Every day another article, another post on reddit, non stop Veeky Forums comfy vechain memes. I own a lot of fucking vechain. I read the articles, I did the research, I think I know what I am doing. My question is am I retarded? I have not seen a white paper and I am trusting Chinese? I am not trying to spread FUD but Jesus Christ no matter where I go online it feels like I am reading the same persons style of writing over and over and over again pumping these "huge" international companies that I really never heard of before. The other thing is the price barely moves and I am told thats a good thing? How fucking brain washed am I? I even explained Vechain to my friends and they are like wtf kind of cult are you in bro? What the fuck you smokin? Worst part is as soon I pos this everyone is going to shit on me btu no one is going to tell me why there is no white paper and why a company would actually invest in VEN to farm THOR to put on their products... AM I going crazy do I need sleep? I out my fuckin life savings in this thing? Please tell me I am not crazy?

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Were are my comfy as fuck vechain bros?

ANyone can explain what these actual partneships do?

tobacco blockchain retard what more do you need?
In terms of chinese crypto, smart money is in nuls and qtum


token air drop.


Please sirs, use it.

Fuck off curry munchy.

vechain wont be able to anti-counterfeit shit. Just counterfeit the RFID or NFC and slap it on the product and claim the item as being legit, game over

My bro Tell me VEchain is the real deal. I need you to tell me the truth. I got 20k in this shit

just put a chip on the chip

cant i scan the qr code on the rfid chip? and get the actual information on the blockchain?

1 ven = 1 hr session with bailey jay by EOY

These partnerships seem so weak. I cant deny IBM and Stellar partnership. I can not deny bosch and IOTA but Vechain partnerships seem very vague...

just counterfeit that shit too
Buy LV bag with legit chip
Scan legit chip, get blockchain ID
Put blockchain ID on counterfeit chips
Put counterfeit chips on 10000 LV bags
Victims scan fake bags and blockchain returns legit

anyone who puts their hard earned cash into chink hands whether it be exchanges or scamcoins deserves the imminent losses. fuck these commie chinks.

Do you ask Boeing for a white paper?

Fuck Vechain should I cash out? THis thing doesnt move and just tweets from a kid. I feel fucking dumb.

I did the same man. Given me Vechain or give me death, just like a pirate. Live it man. Warriors.

You dont even know how blockchain works do you faggot

No but i can get their quarterly earnings with a quick google search and listen to their quarterly conference calls which tells me what the guidance is for the upcoming year.

Yeah, its that easy, that’s why China wants to put Vechain at center of its trade economy.

Vechain releases thei quartely earnings which tells me where every dollar went. THey have conference calls where they outine the years guidance. I see their plances in the sky. Vechain is just a guy saying another guy is partnering with them

blockchain as in whatever the fuck vechain mainnet is going to use to keep track of items, whether it be transaction hash or wallet address

Gtfo whale Fag

Gotta be honest man I'm pretty torn. On one hand I feel like ven is literally the Chinese government under a different title and they will force its success no matter what. On the other hand it's already mooned, it's incredibly manipulated every fucking day, and I feel like I'm missing greener pastures like req or xlm. I don't know.

You know an RFID just stores alphanumeric info right? Thats easy AF to reproduce, that why shit is all just a hype scam

Good enough for DNV, PWC, Renault, K&N, China but not for you.. not the right investment for you, go try Feathercoin.

See its comments like yours that make me nervous. China wants to VECHAIN at the center of their economy? Really, the second biggest economy in the world? and the thing has less marketcap then trx and verge? It makes me feel retarded when I read your comments. The coin trades sideways regardless and its going to control the greatest the second largest economy in the worlf? YOu scare investors away instead of bring them in

You do know Vechain is not just RFID?

But FUD away you aren’t getting it any cheaper than it is now.. regret beckons thee

How does the anti counterfeit stack up against WaBi?

>Billion dollar partnerships being announced every day
>PboC, rebranding around the corner
>China fully endorsing Vechain

You realize Vechain is literally china's crypto, as the chinese government are whales in VEN. They'll do anything in their power to achieve the flippening and take the 1# spot while leaving every other crypto in the dust.

Give it a couple of months and see what the MC is.. but you’ll be fine in Verge, friendo.. i’m excited for ya!

