Why isn't everyone just going all in on ChainLink? It's not even a buck. It's all you really need to do and voila...

Why isn't everyone just going all in on ChainLink? It's not even a buck. It's all you really need to do and voila, you have a free 100x.

They are brainlets

it's a well kept secret. Only institutional investors and Veeky Forums are in on it.

The project could fail to deliver, then your investment is worth nothing.

I’m all in.

>basing decisions on unit price of coin

I appreciate the constant reassurance from biz, its a tough hold

damn, you know your shit.
I appreciate the research you've put into this, and thank you for sharing it. I hope others seriously consider your warning

because I bought at $1.30 and now im jaded

It's the easiest hold in crypto, wtf are you talking about.

>>The project could fail to deliver, then your investment is worth nothing.
>In development since 2014
>Funded implementation of PoC

Meanwhile, top 20 coins that have nothing to show. Fuck out of here.

I would say Savage but this is pretty much pasta now.

Been hearing this since it was $.50 cents almost half a year ago. I know its a meme at this point but cmon

You're right, all of those things guarantee it will not fail to deliver.

Name one real world case for smart contracts that's better than an actual contract enforced by lawyers and courts.

Anyone may reply to this.

Big bangs and institutional investors hired /biz to go all cult-like on this coin so it scares everyone else away. Totally worked but it's going to make a few of us here rich too when it explodes.

posting high resolution LINK logo
please use this in the future
thanks ;)

Gonna go all in on this after ICX moons, what's a good average price to buy at? What's been its ATH. When and why is it set to moon?

Thats crisp af user


>name something where automating a process and reducing all of its costs will be desirable

Can't think of any. Sorry.

>Name one real world case for smart contracts that's better than an actual contract enforced by lawyers and courts.
>Anyone may reply to this.
Thank you for your permission for me to reply to your comment.
One real use case of smart contracts is to go fuck yourself and do your own research.
Check out SWIFT extensive research in blockchain tech (DLTs) and that should give you a good start.

Saved to my fap folder

The subtle off-white coloring....

...The tasteful thickness of it
Omg it even solves the oracle problem

Just picked up 51 LINK during dip

Get on my level faggots

It could go up a lot or it could go down a little

>And the non believers wept at the feet of the illuminated stinky linkys

>6 months for an investment coming to fruition is a long time

just lol...oh i bet you "missed out on ALL those x100000 moon missions" because you always go all-in on something and get mad when it doesn't moon within three days.


I picked up 500 fag. Nobody cares. It's never enough

Contracts that decentralize the unbanked, forcing them to become aggressively banked with settlements occuring faster than lightspeed. Lawyers couldn't possibly handle that.


sorry mate, I liked link a while ago, but I knew the moon wasn't coming soon. I made amazing returns with stellar and vechain and ICX, and now link isn't liquid enough for me. Too many /biz bros have too much coins there never selling. I'm not gonna push the price up 20 cents just so I can get in with a good investment and then watch it drop. There's other fish in the sea, best of luck.

5K here and i still fucking think i dont have enough to make it

waiting for a good dip t

Nigger, this IS the dip.

20k is minimum to make it

I still need 4k

>picked up 9K to add to my stack this dip

We gonna make it even the lil fish


Soon, sir

So would now be a good time to buy in? Looking to buy link for the first time

They need a better logo desu

Shit looks like a 7th grader designed it

Rebrand when?

Link is my only hold right now, at a measly 400ish tokens. I'm waiting for the tether implosion to crash the prices with no survivors before investing more however. Also considering BAT, XLM, and IOTA when I have more fiat to throw around.

this is to keep the normies away so the insiders can accumulate more

It amazes me people still manage to lose money on LINK.

I'm all green baby. You'll never shake me.

Then they should get rid of it saying CHAIN LINK right on it

Make it as ambiguous as possible so people don't even know what they're looking at

Like XRB for example, if I was a normie and saw that hexagon, I'd have no idea what the fuck it is

I honestly don't get people who say LINK has an ugly logo. It's so goddamn crisp.

