Current State of Your Portfolio

How is everyone doing in this crash as of right now?

What are your portfolio's like? Have you managed to recover significantly? I see some of you claiming to have passed your ATH. How did you accomplish this in these bearish times?

What methods do you fall back on when the market tanks?

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You're one day late, user.

FUN has recovered past my first buy but is still a few cents away from my second buy.

QTUM bags are extremely heavy, bought it at $65

still getting JUST'd

its starting to feel like these coins will never reach their ATH ever again

Me too, that's why I made this thread to gather some knowledge. I'm wondering if it's foolish to wait and hold my coins for another couple weeks or should I just cut my losses and go all in on something to recoup.

Some of my bags are still heavy and the coins that are fine haven't made a huge comeback. I feel like there might also be another dip.

pile on VEN, it's warm in the womb

Was down 50%+, now down sub 20%. Recovering slowly...

How did you go about doing this? Simply holding or did you make some clever trades?

down like 10% still from my ATH
hurts but feels like we are almost out of the woods

Had over 40k at ath now I have like 15k quite justed

bump. Curious to hear everyone's strategies.

I don't think BTC is done yet, been 50% tether since November. Will be putting it all back in on the next part of the dip.

Down 11%

Had 120k because I 5x before Christmas as the market was retarded. Now have 55k. Just holding and not stressing.

have fun when it all comes down and your money evaporates

Feelin' fine.

AMD should pull higher over the forward estimates too.

I feel sorry for coincucks.

The best thing is, this is just the beginning.
There are no words to describe the JUSTing that will take place in the next week or two.

>poorfag with 1.6k in stocks thinks he'll make it
>most will be eaten by fees
>hope you can get that 8% a year

>$0 brokerage and a $5 conversion fee per conversion
>up 16.6% in the last four months
I started with 1800 AUD and now I've got 2100 AUD, roughly. I have a handful more money waiting to be spent sitting in my wallet on that account.

I shouldn't have sold XIV though.

My biggest problem is waiting for AMD to go back up so I can fucking sell it and get some money back into XIV.

Just hodling, entered market before the dip, so not the greatest timing.

I'm holding big XRB and REQ, both got hit hard and haven't recovered. My portfolio reached $300K at the height of its glory. My portfolio is probably around $200K right now.

I'm now holding long term. Willing to hold for the rest of 2018 at least. I hate just holding doing nothing, so I have a small amount on Bittrex for trading in addition to my holdings. It's been growing slowly and is now almost 1.5 BTC. I make really conservative trades but it keeps me from going crazy looking at my holdings.

Not too bad. Most of my holdings are in btc and omg. One of my other larger holdings has held sat value perfectly but fiat value took a hit.
My trading stack is up 40% from the other day when btc went under 10k.

So... Up in BTC down in fiat. Im cheering when btc starts pumping again.