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the first literal pajeetcoin

hello bitch lasagne


Doesn’t matter. It will moon tonight


just look at the chart, classic pajeet pnd


Can't believe I held this shit after ATH.

lol this is ridiculous FUD.
Does no one here realize that there are over a billion people that live in India? Should you really be surprised they're over-represented in stats like this??
You guys are racist idiots.

looky here boys we got ourselves a street shitter!

>indians are our equals

Why do you do a big poo in the streets

smells funny in here

More pajeets = more fomo and bagholders during pumps, more weak hands during dumps. Already made 200k from DBC and I’m ready to go at it again, and I live in fucking 1st world Singapore enjoying 0% capital gains tax. Filthy rich and comfy as fuck.

Im not racist you filthy nigger

Jewish shill

thanks just sold 100k


Pointing out logical fallacy = He must be indian!

There is no evidence that indians are doing majority of undeserved shilling.
> Thinks flags will solve the "problem"
> Doesn't know what a VPN is

I fucking shill my bags here just like everyone else and I'm from north america.

thanks just moved my 5k off kucoin into wallet. Definitely not selling now.

On that note, is KCS still paying out dividends?

Not selling. You mad op?
DBC and VEN are some next level FUD right now.

quite obvious you don't know what a logical fallacy is, rajesh

someone make an edit ASAP

NEON wallet?

>defends india
>must be jewish

Fuck time to sell my stack

Reddit go back to /pol/

> India is the most populated country in the world
> Indians are the highest contributing country for an ICO
> Therefore the project is shit??
Tell me how this is not a logical fallacy

I would wager that Indians are among the highest contributors of pretty much every ICO based on their population

no one calls the US north america. nice try pajeet

>thinks india can afford VPN
>buys shilled coins daily

you will buy the bag of india sir, world powr 2030, crypto will make india number 1 asian power

> thinks north america = US
> The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Super power by 2030

>I would wager that Indians are among the highest contributors of pretty much every ICO based on their population

*my sides*

no one cares about canada tho

Coming here for forever and I still can't tell if biz is actually full of fucking idiots or it's just one big meme clusterfuck


Air drop, frens. Get some, or regret it.

where else? best wallet on desktop

shut THE FUCK up you fucking stupid piece of shit

There's also a billion people in china.

Anyway, thanks for shitting on this project so much, picked it up today because i think it's found bottom.

Haha indians am I right fellow white males

>Coming here for forever

This guy is shooting out responses every 90 seconds. It's fucking hilarious.

happy to oblige, let me know if you need me to shit on it some more

Yeah I'm just in disbelief how dumb you guys are

There's a reason these people live five to a room and can't be convinced to use plumbing even with toilets freely available.

Yeah you can hold off for now... my bags are filled thx

Toilets are not freely available to everyone. There are levels of poverty and desperation there which are unimaginable to us.

i've been to india, there are fuck all toilets to use
you do rarely find toilets, but you gotta pay to use the cunts, and believe me the majority of citizens there can barely afford to feed them-self let alone pay for a place to shit

> has been to a third-world country
I can tell you're not american.

Key word: even

EVEN with toilets freely available to some Indians, they choose not to use them.

I'm starting to believe you guys are actually Indian, they always get so autistic over defending their clear flaws.

Yeah I'm sure it's a huge problem there. Perhaps if they were able to have one minute of proper education in their lives they would know it's a bad idea to shit in a field rather than sitting in a smelly shitbox in the 120 degree heat


There's literal ad campaigns about it. People die in droves from the disease associated with it.

Guess what the hallmark is of not being able to realize cause and effect, despite educational background?


how many dbc for him?

its literally rocketing downward again.

ICOs should start banning pajeets.