27 is right, I'm holding your position in general re cryptos op. Honestly this tests my otherwise extremely high risk tolerance in general.

We've already jumped off the cliff into this make pretend financial world, that's priced in make pretend Fiat bux and all that. I think we juz woke af.

It's scary but on the up side, if we keep winning we can afford to throw a party and hire midgets to serve drinks and wrestle. I'm starting to think if I've got enough to cover my bills, I may as well put everything else in lol.

then stay poor faggot

The commie party would just homebrew their own crypto, dont be a tard

Live a menial existence in the muggle world or fucking ball it in crypto and adventure in the future. The choice is easy mate.

>tx hash
>wallet address
“hurrr ill copy paste 100000 times and scam idiots”
“Sir would u like to buy my LV bag”
>guy scans QR code
>verified as sold already

What makes you think Vechain isn't their home brewed crypto

I am in the same boat brother. Its like I am in bizarro land when all I see on reddit and youtube and Veeky Forums is vechain and then guys like just drop company names that are doing what exactly with vechain? aside from placing both their names in the same tweet or in the same reddit post. Seems so bullshit. and everyone is going to start to think clearly and wonder why is money tied up in this sideways coin then some bullshit news and the coin goes up a buck then down a buck and does dick allllll.

Applying the blockchain to the financial services and assurance industries through uniquely tailored decentralized applications built by Vechain on their own platform.

By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of any stored data. Functionally, a blockchain can serve as an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Blockchain can be used as a source of verification for reported transactions. An example might be where, instead of asking clients for bank statements or sending confirmation requests to third parties, auditors can easily verify the transactions on publicly available blockchain ledgers such as blockchain.info or blockexplorer.com. The automation of this verification process will drive cost efficiencies in the audit environment.

The days of sample based substantive testing will soon be challenged, as auditors will resort to blockchain technology to test the whole population of transactions within the period under observation. This extensive coverage will drastically improve the level of assurance gained in affected audit engagements.

That is what they did. They backed a China based startup Blockchain company and gave them the connections and resources to become the premier enterprise for the entire world while China secretly holds all the nodes.

This is China making an enterprise ETH play. They are starting a new market and cornering it before anyone else under the guise of it being an independent solution.

Vechain has mooned? You haven't seen nothing nigger. We're destined for top 3 within the year. If crypto diesn't die by then that's at least 200-300$.

This is what makes the coin retarded. COmments like yours make the coin retarded. WHy the fuck would a coin owned by CHina need fucks like me and you to be successful? And if it truly was being run by the Chinese gov, why the fuck would they let so many retards on reddit and Veeky Forums get a peice of the pie ?

oh my god now i understand how stinky linkies feel. they bought something thinking it was THE crypto and then when the facts began to stack against them, instead of doing the sensible thing and selling in the green they just held onto their delusions until they actually believed them


we've been memed

This + smart cards with security chips

think you might be overinvested, try taking some risk and profits

what concerns me the most is the CEO walking round market stands shouting

*take some risk off the table

comfy boys where are we?


this is why i dont buy chinese coins

why the fuck do we need blockchain for that then

And this is just one industry.

Vechain is its own enterprise blockchain platform that will have tailored DAPPS for any industry under the Chinese sun.

VEN is the biggest sure thing in crypto since Ethereum. If you don't have a good amount of your portfolio in this coin you're going to have a bad (or not as good) year.

Yeah I think your right. It just I havent seen a coin shilled so hard so well so consistently non stop that does nothing, and if you question it you are a poor fag. thanks bro

>tfw 64 VENlet
I hope i can get comfy before the moon trip :(

fukkin genius, china #1, resistance is futile

They don't need us. We're merely economy class passangers on a chinese space shuttle. And you realize they were doing everything they could to stop normie money from getting in (sell-walling for months, keeping moon faggots out)

Wow, you guys are getting better at FUD.


yeah, no need to lose your shirt or your sleep over some coin. there are and will be plenty of opportunities.

I hope your right for my sake and yours. I believe in this project but the amount of "partnerships" in every sector with its own platform that is technically the chinese ETHEREUM that will do everything and is being used by the Chinese government. Just seems so full of shit,

you realllly need to go read the original bitcoin white paper. its what solved double-spending....its almost 10 years old.

