Got 30k to invest. give me actual advice on what to drop this into and I will send $500 if I move on it

got 30k to invest. give me actual advice on what to drop this into and I will send $500 if I move on it.

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y 4 u post old skanks?

If you are just getting into the market, buy 2BTC, 10 ETH, and forget about it.

Save your 500

I will give you a guarantee long term moon mission via email for 10% of future profits

IOST, don't even have to pay money
Also just get NEO once it bottoms, this shit is extremely undervalued even now

id go link, ven, icon... and if you want to diversify more get wtc and neo

And a promise not to shill it yet

Invest it all in METAL coin and you will have a million by EOY just by HODLing

fuck these coiners

invest in some blockchain etfs and the leading senior healthcare and retirement stocks, I need $500 for some wallstreet prep training courses

my 30k IS in bitcoin, it's actually around 33k right now.

no such thing as a guarantee kiddo.

I own all three of those already, and Neo. WTC is too high do you think I'm fucking stupid. fuck off pajeet

10k in telcoin today will be 100k soon
100% guaranteed
Now when you make your money if you aren't a complete faghot remember to thank me later with eth


>my 30k IS in bitcoin
More bitcoin

Achain and unironically horse

wow nocoiners truly are disgusting.

KIN is a coin by KIK(social media app with millions of users) worth looking into I guess
Other than that I'd put 1k into like 10 new shitcoins that you've read up on so they aren't a scam, and keep the other 20k in Bitcoin.

This is actually good advice and Im not even nocoiner.

15K on the Graft ICO, 5K in CDT, 5k in XMR, 10K in XLM, 5K ETH, 5K in BCC, let the last 5K sit as BTC or throw them after one of the previous mentioned coins.

Send me some shekels if it works out (which it will)
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>not wanting a mommy gf
What are you, some kind of faggot?

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, oh and look into TurtleCoin.
It has potential, and it's origin is Veeky Forums, it could be a rollercoaster tbqfh

If I had your stack I would go 25% REQ, 10% FUN, 15% ADA, 25%ETH AND 25% LINK.

At least 1 of those will 10x within 5 years.


Bluechips of the altcoins.


lol NEO is not an altcoin anymore.


shit coin

Fine, replace NEO with ZEN.

The Monero killer.

Invest 2k in Ripple and the rest invest in stocks like KEMET, UQM, and SKX. If you want to go ETFs I suggest BOTZ and MAGA. If you want to go full crypto just put half in FUN and the other in Ripple or SIA. I will bet you will make some money.

XLM is guaranteed to hit $7 by July.

Put it all in ripple and become a god

Portfolio - multiple ways to benefit, safer than all eggs in one basket, also benefit from general inflow of funds into coins:
1/2 spread amongst top 10 but excluding Ripple and BCH.
1/3rd small caps with potential - XMR, ZEC, SUMO, NULS, AEON, maybe some others mentioned.
1/6th country specific - OMG , NEO, MONA
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Jetcoin. Low marketcap, hasn't been marketed yet, untapped market, still on sale

Here, OP. Congratulations I just made you rich. Invest in the man with the zebra hat.

Funfair TL;DR

Provably fair gambling (saves billions in lawsuits)
Over 12 playable games (the next biggest gambling coin has 2). It has over 20 in development, whereas most others aren't even aiming for 10.
Not a casino - it's technology the casino adopts and adds their own spin to. Every other gambling coin is an actual casino that adopters have to assimilate themselves into and gives the casinos buying in no freedom.
Uses state channels, meaning that you can pay one (1) initial transaction fee and then you can play all day if you wanted without any fees.
Crypto guarantees that you can cash out your winnings in minutes - hours. Online casinos can currently take weeks at a time to cash out your earnings, and they can even be frozen. This is a big thing for both the casino and the consumer, as it cuts down on manpower needed to process the transactions, and the consumer doesn't get JUSTed while waiting for their money.
29 team members, which is more than 3x the next highest gambling coin. This will be almost doubled to 50 very soon (with even more planned after), which puts it at 10x the next highest. A number of the members are poached from big casinos (like David Greyling, whom was a high executive at the biggest online casino, William Hill)
The actual team behind it is likely the best team in all of crypto (seriously, look that shit up). They all have connections to casinos, all have been in the gambling/online gambling business for over 20 years
License is pretty much in the bag (only other gambling coins that have licenses are in shitlands that don't let you do anything, anywhere, and anyone could have gotten)
CEO is the guy behind Starfox lmao
Best memes (look at 7:58 lmao, this is some illuminati-tier shilling)

