.

withdrawal just worked fine for me.

>t. brainlets

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