100 ETH looking to buy ETHorse

I have 100 ETH and am looking to buy ETHorse on Idex. I can't figure it out and don't trust. Someone walk me through it. Boutta see a brump.

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IDEX is fucking cancer. I'm trying to find it on Etherdelta but I don't see it listed anywhere there. Even plugging it into the URL doesn't bring it up.

Dunno OP. Guess we missed out.

Nice larp. Proof of your 100eth and Ill help

I will help you and walk you through it for 5000 horse. Im a poor fag and really wanted to get into this but have no funds to throw at it unfortunately.

etherdelta.com/#0x5b0751713b2527d7f002c0c4e2a37e1219610a6b-ETH this is the ED link, you can double check it if you check the discord or telegram

Ill give you 100. If it goes to 10 bones you get 1000.

But, etherdelta is such dogshit

Alright. I'll bite.
ETH address:

Here's a video guide:

tl;dw - You unlock your wallet on the site. You go to Balances - Full balances - and deposit ETH. The site is retarded and has a minimum to withdraw and a minimum to trade though - so you'll be locked into your ETH being stuck there unless you're taking out $45 USD worth and you can't trade unless you're trading $45 USD worth I think. You can't SELL unless you're selling $150 USD worth and I'm pretty sure that the cost of HORSE is driven just by these retarded restrictions alone. Who the hell designed this exchange anyway?

dude, this is just a youtube video. I already watched this shit.

what exactly are you having problems with?

I don't get how to buy. I have my ETH on the site. It's in my balances.

did u move ur eth from ur metamask wallet to ur idex wallet

It's showing up under my balances

lol ok now i know what you're trying to do


Nigger you do not go in with 100ETH on eth horse, even if this shit moons it'll take weeks for you to liquidate without dumping the coin.

look at the buy and sell book for ethorse. no one is buying this shit and everyone trying to dump their bags

Adding on to my previous post, when buying, you will see the Buy Horse option along with the eth balance beside it. If that balance is still 0, you must go to the balances section and make sure you deposit into the idez wallet from your personal wallet first.

How do you pronounce it?
Et horse?
Eth orSe?
E thorse?

I think I got it. Thanks for the help. Glad you're not the guy who shared his wallet. I way too poor to be sending anything to anyone. If this 10xs I'll send someone $100 equivalent in ETH

Most people who buy don't put in limit orders. They just buy. Look at the actual order history.

Yea, I don't put in limit orders. Too dumb

Well, I'm all in. Let's hope this works.

the absolute state of crypto

can anyone explain how this is any different than simply putting money into a cryptocurrency?

holy shit. You're so right. I should clarify - limit orders give me anxiety. I want to just get it over with.

I've got your wallet. If this 10xs I'll send you 1k USD in ETH, bud. God bless you, friend.

Lol what? IDEX is a million times better than EtherDelta.

Did anyone else get shorted on horsies from idex? I;m missing like over 100 from the transaction.

I hate both of them
When this gets on better exchanges this is going to rocket