Another post coming

FUN saves casinos billions in lawsuits
FUN means literally anyone can start an online casino. Not just actual casinos, but even random shitty bars, Asian internet cafes, or even some random faggot in his mom's basement - and you know that each and every one is proven to be fair.
Whichever casinos do get on it will effectively monopolize the online gambling market. If you're doing online gambling it's not like location matters, so you go to the casino that can prove itself to be fair and has the most options.
FUN guarantees the people gambling aren't being scammed by odds being manipulated (whereas you could lose the BTC you've been gambling due to jews fucking with odds)
It also allows people to cash out their money pretty much instantly, whereas online casinos currently have to process your winnings, which can take weeks at a time, and you can be frozen if they 'suspect you're cheating'. Even if you prove yourself to be doing everything legit, they can still take ages to accuse you of it, and you certainly won't win the lawsuit
FUN allows casinos to loan each other money for guaranteed returns (once again, no lawsuits because it's based on smart contracts)
It also means casinos don't have to waste time and resources developing their own online gambling options, and it means they can cut down on staff required for processing/have more time to allocate their staff to other matters, as everything is automatic.

The entire world is being taken by storm by crypto apps. The stock market is taking hits from it (stocks have started to become a little more volatile as a result). Whichever casino adopts a gambling coin will end up monopolizing the market, or at least stealing customers from those who don't. Even if it's not FUN, anyone who wants to remain competitive in online gambling will need to be able to prove themselves completely fair or they'll fall behind, and only smart contracts have that kind of transparency.

Federal bonds are a guarentee

Finally, rundown on why you need to chill, DYOR, and just wait:

Feb 8th ICE - being shilled to casinos
Late Q1 - early/mid Q2 - casinos can use the tech

Any other pumps are just a bonus.

If you actually follow marketcap in crypto like a moron and require the maths to add up to buy in, it's a $5B marketcap for $1 FUN. Online gambling is $60B, which doesn't include the online gambling options like CSGO, and it definitely doesn't include the people who refuse to gamble when something isn't provably fair. Gambling (not online) is over $240B in the US /alone/, ie. no Asia.

Remember that ICE has over 15k people on average, and over 8.5k of those are representatives of gaming and gambling companies. Literally all it takes is one major casino to buy in early to get as many coins as possible before they raise in price, and they alone will pump us up to $1. It only takes one small casino + investors who react to the news. It only takes Asians even fucking learning about it. Even $10 is proven achievable with the current marketcap, and when coins start getting burned from being used, it'll be that much easier to hit those kinds of highs.

Casinos also have additional reason to purchase the coin in the form of dividends, as they can loan FUN to other casinos for guaranteed returns through contracts. This means they can buy as much as they want as soon as possible (ie. the second ICE hits us), and they'll never be at risk of being unable to use some of the coins they've purchased for a few years, as they can just loan the excess to other people. Also, I keep saying 'casinos', but literally any random shitter with a bar can now have online gambling as an option with FUN. This is a huge selling point for Asians as well, due to their internet cafes being able to get in on it.

Finally, the team is likely the best team in all of crypto (look up their background), they'll almost double their employees to 50 soon, have connections to casinos, and have no real competitors

%100 honest advice

50% VEN Super steady gains.

20% XLM FairX will moon this

20% XRB Binance release will moon this

10% INT Kind of risky, but potential for huge returns

This is a super comfy portfolio imo. Good luck OP.

give this guy his money


QASH is 100% solid. Liquid platform has been completed, most exchanges have signed up for it. There was a test of the platform a month back where the volume of Quonine spiked to top 1 CMC.