Yeah this is a hallmark of poverty and lack of education. In guatemala there's a huge lake where literally every town around it dumps their sewage into. The lake has 10 years left until it's "dead". Educational campaigns have no effect because and the lake will die becuase: 1) people don't trust authorities because they've been fucked in the past by authoritarion govt, 2) poverty levels make it almost impossible to provide proper sewage treatment, 3) lack of education prevent people from seeing the problem as being bigger than their own day-to-day reality, etc...
Your lack of education and intelligence is showing... or maybe it's just an abundance of ignorance. Get smart user.

At the top of the image it says "tsunami" :thinking:


4) IQ has a genetic element. Generally speaking, people from warmer climates aren't as good at planning for long term ideas. They haven't had the selective evolutionary pressure to prepare for winter like more northern races have.

>be indian
>been pooing for 30 years out in the fields
>ass to grass squat technique
>quads for days
>feel the fiery runs coming on
>see new porta-potty in the village
>might try it out, westerners won't stop talking about them!
>must be good
>says vacant, decide to open door
>some cunt squatting on the toilet seat
>shit all over the seat
>look him in the eye as he finishes
>my turn
>step up on to toilet seat
>start to squat down
>foot slips off
>sprain my ankle, get shit all over my leg
>laying face down in porta-potty
>liquid shit blasts from my ass all over the wall
>walk out, big queue forming
>10/10 would use again

Even though that theory can't be proven with anything except anecdotes, it doesn't mean that lack of education and extreme poverty aren't problematic and the reason for all the points of ridicule you're using to dehumanize and insult 1.3 billion people


Do you ever wonder what it's like for people like this? Being so goddamn autistic to try and rationally argue against banter must get tiring.

pulled out of DBC at ath to buy into UFR, looks like I made the right choice lads

t. rajesh dikshit


This is why I'm against flags on Veeky Forums. I NEED those pajeets to stay here. They entertain me. They are the source of so many golden memes on this board.

> autistic
This is fun


Guys is this thread bringing DBC's price down?? I asked you to stop fudding... my bags are already full

Hmmm, I wonder why these people live in extreme poverty and subsequently lack education.

I also wonder how Europeans advanced so quickly through the ages in such a relatively short time.

Surely, there must be some common thread that would justify my theory and the plainly abysmal state of India and the plainly advanced state of the Western world.

Say it with me, "IQ".

Because no one else would

I refuse to invest in a pajeet coin!

I think you're confusing IQ with intelligence, and intelligence with environmental adaptation... and that you are justified for ridiculing people for their unchosen and inescapable impoverished, disease-ridden and despirate condition.

I wish you luck in life user... I really do.
I've had enough of this.




I absolutely fucking LOVE how much Veeky Forums hates stinky street shitting pajeets! brings so much joy to my life.

It all started when I sat behind a bunch of them on a plane to London

12 hour of stench jesus christ

i literally formed an unbreakable soul bond with the stranger next to me who had to endure the smell with me all throughout the ordeal


kekeke you don't like the sweet smell of curry sweat? It's great


I'm slightly surprised to see Canada so high up on this list, huh. Whatever, I've still got my bags to hold. hopefully pic related comes true

enjoy having shitloads of intestinal parasites from shitting in your fields.






>Has to name his continent rather than his country
Well gee, you're either a fucking leaf or a beaner. Are either of which really any better than a pajeet?

> actual top kek
n1, lolled irl

leafs and beaners need to be expelled from the continent

>who are the mediterranians
Do you have any understanding of european history? Do you actually think "european" is one race you little brainlet? You could make the exact same "hurr low iq" argument about the barbarian natives of what we now consider western europe. They were once considered the niggers of europe despite coming from cold climates. They were inferior in almost every respect to the greeks and romans who hailed from much warmer regions. Basically what I'm saying is that you are a fucking moron and you don't understand history or evolutionary psychology and should just give up. Youn are no better than a poo.

Smartest move is to sell anything that has an Indian majority, it's going down the shitter.

a tsunami of shit


That's a /pol/ retarded tier theory.

>DBC has continued to go down since this thread was created

It's amazing how much FUD these nocoiners spread about DBC. Did they sell at a loss? What gives?

Fuck you kike