It's not like multi-billion dollar companies would work with Vechain if it were full of shit.

never been so comfy.

Even after all that I cant part from my bags. I will hold another night at least. 20 K for the Chinese economy class to the moon Vechain gang to the end. I just wanna say I will fucking kill every chinaman I see if vechain fucks me I swear to god

You don't need a white paper when you have PwC and DNV GL and the Chinese government already using your product. whitepaper is coming though Sunny said in the last AMA. Also I have been following the whale that bought 80 million VEN at the ICO and so far he has 8 million left to sell. He refused the refund when China banned ICO's.

hmm is this a reason they never listed anywhere but Binance? I assumed securities issues, but ur post makes me reconsider..

Vechain has a quarterly report available too retard.
The whole market is fucking bearish right now I hope you sell lmao

No idiot
They signed up with multiple exchanges confirmed by sunny also under NDA’s but these exchanges have got hit by SEC and South Korean version of sec
Now we have to wait till it’s over


mind sharing that whales etherscan link?

conspiracy theories are more fun than you being a dick to self aggrandize, tho. hope it at least helps that self esteem..

Brehhh, I haven't heard any bad comments from the Chinese-American community, so, there that. HODL

Am I retarded, there's something I don't understand. People say whales are manipulating the price, keeping it low by placing sell walls.

What does the whale have to gain by doing this? Why not just let the price go up, then sell higher?

They keep it low so they can buy more then sell it higher......

Whales do this to accumulate more for when the price is higher so they have more to sell.

There is enough evidence to suggest it's either VeChain themselves controlling the rise to make it seem like it isn't a PnD or China being the manipulators they are because they literally just want every single Ven they can get.

If it's the former then they are waiting on big news to let it seem like a natural boom. If it's the latter then all of a sudden nobody is going to be selling because 80% of the sell volume was China putting up walls for accumulation and the price will sky-rocket and very little Ven is actually up for trade.

Used to be an auditor for the big 4. You definitely sound like one too, which is surprising since most people on this board are brainlets.

you fucking retard, you really dont understand how blockchain works

they want to control their own coming out party.. no evidence I just would if I was these huge players and if this was a power play, you want to own it

Bud, you could've said that about Ethereum when I was fucking shilling it two years ago on this board. The point is this project is the one of the few legitimate project in the space.

Gotta go to some dark corners to get the jump in the crypto space

wow your write. i cant beleive them idiot chinks didnt think of that

>wow your write

So in short your telling me Ve-chain is making it so that for every counterfeit bag produced the counterfeiters have to buy a real louis Vuitton bag, take the chip out (rendering the real bag worthless because nobody can verify it on the blockchain) and then somehow place it into the counterfiet bag and then sell that? Doesn't seem plausable, im willing to bet that a brand new LV retails for more than a second hand black market one, im failing to see how it becomes profitable to counterfit goods with the new system? Maybe im just a brainlet could you explain?

Thanks. Sold 100k. It was stupid to trust a chinkcoin.

It won't be. If you were to somehow have the fucking magic required to duplicate the RFID tag it wouldn't matter because when someone buys it they would scan ownership over to themselves which means anyone looking at it would see it got scanned over to 80 different owners and is clearly not a real one.

don't worry he thinks he knows better than the old CIO of Louis Vuitton Sunny Lu who dealt with counterfeit problem on a daily basis for years.

At least someone understands

lmfao. That coin is a joke.

Fuck your right user my whole perspective on the coin has changed. We fell for a non existent white paper and some twitter hype. KEK atleast were not the only ones, i feel a lot better knowing that PWC, DNV GL, Jim Breyer, Renault and China tobacco fell for it too! They're real suckers. You would think that such big corporations would have researched what they're partnering with before the signed the contracts right? Oh how'd they let that one slip.
Now kys salty Walty go shit somewhere else.

Ask me how I know you're a brainlet.

Exactly this. The only way would be to physically remove the chip and reinstall it in a counterfeit version which defeats the fucking purpose of counterfieiting. Seriously anyone who doesnt understand how big the implications of this product are; is a fucking tard.