The team is strong and large, one of the best teams around in the crypto space in terms of both industry connections and overall experience in their target industry. They're moving into prime brokerage and - as seen today with SEC's guidelines - they're the most poised to address SEC's concerns. If mutual funds start to move into crypto, it's going to be through the Liquid platform.

I see this as a top 10 coin in 3-6 months easily assuming they can hit their roadmap.

Oh, if you legit buy this send some more QASH my way


Lots of good material here. I'll be reading through these shills.

this is very good advice. consider ETH and ICX as well. and definitely throw a couple hundred into various ICOs

This is v good advice op you should listen to this handsome man.


Transactions complete in 3-5 seconds. Over 1500 Transactions per second. Has a huge company with endless funding behind the development of it to build and support a rich feature complete solution for banks. Forget any ideology backlash you may have just experienced, you want to make money and banks have money. Companies are using XRP because it saves them money. If all banks switch from SWIFT to using the ripple ledge, then its only a matter of time before they include XRP. When that happens the 24 trillion dollars will be freed from nostro accounts and a portion of that will be used as XRP holdings. The ripple teams has included themselves in every important financial aspect of modern life. They have members on the Federal reserves task force for faster payments, and are wrote the W3 internet standards and practices for accepting crypto payments.

Once XRP goes, it will not be able to be stopped since it will become institutionalized. Buy a large amount and keep your hands off for 3 years.

OP fuck all this garbage here. I'll give you this golden fucking advice. Enjin coin.

I've shilled this once, but this fucking board doesn't deserve this. Buy and hodl. If you're one of those people like me who does extensive research in crypto, then research this and shill yourself. I won't bother shilling it to you cause frankly i don't give enough fucks about you to care if you invest in it or not

Buy some NIG coin

its gay though, centralized, not a real crypto, a rumour mill that the staff happily milk, and probably evil. if it does well then crypto is over. buy some sure but dont promote it unless you are a bad person

id recommend grabbing some skycoin at least as a hedge. It's quite the ambitious project, but they are years ahead of anyone else in terms of actual development. Marketing is just starting, so you'll have to shill yourself on the deets, but there's about a dozen different skycoin subprojects, any one of which will cause it to moon.

Something that most people don't realize is that skywire (one of the subprojects) is designed to replace THE ENTIRE WEB with an end-to-end ecrypted darkweb protocol.

Put about 5-10% of your capital into UFR
UFR is tech based around incentivizing seeding in the file sharing system. It's goal is to prevent certain pieces of information from being dead by providing monetary rewards for seeding content people want

I just spent 3 hours torrenting a 50 gigabyte game because the torrent had only 20 seeders, I and many other people I know that engage in torrenting wouldn't mind paying a small fee in UFR in order to get priority seeding and thus download it faster. This is a coin with a real use and utility.

All in on REQ. Not the safest method mind you but this coin is top 10 material. If you want to 10x your stack this is one of the most likely ways to do it. It isn't vaporwave like tron and cardano. Check the whitepaper, active dev team, clear goals, low marketcap (so much room to grow, 10x would put it at 3.7 bil). You might strike big with a different coin, but you can sleep easy knowing you have a coin with good tech and as high of a ceiling as any coin.

If you see the light
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>dont promote it unless you are a bad person

"Forget any ideology backlash you may have just experienced, you want to make money and banks have money"

Were investing to make our individual lives better, not fix the world.

>centralized, not a real crypto
Number 5 addresses this. Snipped below.

This is a top misconception with the XRP Ledger. Centralization implies that a single entity controls the Ledger. While Ripple contributes to the open-source code of the XRP Ledger, we don’t own, control, or administer the XRP Ledger. The XRP Ledger is decentralized. If Ripple ceased to exist, the XRP Ledger would continue to exist.

Address for payment: rfZaradhHKMen17Q7MkLwBuBHf7P6dv4LC

Ill stick around for a bit to answer any XRP questions.

