Palm beach confidential

leak edition

why are you still poor, user?

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I ain't clicking that shit nigga. Just upload screenshots or ur a faggoat

Just google It's a site where you upload documents.

yeah "documents"
nice try

spam don't open it



fucking vanilla spoonfed pajeet

if u want the rest check the fucking pdf, not gonna screen cap the whole thing, i got places to be.

It just says to buy and hold everything...
Even worse it does not shill my favorite coins!!!

Soros is the greatest faggot ever



I don't see anything about LTC in this thing.
How the fuck did they miss LTC going from nothing to 300 and now at 190?

>If you want to invest with Renaissance, forget it. They stopped taking outside
money in 2005. Want to get a job there? I hope you have an advanced
degree in astrophysics or you’re an expert in string theory… Otherwise, you
have no shot.


if trips this satan dies before EOM


>Action to Take: Buy bitcoin (BTC) up to $25,000.
Teeka bought at the top.

if trips this cunt anal cancer

So this is why CND is +150% right now


Fucking shit. I used to hold CND that I got at 600 sat.

if trips this cunt spontaneous duodenum combustion in dim sum restaurant

Thanks OP don't click link..

no way this is our chance...
IF TRIPS then this cunt hairdryer washtub freak accident involving faulty rcd unit and persian cat TONIGHT

of course