Tune that lambo you just bought

We have developed a patent pending device and app which plugs into the vehicle and allows the user to not only monitor the vehicle outputs (fuel, mileage, range, temperature, etc.), but unlike any other device in the market, our device allows reprogramming of the actual ECU unit on a vehicle through the mobile app. Our current library of tunes is growing as we add more and more premier tuners and their abilities to Gluon.


>ever buying an Italian car


>our device allows reprogramming of the actual ECU unit
oh wow that's big
nevermind that people already been doing this since the 80's


OBD2 has been doing that since 1996 dude.

Not without an obd2 guy to do it for you

the whole point of buying a hypercar is to not have to deal with tuning lmfao

who the fuck would tune a $500k Aventador SV and fuck up it's near-perfect driving dynamics.

Do you have a hypercar? What about the shitbucket you drive? You know all the chinks will have one.

Why is he putting that laptop ontop of the engine cover. Why is the laptop turned off. What is he looking at. Why is he nowhere near the OBD2 connector. Why does the car look like an early 90's Cutlass supreme that is not OBD2? Why is the information decal missing from under the hood.

I have a 1996 mbz s600 with failed smog test due to failing ocbd2 sensors shit
>what can i do?

Get Juan to pass it illegally.

does this work on older cars? I have 90s era crown vic that I absolutely love and would love something like this

Im trying to fix it...

> let me research that for you

Oh wow so now anybody can get sweet power gainz at the cost of engine longevity? Is there a mode that lets me custom map a tune, rendering my car completely unusable after a month?

Hope it's got a "return to default" setting

hmmm Gluon? Sounds chincy. I woulda gone with something that sounds a little stronger... Maybe Strapon?

Not OP but I'm guessing it plugs into the OBD-II port, something that became mandated in 1996. If your car is older it might not have the port. You can check, it's usually near your left leg close to the engine release lever. Sometimes under the bottom of the dash in the same area

ok but vechain has developed a patent pending mobile app that connects to your blockchain and then takes all your money when Sunny cashes out

Indeed it does

Bro I’m putting out 650 hp from my 335i only had to rebuild it 3 times this month and replaced turbos once per week, jelly?

You can program to hypermile, or for performance, like you do with the little icon on the corner of your little computer screen. Stamina mode, power mode etc. Partnered with Volvo and others. Already have sales. Fuck man you can have a little smartphone computer logging your car data. Normies will freak out about this.


I agree it'll probably be pretty successful, especially if you can keep it below $500. I didn't visit the site, maybe it says these things. I'm a huge car fan and I see a use for this in my fun car for sure... I was just FUDing because I know normies will go performance mode on their daily drivers and fuck them up... or worse, break the factory warranty

I'm sure there's a disclaimer somewhere on this product that says "for off-road use only"

That's the problem, nobody reads anymore. ICO next month and a white paper.

White paper next week apparently

There are already plenty of performance upgrades for the 4.6L in that car. SCT makes good stuff that is basically plug n' play. You'll want to make sure that the engine is in good shape before fucking around with power mods.
bruh I get 1200hp from my 20b swapped p. ported FD3S it occasionally spits rotors through grade schools requiring a full reubild of the school but fuck it yolo

This is stratis' first ico.