Lawyers are weaselly cucks. Smart contracts are not.

Boom. Lawyered.

Where can I invest in LINK?

no where, fuck off

so how long you been on reddit?

Has there been any news from this company recently? Their CEO or their twitter hasn't posted anything in months. The news on their website doesn't have anything in several months, their github doesn't have any recent updates. Is this coin dead? Not trying to FUD, but want to do my research before buying in.

I agree. I am 100% into link atm. But, I feel that since most of crypto is a momentum game, and link lacks volume because of everyone holding, It may take time for it to moon .

this coin will be $1000 EOY

you know this coin is actually a meme right?

it's like doge, project has been dead for a while but it's Veeky Forums's favorite meme coin so there's always threads about it

HOW the FUCK does it know?

Just wait until SXSW in March. The price won't come back down again after that, and the volume won't just be a flash in the pan.

LINK has managed to stay mostly under the radar with limited press, terrible branding, and no attempts at keeping people updated. Even SIBOS barely put it in the radar, because most people who aren't total fucking nerds were too busy watching the set fall apart at SWELL. SXSW will be LINK's launch party into normie world, and it will make the price singularity meme a reality.

what is that?

Also, people claiming link to go higher than $100, that puts it at a mcap of about 35Billion, which implies that its going to be a top 4 coin.
I feel like the story is there but for normies to pump this up, it needs to start coming into the limelight when normies come back to crypto. Right now, I feel that the crash may have pushed away a lot of stupid money which is important for mooning.

I got it you big dick. Fuck..

Look at that subtle off-white coloring.

The tasteful thickness of it.

Oh, my God. It even has a padlock.

>Also, people claiming link to go higher than $100, that puts it at a mcap of about 35Billion, which implies that its going to be a top 4 coin.
It hurts my head everytime when i read shit like this


You passed the test and made it

Congratulations, just don't sell or you'll regret it for the rest of your days

its very low cap for its potential, its one of the only coins i can think of that has a high chance of going 100x over the next few years. when it catches on it will be a moon mission for the history books.

100% yes, look how flat its been today, breakout imminent

SXSW is a music conference in Austin in March that also includes digital/interactive speakers at it. Sergey is speaking alongside the founder of Docusign about blockchains getting rid of lawyers, and the current CEO of Docusign is speaking separately also at SXSW. This will be the first time normies are attentively paying attention to LINK, and being shown the possibilities it enables. Its also very likely a clear sign Sergey has been cooking something up with Docusign.

LINK will be a top 5 coin easily. The market for data is enormous, and Chainlink is the only one solving that problem in a way that could feasibly become the standard. Blockchain tech is still so early its like we're watching very early protocol specs get released, and being given the chance to buy into them. LINK is like buying into the HTTP of blockchains. Its growth potential is nearly limitless.

Is there a higher res version of this for my tablet wallpaper?

Elgin? Is that you?

Don't think so

Here's a high res of the original image, someone would have to shop Sergay's fat face on to it

Very interesting. How do you keep track of this news though? Their social media accounts are like a graveyard.

Today marks the first time since opening my Binance account that i dont hold any LINK. Sold it to increase my REQ stack. Regretting it now... plus I feel sorta... naked?

So whats the allure of LINK? What makes it promising?

Never going to make it with those weak hands

LINK will be a top 5 coin with a 350 billion market cap

I bought some REQ during the dip yesterday, but I'm still sitting on my link. Are you considering selling REQ tomorrow after/before the news?

It's been explained so many times but since you got repeating integers I'll shed a little light on it

Basically it solves the Oracle problem.

What's the Oracle problem?
Blockchain networks like Ethereum are good already, they can use smartcontracts and stuff, cool fine. But they can't get external data, any information not already on the Eth network they can't make smartcontracts with

LINK aims to solve that and kind of acts as a bridge to the "real" world so you can get all kinds of data from financial sectors to gambling sites to sports sites, whatever.

