BTC Bear Flag Pattern ($7400 target)

Anyone else think this is the most probable scenario?

My target is $5000. That's where we had real support before the media started pumping the hype

financial astrology

Literally random lines.

Actually had the projected post starting too high. $6000 bottom could be possible.

We could overshoot to $5000 during the capitulation phase but I doubt it would last very long.

Was it the media pumping it up to $5000? Institutional got involved last summer and are here to stay. Tard

why would a website tell you the secret formula for trading success?

Media pump started at 8k

So how do you pinpoint where to start the line? looks like you could draw anything depending on that

I'm really interested on TA but no one seems to explain this from an objective standpoint

I drew some lines that showed it will go to 20k next week. Your faggot lines are wrong.

I agree with 6000, give or take $1k.

Because trading is a social activity and it’s more fun when people collobarate.

Op, haejin has a similar bottom.

The bottom / top of the candles, if you have lines intersecting the bulk of the price that’s just silly

my TA says a dip to around $4000, I've been in usdt since $16500 and will buy heavily at $5000 and below

You copy the completed flag post and then paste it starting from the furthest right corner of the flag shape.

Kek you guys didn't already buy the dip because the down trend is over. If your lucky you will get another shot at 10.5k

TA is backward analysis you faggot. Not fortune telling. Go open a shoe shop.

Hope so, I just deposited some cash to GDAX and I'll be looking to buy when it clears in a couple days

>He unironically thinks this wasnt just a bull trap

TA person I respect says expect another dip to possibly 8k before recovery

You soon.

How retarded are you?


>Recovery starts
Get rich because I bought the dip

>Another dip
Buy way more crypto for dirt cheap

Guys it's like I can't lose

TA doesn't mean anything in a speculative bubble propped up by tether printed out of thin air

How many fags are still waiting for the dip to 2.2k before the last bull run. Those targets are so you pajeets sell low to wallstreet fags get rekt newfags

Yeah, always buy higher than you expect it to drop, and sell lower than you expect it to rise. Everyone thought it would go to 8k, and they missed the boat since it only went to 9k

TA works better in crypto than anything else. Stock market is way more manipulated with HFT and other bullshit.

keep up the fud, means more btc for me

Read "Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets" by Murphy to learn about why bear flags form due to market psychology.

I wish I had a faster internet connection to binance

>gooks are the new flashboys

LOL poor you.

Its going to zero because we're going to ban it globally. Crypto is anti-Semitic.

this. I waited for 5k and it hit 5.5k and fucking took off like a rocket and never came back.

John Murphy defines Flags as:

“Brief pauses in a dynamic market move. In fact, one of the requirements for both the flag and the pennant is that they be preceded by a sharp and almost straight line move. They represent situations where a steep advance or decline has gotten ahead of itself, and where the market pauses briefly to ‘catch its breath’ before running off again in the same direction.”

“Flags (and pennants) are among the most reliable of continuation patterns and only rarely produce a trend reversal”.

BTC $100k EOY confirmed

what's essential in HF crypto trading is of course a fucking fast internet connection, but also privileged API access. we all know that the manual orderbooks lag way behind what's possible through API, but i've been hearing multiple stories about whales making deals with exchanges to get faster API access.

Backwards analysis cannot be used to predict the future faggot. Go back to ms paint.

Why would institutions invest in BTC over anything else? Institutions might have entered crypto in general, but BTC itself is reaching the end of its dominance.

My target is $70k - $110k.
I'm not fudding but looking for the best point to buy more.

90% of traders lose 90% of their money in 90 days. Most of them do enough research to get them into trouble and they go too quickly to fast.

Might as well put all the info out there, get the ad revenue from your website or whatnot, and continue to make money.

And even if people have all the knowledge they may have weak hands so it doesn't matter anyway. The more people in the system the more total number of people that cannot hack it. The more free resources the more people in the system.