1/3 into Top 50 2/3 into moonshots

Or do this one

You don't need to focus on diversity when you have under 100k

INT for sure!
>Mainnet launch end of jan,
>partners with HUAWEI, Microsoft Research, IBM and more
>participated in FInWISE blockchain event
> Aims to be the CHINESE IOTA, just as NEO is the chinese ETH
>If it even gets 10% of IOTA's mcap thats already 10x, if it gets a similar one, thats 100x!
>It would be stupid to not put AT LEAST something on it

that is the ugliest logo I have ever seen.

Put it all in Telcoin.


5-10k payfair, 5-10k stellar, the rest into vechain
this is your chance user don't blow it

>don't bow it
>telling me what to do while mentioning payfair in the same sentence

shut up faggot I have over 700k. payfair is literally a scam coin, you will get rekt.

She's not old, 30-35 tops

I'm not going to tell you were to invest because I don't know what the purpose of your investment is. Do you want big gains like (10x-20x)? Then go with Telcoin or Ethorse which are just coming out and haven’t reached too much exposure. Or do you want to hold forever? Then just stay with the big ones (ETH, LIT) But that's not fun is it? You know what's fun? Women.

This coins are like women in a sense, each of them has some level of individuality but deep down they are all equally volatile and fragile, completely dependent on the value someone else puts in them. And then here we are, looking somewhere to get our dicks wet and pull out just before we get to deep and too much trouble. What do we really get out of it? Money is not really the issue, at least not in your case, so ask yourself this: is it ever going to be enough?

stay poor op

Current> Marc Cuban is one of the investors as well

Forget about the coins and the cash, you are dealing with people and their gullible expectations. Here in biz we are perpetually in the mania phase so try to avoid greed and establish your own cap to sell and start halving.

If you diversify too much you will only get 2x-5x gains on average so I wouldn´t spread yourself too thin with more than 6 or 7 alt-coins. If you find some other coin that interests you more than those you already have then trade them. By being interested I mean being informed in what they actually do, read the white papers and compare data by yourself. If you expect someone to actually tell you with some level of certainty what you have to do to always be on green then you'd be better off with a trader bot, but that's not fun.

Mark Cubans an idiot that's only rich because Yahoo is an even bigger idiot

have to be an accredited investor if you are from the land of the free. aka 200k+

Again, think of women. You can pump and dump every new coin you find but what’s the point? Do your research and pick the 7 coins you find sexy and make your dick hard, that’s what I would do. Have you heard that phrase that for every man there are seven women? Well that is only anecdotal, you could get even more but one for each day is enough and the week only has seven. So I guess this is my only real advice, find some currency that keeps you interested, that although you ride up and down you can handle it until you hit your goal. Learn to appreciate those sensual hills and curves in which all enthusiasts get lost and all the greedy bastards cum too fast or not at all. Enjoy the ride.

He's good at marketing, but Yahoo made a lot of fucked up acquisitions so who the fuck can blame the guy - he's got TRES COMMAS


Very solid team. Next ZRX.

Why is payfair a scam? provide a real reason or be exposed as a poor pajeet

You can thank me later
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are you fucking stupid? Payfair is hailing itself as "muh escrow" blockchain

The problem is that no one here on biz has ever purchased anything of value, like a house, where potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars go into escrow.

Escrow companies do much more than just hold money. They act as a second pair of legal eyes on your purchase and work for you between buyer and seller. They are professionals and also have insurance liability incase something goes wrong, such as the money is WIRED TO THE WRONG BANK ACCOUNT.

Meaning, you are protected by escrow companies, and they aren't that fucking expensive either. It's like 1500 to use one which is well worth it when you're buying a 900k house.

Payfair is especially retarded because the "developers" don't even know what the purpose of an escrow is. They just found a buzz word and tried to make a token around it, none of those poor russian faggots have ever used an escrow for anything, I promise.

How payfair works is, and they literally figured this out IN THEIR TELEGRAM as some dude was grilling them about how bullshit their coin was, is that they will have 3 random people verify your escrow to make sure it goes through.