It can also work with any blockchain, not just Eth's

Lurk more

You're not wrong. LINK is a weird project when you're first getting into it, because you really need to dig and read between the lines, and sadly Veeky Forums is the best source of LINK news... while also being the absolute worst source of LINK news.

Their EOY Medium post says they have a marketing hire in the works, so hopefully we'll see more updates in the future. For now you're stuck googling around for references to the founders, or to the parent company "SmartContract" (which is so wonderfully vague you'll get more false positives than real hits).

Just to catch you up on updates that are probably now hard to bump into:

- new dev hires
- Go rewrite is progressing, with release expected this quarter
- mainnet following community feedback, likely Q2/3
- new marketing hire in the works, likely on board by mainnet at the latest
- Sergey is speaking at the SuperBitcoinConference in February
- Sergey is speaking at SXSW in March
- Chainlink is partnered with zeppelin_os, and will be the default kernel level oracle, will be used in the kernel level scheduler, and also for the zeppelin_os marketplace (this partnership is one you should really research. it should put your mind at ease about holding IMO)
- Chainlink is likely to be used for SWIFT's bond payments, and successfully finished a PoC for it toward the end of 2017. that system will have milestones in 2018 and 2019, but likely won't be operational until 2020

you can just put a buy order there you fuck

>implying no new money will enter the crypto market ever again for the rest of time

Thanks. Just bought.

When the system is launched you will be able to pay in crypto anywhere with any debit or credit card without needing anything else. Every bank in the world will run on LINK.

Mainnet is coming in April. SWIFT has announced a test run in 35 banks from April to October.

Thank You! You don't by chance have a cutout hi-res version where each side is straight on from a 2d perspective???

Source pls

>It's not even a buck

Are you a fucking moron or are you trying to trick other morons?

Seconded. I haven't heard tell of April mainnet, or 35 banks running on it. There was the bond payment PoC last year that ran roughly through that time frame. user may be referring to SWIFT's gpi initiative with the 35 banks, but that likely doesn't involve LINK at all.


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I did some research to refute an user who said "REQ always dumps on friday"

Date, trending, price @ 11a Friday, price @ 11p Friday:
1/12- decreasing, 5620 -> 5335 (-285)
1/5- bottom, 4087 -> 6448 (+2361, incl ATH)
12/29- flat, 2175 -> 2557 (+382)
12/22- increasing, 1735 -> 1924 (+189)
12/15- flat, 1478 -> 1471 (-7)
12/8- flat, 648 -> 765 (+117)
12/1- flat, 605 -> 591 (-14)

Conclusion is that this coin doesn't follow the Sell the News rule, which is neat. Some of the period's best gains were had on fridays when the bi-monthly comes out.

I'm holding, it's my end game

Just sold my Cindicator i brought at .02c & picked up 2000 more Link
So alot less than a buck for me
Feels good mane

I really hope you don't judge how cheap a coin is by its actual USD price per each.

Nice summary looking forward to this.

I count in Nazarovs

Yesterday there was a thread about it. It was a paper from SWIFT about testing a decentralized oracle network with 35 banks in April 2018 and they rush it, because they are losing to the competition.

I'm retarded for not saving it. I'm sure some linkies have it.

Isn't it amazing that fucking Veeky Forums found LINK.

Out of all the motherfucking shitty fucking coins we found the damn diamond.

Interesting to have actual stats, thank you user. I'll keep hodling for a while too, but my gut feeling tells me that link will be the better project long term. Both seem very solid though.

Totally agree, link is amazing. Both link and req are incredibly ambitious and if they work out they'll work big time

I live in Austin and I've been to sxsw many times. It really depends on how big of a "table" that sergey gets. There are hundreds of different companies and musicians there, so just because a company goes to sxsw doesn't mean shit in it of itself. it is a good thing for marketing but it really depends on how well he can market it there among many other distractions

It's not amazing at all. In between the retards Veeky Forums is fuelled by a powerful engine room of autists.

He's on a panel with the founder of DocuSign, talking about how smart contracts will eliminate lawyers in real estate.

He's gonna get a one on one for sure bro.