So McAfee knows about NIMFA. How long till he tweets about it and this goes 50x?

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That carpet is tripping me the fuck out. It makes it look shopped.

heres the source

why is he standing like a soyboy.

McAfee so fuckin high out of his mind he most likely has no idea where he is.

here come the buys

Wow people finally stopped being fucking retarded and got in the rocket ship?

We warned them OP

Will I make it?

who's this cunt?

Thats the loan fund. 300K Circulating

The cryptoloan fund.. It will be used for loans

if you care about mcafee's opinion you should watch Universa. Tokens are being released within a week and hes an official advising, much shilling ahead

Too late to buy in?
Show me deh wea

FOMOing on this shit. Any other exchange I can buy this from? ED sucks

CEO announced a big exchange coming this month or first half of feb. Just use ED it's not that bad. It's on IDEX and Mercatox but both have low volume.

At this point, you have to be fucking retarded not to buy this.

Yeah but I'm literally asking you how to buy in.

t. plebbit for a slightly less aids experience.

Why does McAfee dress like shit?

ED is gonna crash if this shitbird tweets about this shitcoin. Got a couple hundred so I'm just gonna enjoy the ride.

Not bad. I'm gonna have 1/10 that

You're gonna make it, son.

>It makes it look shopped
you're not fucking wrong, user

RIP etherdelta if he actually shills this

also, going by the look on McAfee's face, he probably just thinks he's holding his sack of bathsalts


Which exchange is this on?