Charting is about 70% science and 30% art where if you fuck up and are not diversified or otherwise shit at managing risk you go broke 100% of the time.

this fucking meme

tether is minted
exchanges buy tether

thats all there is to it

In b4 BTC goes back to 60%+ Dominance and alt fags are gonna get justed yet again. Follow the money flow. Here I'll help:

1st BTC pumps
2nd Coinbase alts pump
3rd Shitcoins pump
4th market crashes
5th repeat from 1st step

Your welcome

thanks for a serious reply but i know all of that, i was trying to mock that other faggot

Nice memelines.

Wasn't the rumor a few days ago that Chinese are trying to push it back down to $1,000?

If you like serious replies but then mock people you are part of the problem.

Unfuck yourself.

The Holocaust never happened

100k is basically a mortal lock.

You can only time the market with insider info, without that it’s catching the falling knife.
The way to do it is set up a series of buy orders at set points on the way down 10% per time. That way if it never reaches your intended target, you don’t miss out the gains completely.

hello retard, the fact that you couldn't tell the intention of my post likely means you are autistic and dont understand basic signalling theory. go watch a vitalek interview lmfao

Why would an exchange trade real money for monopoly money

Yep I've noticed this too!

I'm gonna be in BTC until it starts waning, and then jump onto the LTC bull. Been this way since 2013.

First piece of valuable knowledge in this entire thread

Most of the TA people you all read into don't know how to set variables to the market patterns they use.

Its quite pathetic considering you are supposed to fine tune shit to increase probability of being correct.

Its why stuff like wyckoff has a overall chart but shows the variables that define each stage, you are supposed to input the numbers over a long period of history.

Psalms 21:9
You shall make them as a fiery oven in the time of Your anger; The Lord shall swallow them up in His wrath, And the fire shall devour them.

Jews thought that it was the goy that would be going in the oven.

its because TA is horseshit. nothing objective about it

TA isn't horse shit, Its just incredibly hard to actually do completely, most of the people here just chart to patterns without inputting the vars into the algorithm, let alone define them according to vol and lots of candles for the past few months.

It just shows a mostly accurate probability of whats going to occur

because it provided stability in times of price volatility that their customers desire

do you think exchanges want people running off with their money into fiat?

>TA works except when it doesn't

It can be near 100% probability if you cared to make a model that also involved all active btc wallets along with the vol for years.

Then again retards like you will never gain access to that kind of charting.

>It can be near 100% probability

>It can be near 100% probability if you aren't an omniscient God

looks more like a roundabout grey shade jump

Saved. Nice digits.

i'm going to look for bear and bull toys on amazon right now

you must be joking. Look you fucking idiot. You might be right, you might be wrong. But as Benjamin Graham said, the most successful investor of all time" "Technical analysis is worthless, because it advocates selling an asset precisely because the price is going down, and buying one precisely because the price is going up, which is exactly the wrong way to invest in markets. I have never seen one technical analyst successfully make long term profits." Get off your high horse.

No they don't. At least not in crypto. Even during the alt halocaust I doubled my money and that was underforming due to not trading often enough. Are you saying I'm in the top 10% and that I'm amazing?

look at that fucking penant, look at those dojos! The wedge that is forming! GUYS WE ARE GOING TO THE MOON

TA works when used properly as according to the rules.

Been in since 2014. Cycles were like this. This time it's different if im being fucking honest. There are some legitimate coins in the crypto space being backed by global companies in very recent days

I listened to you TA fags yesterday and it's already recovering. Thanks a lot

crypto doesn't follow rules you fucking fag
I lost money following some professional TA faggot online. Anything can happen

>Astrology works when used properly as according to the rules.

>Santa exists but he only appears to good children. Problem is that there isn't any good child in the world by his standards

Prove Santa existence wrong.

ITT: Faggots

Seriously you guys are fucking retarded. Yesterday you where SURE it was going to tank right down to 8k and now you're giving a completely new analisis. "hey guys last time we where wrong but THIS time...!". I actually thought you people new what you where doing

>There are some legitimate coins
>backed by global companies

your a faggot and i hope you lose all your bitcoin so some non retard can get them

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If TA fags really believe TA works then, short this shit 100x.
Post pics.

THIS. Never trust a TA fag.

>boomer meme lines

>ITT fags that sold low


these TA and meme triangles are the cringiest fucking threads ever

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