The only incentive these "escrow" agents have is some kind of bullshit reputation system which no one gives a fuck. And they can fuck with you.

If you actually tried buying a house using payfair, you're essentially putting your transaction in the hands of 2-3 RANDOM INTERNET STRANGERS WITH ZERO REAL WORLD ACCOUNTABILITY AND NO PROTECTION AGAINST LIABILITY LIKE FRAUD.

Meaning, if they wanted to, they could just fuck with you and pass the escrow even though the house is not passed to your ownership.

This is assuming other questions are solved, such as how the fuck these random internet people are able to read complex legal work and determine whether or not escrow requirements are verified.

It is literally the dumbest fucking coin I've EVER seen in crypto.

Bitch can you count that’s like 50k, op has 30k

Already gave you the best, comfiest coin for the next few months at minimum with best reasoning of anyone else here. Why is this thread still up

Go at least 30% on Chain Link currently around 70 cents
Probably 50 dollars EOY
Just check the link threads
You're welcome


hodl 6-12 months

Authorship is next 100x, may take until May when official platform launches only in beta, but mcap is 2-3m so easily a 10x once their bittrex and binance applications go through


>mfw dental student and seeing the projected elderly population


Thanks. I'll look into it to validate what you're saying.

Young Jodi West

I would just like to mention Dent as a possible coin for good gains. Android app is slated for Q1 release and Q2 signals expansion into new markets.

htmlcoin thank me later


no need for the 500 unless its in html

i guess you want it as safe as possible.

20% btc
10% eth
10% ven
10% neo
10% ltc
10% xlm
+30% in gems with 10x+ potential:
10% wish
10% capp
10% itns

15k into XLM(Steller) - backed by an experienced dev team and has produced and is actively producing products. They are releasing there own XLM atms this year across asia and are actively developing products and backed by IBM.

XLM is going to skyrocket this yet. Its being projected in dev groups to reach $4-6 USD through the 3rd quarter this year.
Low Risk investment- hold it

2nd- 10k into CND (Cindicator)
High use, all around excellent product that just came into the spotlight thanks to a leak of our product speculation portfolio release that we send to clients.
I wont type what im sure you have read about it already. If you havent seen it.

We are projecting at it most likely will reach $4-5 USD this year.
Medium risk - low intro price - may have to day trade it for higher investment projections.

3rd- 5k into ADA (Cardano)

Project taken over by former Ethereum ceo Hoskinson.

Releasing a new blockchain and revised and updated Daedalus wallet this year.

We are expecting to see it reach between $20-30 USD this year before the 4th quarter.

Low risk - already producing quality products and releasing revised and updated products through 2018.

Good luck in your endeavor

lamden is also a stupid coin. Fatass stu freaks out regularly when people ask him quesitons about anything. complete scam coin.

lol. it will do 10x my test net and 100x by mainnet.

no monero?
what a faggot

Nigger why does graft ICO want my social security number WTF

Bitcoin = stable store of value, most adoption
Ethereum = most future potential, generic platform to support every other token
Monero = privacy coin

It's all you need user.

>bitcorn muh STORE OB BALUE
fuggin drobbed

>Repeat something user said with the spelling changed
>Add "muh" somewhere in the post

Sorry user but the smart money goes with Bitcoin. You can go invest in your useless premined shitcoins if you want though.

This seems a bit convenient. Rises over 100%, sell bags

If it was me i would be 50/50 ICX and VEN (i already am but with the new 5k) they are both as solid as it gets and steady gains wins the race

30k, not 5k... early here

try to find in the telegram when stu is freaking out at this dude who asks him what the point of lamden is.


Congress literally just allowed marijuana growers/dispensaries to deposit their money this week. Stu was fuming and writing in all caps. completely embarrassing.

>Escrow companies do much more than just hold money.
I'm pretty sure most people are just looking for a safe way to hold money. I currently have no way to buy a Masternode short of poking a legendary member on btt