Yes it's retarded but get in now and thank me later. These things are going to blow up without a game. If the game is ever released, fuck the moon, we're going to GN-z11

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The demand and interest for the game has already been the most successful out of all the ones that have come up since Cryptokitties, even Etheremon. All of these items are in the hundreds now which is insane for there being so many.

Honestly, I never buy these things but I broke out the eth wallet. It's going to take off

making a consistent .1 ETH a day from the shit I bought on day one. feel good man

anyone hype for the new language translations?

this game has such an active community desu, got more users in the discord on day 1 than there is on etheremon now. And etheremon been up for a month.

>demand and interest
20 threads a day by the same people in the same telegram and Discord is not interest. Past the first five hours of release there were almost no sales anymore - and no, just because you have 60 different items to sell, that doesn't mean that adding all the sales together means it's selling things quickly. 20 items is more than 3x the other ponzis. It doesn't mean it's better, just means the dev is more jewish.


This comment is so retarded it hurts. I've pulled in 50% of my initial buy-in today alone. Keep sitting on the sidelines and watching the sales shoot up

>mfw take part in all of the trash ponzis and, in 1 case (fuck you etherracing), actually lose money on it
>miss out on this one which actually looks fucking sweet

Guess I just have to wait for the next one.

>literally baseless
Yeah, no. I've also got 5 items from the first day because ponzis always work, but you aren't pulling shit per day. Uncommon boxes have gone up by 20 in the past two days and they sell the most.
Just because there are 60 items being sold individually, and the free ones are used as evidence of 'hype', that doesn't mean the game is making you money no matter how many times you want to screenshot your 'gains' that you just haven't cashed out from the past week and say you got them in the past day.

I bought in 20h ago. What the fuck did you buy if you haven't gained anything in the last 24h? You could've bought those shit daggers and made 50% today. Merchant token was comfy. If you actually bought in stop complaining and enjoy the ride.

>bought in 20 hours ago when the most popular item hasn't sold more than 20 copies in the past two days
>made 50% back of the inflated ponzi price in a day, a week into the ponzi
Lmao good larp. I'm in literally every ponzi, I'm just pointing out that this is more coordinated shilling than the rest, not better.

if its such a shitty project why don't you dump your bags and get rid of the items?

If you need me to buy some uncommon boxes, just ask! I'll help you recover some of that ETH

Same reason I'm in any ponzi. I know you'll shill it and eventually I can sell them for far more than my buy in.
I never said it was a shitty project, either, just not what it's made out to be in this shill threads.

I really hope no one is falling for this shit. This has no more fuel. These numbers have barely increased the last couple of days.

These ponzi schemes die after two days and this is no exception.

Connected to 55 peers. A total of 149 Pending txns found

>60 items in the game
>free items are included
>literally all of the transactions are 0 eth free items
Yeah, no, that's not an actual representation of how many items with value are being sold

>implying 150 pending tx at any given time to claim GIFT BAGS isn't a sign of success

gee dumbass, if all the items prices have doubled and tripled, what else is there for people to spend their eth on?

lol a bunch of low gas faggots with barely any eth in their wallets getting free items.

Congrats on this lmao

can anyone give me a rundown of what the fuck this shit is? I'm trying to figure it out but i dont get it. How is this a game? Do i just buy items and that's it?

this is more because gas prices are low right now honestly.

Current amount invested as of now is 1240 eth, up quite a bit from last night.

Second wave of items releases tomorrow, along with the crafting system. If you want to get in before price/dividend ratio gets bad, this is your chance.